A New School Year, A New Start

A New School Year, A New Start

It appears that again I have taken some time to post an update. Such is how it goes when you are trying to live life and embrace every moment. There was a time in my life where not being able to be more “consistent” with my blogging made me feel like I was no good at it; that I shouldn’t be doing it at all if I couldn’t do it daily but thankfully, I serve a God who reminds me of where my successes and worth truly lie.

With that said, I find it a great joy in the moments when I AM able to blog and pay less attention to the moments when I am not. (What a beautiful thing it is when we extend grace to ourselves especially in matters that honestly do not even really need for us to extend ourselves grace!)

But I am getting off track so let me get back to where I would like to begin…

Life here in Florida has been beautiful. It has been challenging. It has been hard. It has been wonderful. It has been so full of changes and transitions the last 8 months. Where we thought we would go, we found ourselves going in the opposite direction. What we thought we would be experiencing was not even close to what we stood in the middle of.

It has been a summer and a season of CHANGE. Beautiful, amazing, God appointed changes. And it started with a phone call in May that led to one of my amazing, beautiful and talented daughters coming to live with us. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHANGE INDEED!!!!

Sweet Miss M has been with us now since May and it has been an incredible journey of the fulfillment of another of God’s promises over our lives. Coming to Florida has been such a beautiful experience as I have watched God, one moment after the next, fulfill each and every word He spoke over me as I prepared to move three years ago. Each day, I now look at Miss M’s beautiful face and I  hear the Father say, “The restoration has only just begun.” I cling to that promise just as I have every other one He has given me and I know it too will be fulfilled.

There are not enough words to fill this page or my heart!!!

While we have been rejoicing, it has also brought a lot of change and transition that has been hard. While we are celebrating, we know she has other family back home who miss and love her just as we did while we were apart and for that we grieve. We pray for it to become easier for them day by day and that God’s faithfulness is seen around them every day just as it has been for us over these last few years.

With us now adding a TEENAGER to our home, our dynamics have shifted and we are finding ourselves being called to many new starts. Miss M has always been in a public school environment but we made the decision to homeschool her as well so that she is not moving multiple times her junior and senior year due to our transitions with the military.

With that said, our VERY first day of homeschool was yesterday and just like that, we have a 1st Grader AND a Junior in High School. How did that happen?!?!?!?! There are no words!

Our first and second days of school were both challenging and successful and I am loving all the precious moments we are building as a family. Mister M is using the entire ABeka curriculum again this year and so far we are loving it and the things it is going to teach him this year. Coming alongside her brother, Miss M is using the ABeka Academy curriculum. It looks so phenomenal but it is a LOT of work and we have been so proud of how hard she is working and how well she is able to keep up with it all. It is a HUGE change for her and she is seriously ROCKING it. We love this because they monitor her credits and grades and help us to be sure she gets everything she needs to get that high school diploma next year and to be on track for college! (What a huge relief as I had to instantly go from navigating elementary school grades to HIGH SCHOOL. Ya’ll I had some  moments where I cried in panic! Thank you for ABeka dear Lord.)

So now, I find my days filled with early mornings, breakfast rituals, two homeschool routines all while I find ways to get the house done, manage to do my own school work and find time to Grade Miss M’s school work.

As for my college pursuit, I will be starting my Fall Semester in just another week and am winding down the last of my summer term. With all of the changes and adjustments, it has been challenging to keep up but God’s grace has been so sufficient and He has continued to give me hope in the hard moments.

I am hoping I can better spend time here with those who join me in this little corner of my world. I will do my best to post updates and share sweet and fun moments with my precious family as often as I can this school year.

To all those who are still waiting on a promise to be fulfilled: Hold on. Don’t give up. He WILL fulfill it. There is not a promise  made by our Father that is not fulfilled. Your tears, your laughter, your sorrows, your joy…they all matter to the Father. He is moving behind the scenes. In His perfect timing. In His perfect way. He will come on the scene and MOVE mountains for you.

Hold on.

Until tomorrow,



It is hard to find time to write. It is hard to find time to do most things I am passionate about these days as I find myself going through all that our life is unfolding for us but oh how I miss the simplicity of meeting each of you in this place to share my heart.

It’s not always easy to be vulnerable and transparent but I am thankful every day God has called me to this type of journey because the beauty I find in others along the way is so incredibly remarkable. It blesses me in ways I absolutely cannot describe.

In the last two weeks, God has begun to unfold a chapter in our story that I have been praying about for over 7 years. From many tear filled nights when I was unsure if there really was a God to the many diligent and strategic prayers I have prayed to the one and only God who saved my life and can do the impossible, God has always been there. He listened to every word I spoke and held me through every tear I cried.

I was not certain what His plans were but He knew all along what would come to pass if I just held on long enough to trust His process. That was not easy for me. I fought it over and over along the way and I have found myself flat on the floor, begging him to “save me” from the pains of the journey He has taken me on.

Yet, it was in that pain that I discovered God’s faithfulness. It was in that pain that I realized how strong I am. It was in that pain that I realized, I am no longer who I used to be. I don’t give up and I don’t give in. I keep diligently seeking and praying long after the lights have grown dim and the night has fallen around me. I have refused to accept my circumstances even when the world told me that it was hopeless.

Our plans have no real significance if we are not aligning them with God’s will for our lives. Our desires, while important to God, will not come to fruition if that they do no align with God’s will and desire for righteousness in our lives.

It’s hard to pray from God’s perspective because it causes us to evaluate what we are praying. It causes us to realize when we are praying out of anger or greed or jealousy. It causes us to realize that some of those prayers will absolutely not be answered because the fruit within them is foul. But then there are those that are prayed out of an earnest heart for God’s best…out of a place of desperation for God’s will to be done and nothing else.

When we pray Christ centered prayers, God WILL answer us. He will never leave us broken or forsaken. His timing will not be ours and we must find a way to come to peace with that. Seeing the fruit of our prayers may take YEARS but God is always faithful.

What prayers have you been praying?

Whatever they are, take them and align them with scripture. Make sure you align your heart and mind and prayers with God’s Word over your life. Give your plans to God and ask Him to align them with HIS.

A surrendered prayer life brings an abundant life.

Stay the course. Keep diligent and never forget who God is.


1 John 5:14

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.”

Jeremiah 29:12-13

Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”


In Christ’s Love,



Be Brave

Be Brave

I am finding that as more time passes in my journey, God reveals more and more to me about who I am, what I am created for, and why I am the way that I am.

I also discover more flaws, more fears, and more reasons why I probably shouldn’t be where I am but ever thankful that God has delivered me and brought me to new heights and depths.

This journey has seasons; moments that feel like an eternity. Some of them are beautiful and breathtaking while others are exhausting and terrifying. As is such, it can become very easy to find ourselves riding through our journey as if we are strapped to a roller coaster that we can’t get off of.

First we go up. Slowly. Anticipating what comes once we reach the top and then suddenly we are there and WHOOOSH!!! Before you know it, life has released the lever and our coaster is soaring downhill at a rapid speed and we feel panic setting in. “Wait! Wait!!!!!! This is not what I agreed to. This is not what I thought it would be!!! STOP THE RIDE!!!!!!!!”

Life doesn’t operate like that. We can’t just stop in mid-journey. Life keeps coming and pushing us and it can be enough sometimes to make you feel weary and afraid to move. It can paralyze you.

I know those feelings all too well my brothers and sisters. All too well.

This year, the words God has given me over and over are “Be Brave.” When life gets hard, “Be Brave” and let God fight my battles. When my prayers are not answered, “Be Brave” and accept what God is doing. When my heart is broken and I want an answer, “Be Brave” and trust in God even when he doesn’t. When someone wrongs me and I want so desperately to see justice, “Be Brave” and forgive.

I spent most of my life always anticipating the top of the coaster and then living in sheer terror once it took me speeding down the tracks. When it was hard, I just walked away. When life was unfair, I just sulked in my own negativity. When the world said I was worthless, I just believed those lies and let them tear me apart from the inside out. But what might have come if I had been Brave enough to say, I choose Christ? I choose forgiveness. I choose courage. I choose right.

Being brave is less about being willing to swim with sharks and more about choosing to walk out every situation in your life with God at the fore front. It is less about surviving in the wild and more about learning to survive the battlefield of your own mind by the truth of God’s Word alone. Being brave is about trusting God when He answers and when He doesn’t.

No matter what comes in the days and weeks and years that lie ahead, my hope is that I can “Be Brave” in all things for Christ. My hope is that I will finish my race of life, my coaster of a journey, unafraid; bravely surrendering it all to Christ every day.

Above all that, my hope is that being brave will become a part of your journey too.

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤️


No Title Necessary

I don’t often share some of the more personal things God speaks to me about my life. I know that probably doesn’t sound right with the level of transparency I am called to but there are a great many things God will speak to me intimately that I keep private because I believe the things of the Lord are like a treasure and we should keep them sacred and tucked away for the moments we need them the most.

One of my treasures that I have had tucked away keeps coming back to me over and over and I feel so incredibly called to share it with you here tonight. I keep picturing someone needing it as much as I did in the moment that God gave it to me. I pray I can speak it to you as eloquently as God spoke it to me that rainy morning a few weeks ago and I pray that it releases you from the shackles that have long since tugged you back to places you were not meant to return.

I must start by explaining a few things to help you understand where I was when God came rushing in ever so gently and lovingly helped me to see a chain that I hadn’t realized was still attached, weighing me down and distracting me from much more important things.

For those who know my story, they would affirm whole heartedly that my coming to Jesus brought RADICAL transformation. From the inside out, God completely re-birthed me into the woman that I was always created to be. Healing  me, redeeming me, restoring me, transforming me. It was a whirlwind as I shifted from this broken, damaged woman into a glued together, whole woman of God.

My heart was all in and all I wanted was to run with all I had towards the calling God had given me. I immediately began to seek out this calling, determined to prove to myself and God that I was never going back; to show the world that I was no longer the same and tell them of God’s greatness. My intentions were so pure and so good but that determination held within it a need that would turn me from the very purposes of God and cause me to linger in a place of rejection that I didn’t even realize I was trapped in.

I had a very fast growth and I was very much on fire. There was nothing and no one that could hold me back. While I struggled with fear and doubt, always wondering if I was hearing God correctly, I still had such a desire to move in obedience and run that great race that I dove head first into ANYTHING God showed me. I dove so fast that often times, I never even stopped to ask if the timing was right. There were many mistakes that followed as I struggled to do something I was not yet fully equipped to do and God in his infinite grace, would come along beside me and help make it right and help me pick up the pieces and move forward.

He never let me forget that there was grace. He never stopped reminding me that even if I sometimes jumped ahead of him, He would pull me back. God never lets us go too far from Him and He will stop us if we start trying to do things in our own capacity, even it is from a good intention.

In the last six years I have had many, many individuals speak over me that I would have a powerful women’s ministry. Each one almost speaking the same things: that I would speak and teach and write Bible Studies and that my own testimony of redemption and healing would change multitudes. And each time it was spoken, I felt this stronger need to make it happen. After all, it was my calling right? I was made to preach and teach. I needed to get to it. Each time it was spoken over me, sadly, I felt more and more pressure to be that woman because if I didn’t, then I was letting God down.

My sweet friends, can I just say something really honest for a moment? God can and often does speak to us through others but just because it is spoken does not mean that it is always 100% accurate or that it is 100% for the NOW. Sometimes God speaks into us a word of knowledge, wisdom or prophecy so that we understand who were created to be IN HIM so that in a future time and place we can do those very things. But far too often, we hear those words spoken and we lose ourselves in the pursuit of our greatest “calling”.

And that  my dear friends is exactly what I did. I stepped out on a limb. I went into ministry with two of my closest friends not having the slightest idea about how to handle all of those things, trusting people too easily when my discernment should have shown me that something was coming and it wouldn’t be pleasant, pouring myself out until I had nothing left in a season where God was trying to get me to rest in Him because my entire world was about to be flipped upside down.

I had to find it. That darn ministry. I had to fulfill it. That oh so important calling.

And that pursuit almost cost me my walk. Because at the end of the day, I was overwhelmed. While God would show up and work through me each time as I so desperately asked Him to do, knowing that I wanted to see change,  I would go home and be under such attack that I couldn’t even see through the clouds. I would become stressed out and fearful and questioning everything about myself and I would begin to feel alone and afraid. And each time, God was saying to me, “You don’t need a title Kristy. You don’t need a ministry. Just be who you are. Be the wife. Be the mother. Be the child of God. Worship. Write. Laugh. Play with your children. Leave the rest to me.” And each time He spoke those words I would cry, “I am sorry Lord. I am  just not good enough. I keep messing things up but I AM TRYING SO HARD.”

And oh how I was trying.

But I was trying to run after a part of my being that was not yet meant to be. And God allowed me to walk out those moments because they would become valuable lessons in my life. Lessons that I would look back on and cherish, once all the pain had sifted.

So, then we came here. God brought us to this place. Upon coming here, in the grief so deep, I surrendered everything to God. I laid at his feet my life,  my dreams, my hopes, my anger, my fear, my doubt, my family and this “calling”, this ministry I was trying to fulfill. I told God I didn’t want it anymore. Not even a little. I just wanted to be able to wake up each day, feel His presence, live a life that would make Him proud, show my children how to run the race faithfully and steadily and to breathe. I came here planning to never be “in ministry” again.

What a silly notion that was. Yet, I did not understand.

For the first two years that I have been here, I have been torn down to the very rawest parts of me. I had lost many many things and God took  me through a wilderness so thick, I felt I might never see beyond the trees. Those two years were a stripping away. A tearing down of all the things I had built around myself thinking they were going to help me when really they held me back. God stripped me of the need to depend upon anyone and anything except him. It wasn’t pleasant. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t easy.

Then in December of last year, God began to stir. You see, while I was refusing to be “in  ministry”, the fact of the matter is, “ministering” was all I knew how to do. What does ministry even mean really? We use that word SO much and so many pray for that ministry. Well, I believe that ministry is when we reach past our selves into the lives of those around us, when we see through Christ like eyes and we identify their needs and speak life into them. Ministry happens EVERY day and it doesn’t come in the form of a position or a fancy book or a Bible Study, it just comes in the every day moments of God sitting in the middle of us and those we choose to walk through life with in that moment.

Without even understanding or seeing it, I was walking in my “ministry” every day. I was volunteering, I was counseling, I was praying for others, I was teaching, I was laughing, I was crying, I was rejoicing, I was rebuking, I was questioning and I was praising and all the while, I was bringing others with me and they were receiving healing as I was, they were receiving wisdom as I was, they were being filled with hope as I was. I was sure dead set on just being a nobody when all along, I was a somebody, I was a daughter of a King who loved on His people every single day even when I didn’t know if I could.

By the end of December, God was speaking so much into my heart that I could no longer try to pretend I wasn’t hearing. And just after Christmas, the Lord asked me a defining question, “Why do you keep running from who you are? No title is needed. Just be who you. I release you. Will you go?”

Tears streaming down my cheeks, I said yes and I dove head first (this time after much struggle and much prayer and much questioning) into what God was showing me. And three months later, I see so clearly.

Last month, as I was enjoying a Facetime chat with a friend and we were discussing some areas of our lives God had been working in, I  saw an image of myself. It was if I was seeing a short film and I was the leading lady. I was wearing a uniform. I reached down and picked up my name tag and pinned it onto my shirt. I zoomed in on that name tag only to find that it was blank. No name. No company name. No position. Nothing. It was a clear, white, very blank tag.

What an odd thing I thought? “Lord, I don’t understand. Why are you showing me this? What on earth does a blank name tag mean?”

Without any hesitation, the Lord answered, “Stop looking for a title or position. Ministry is not about what role you think you are in, it is about the every day moments when you leave your home and you share life with my people, encouraging and loving them. As long as you keep seeking  a title, as long as you keep searching for some kind of position, you will miss the very things you are actually called to do.”

You want to talk about a punch to the gut. I was so stunned and so heartbroken all at once. I had to get off that Facetime chat and go straight to my bedroom. I had to sit down and just let it all go. And let it all go I did. I cried for an endless amount of time. I couldn’t even find the words and suddenly like a movie reel, I began to replay all the moments that I had spent in pursuit of a title. And while I was so busy pursuing that position and title, I missed some very important moments:

I missed ministry opportunities with my children. I missed ministry opportunities with my husband. I missed the beauty in being a wife and a mother. I missed the reality that homeschool started when my son was born, not just when I decided I was a homeschooling Mom. I missed that being here, writing down my crazy and passionate thoughts and my journey are some of the most intimate moments of ministry I experience. I missed the fact that my ministry is not found in some church or some office…it is found INSIDE OF ME. It is my life. It is the laughter, the tears, the mistakes, the victories. It is who I am as a person. It is not a title and it will never be a position.

It took me a while to get up off the floor and it took me even longer to finally say, “Oh Father, forgive me of my selfishness. Forgive me for thinking I needed some title to count me good enough for the Kingdom. You counted me good enough. You died for me and THAT IS ENOUGH. Period. Nothing else matters.”

And it was in that moment, that I let it all go. I may someday find myself in the midst of those ministries people spoke over me but I am 100% okay if I never find myself there at all. If I never publish New York Times Bestselling Bible Studies and I am never a published author. If I never do anything else than love God with all my heart, walk day by day with Him, sharing my journey with my precious family, teaching, training, discipling THEM. If that is all I ever do then I will have done more for the Kingdom than any title could have ever afforded me.

My friend, I know you want to show the world you have changed. I know you want to take place next to the mighty warriors you so look up to but don’t pursue, not even for a second, a title or a position. Pursue God. Pursue His Word. Pursue your own heart. Pursue your family. Pursue the needs that you can meet right where you are. Take off that name tag because it means NOTHING. The only way you will ever know that you are enough is by giving your identity to God and knowing that if all you ever do is serve Him in your ordinary, every day life then that is ENOUGH.

You are extraordinary just as you are. Your life is the very ministry you are desperately seeking out. Stop searching. Look in the mirror and surrender.

In Christ’s Love,


Oh the Time

When we create a blog and we publish it for the entire world, we have all these hopes and dreams for what it will become. We want it to be successful and we want it to be a place where we can let others have a glimpse into our lives. We want it to be an encouragement and a light that points others back to their Savior.

There were a THOUSAND things I imagined this blog would be but inconsistent was NOT one of them.

Unfortunately, while actually living my life, I have left little time for this precious space I so dearly love and dream of making into something extraordinary not just for my family and community but also for God. I want it to be a place where I can share His knowledge and truths with other people, just like us. But perhaps God’s plan for my page wasn’t for it be an every day situation, maybe it was always meant to be a place for me to pour out in moments when I am CALLED to.

The truth is, my life is INSANELY busy. And every day, He integrates something new and wonderful into our little world and I am utterly amazed by it. I never know what He will show me, what He will speak to me or where He will lead me from day to day and that’s the most beautiful part of our adventure.

With that said though, I do believe this place matters. It is a part of my calling and it is a part of my life that deserves my time. It means the world to me when someone reaches out and says, “I really miss your encouragements. Your blog is sometimes a lifeline when I get distracted or feel overwhelmed.” What a beautiful, beautiful blessing. If this place can be that for even just one person then I am so incredibly in awe and thankful. Goodness knows we all need that, including me. (Hand is raised and waving!!!)

So going forward, I am praying and asking the Lord to give me the ability to manage my time better for all of you. To be that vessel for each of you daily. Even if it is only a paragraph of encouragement.

Times are rough my friends and many of us are facing battles in the unseen places we can’t even adequately describe but God is so faithful and He uses us to encourage one another in simple and big ways every day. I hope this place can become that more and more every day in this year to come.

So what all HAS happened in 2016?

Well, I am so excited you asked because a LOT has happened in 2016 and it has only JUST begun! So here it is. You might want to buckle your seat belts because it’s a trip for sure!

  1. Homeschool is ROCKING!  We made some big adjustments to how we homeschool. I threw out my schedule (GASP!!!! I know. I know.) and we learned to take each day as it comes. Every day we focus on these specific subjects: Math, Phonics, Handwriting and Reading. We ditched all those extra subjects because while my son is a MEMORY MACHINE, he is just 5. It’s only Kindergarten. I don’t want to overwhelm him with knowledge that becomes boring when it is necessary further down the road. I stopped printing every amazing worksheet I saw on Pinterest because again, he is 5 and this is Kindergarten. My goal is to teach him to fall in love with learning so our journey in Homeschool is successful and vibrant not a total failure by 3rd grade. I have learned to understand my son’s needs in a very unique and special way, and that was so needed. My homeschool didn’t need to be about what I thought should be on my checklist but about what is important for him. When we started, our main goal was that he learn to do some basic reading by the end of the year. I honestly wasn’t sure we would make it but WE DID. Mister M can read entire sentences and small paragraphs. He still has to sound through some words and some phonics sounds we haven’t even learned yet but he listens, he learns and he moves forward. Our simplified experience has caused my little man to SOAR and on more than one occassion each week, he will come in and say, “Can we do more homeschool Mom?” (GASP again! Who thought that was even possible?!) It’s a beautiful journey and we are blessed by it daily!
  2. I started college. Fulltime!  Yes. You read that right. This homeschooling Mamma is now also a full time college student. I may have lost my sanity but I am fairly certain I heard God right on this😉 As of January, I am enrolled in Liberty University and am working to receive my Bachelor’s of Psychology. I was attempting to complete a Bachelor’s in Education and hopefully down the road become a teacher but my husband and I truly feel that our homeschool journey will continue until Mister M is in college. With that said, we felt that this degree plan was not where God was leading me and after much prayer, I changed my major. My plan is to complete my Bachelors then my Masters so that I can go into Christian Counseling. I have an immense heart for those suffering from Mental Illness, PTSD, Depression, Addictions, etc. I want to make a difference in their lives and our communities by raising awareness and being a light and a source of God’s healing. While I am so excited and blessed, I am also human; so at times, I feel very overwhelmed with all I have to juggle and I find myself asking over and over, “Are you sure God? Did I get this right?” And the answer is always, “Yes. Now trust ME.” Ouch. That one is always harder than it seems. But God is ALWAYS faithful. So school is trucking along and so far I have all A’s. Let’s pray this continues! God has something special in store and I want to be diligent and faithful in this for Him.
  3. I am teaching TWO COOP Classes this semester. Yes. You read this one right too. Maybe I have lost my mind? Eh. Either way, I am teaching both a Forensics Science class (those who know me are smiling huge right now because they know I analyze and break down every movie they watch with me and I have YET to be wrong on who the real killer is!) and also an American Girls History Class. I love both and I have some amazing kids. You will probably be hearing a LOT about these classes because we are doing some amazing things that I will want to share with you. If you do not participate in COOP, can I encourage you to at least try it if you haven’t? Many people do not like them and don’t find them necessary and that is what works best for them and I completely understand this but for us, COOP gives us a fresh scenery each week and allows us to learn with others. It breathes some much needed joy into our weeks (even if the planning is intense this year!). It has been a tremendous and valuable tool for our family.
  4. I was named a 2016 Base Spouse of the Year by Armed Forces Insurance and Military Spouse Magazine!!!! I don’t even know where to start on this one. I am still in total awe of this amazing title and opportunity. It brings tears to my eyes every time I realize how loved I am by those who mean so much to me. For me, I don’t care about the title at all, what means the most is that my nominations came from a place of gratitude for something I had done. Knowing that I, in any way, have made a positive impact into the lives of others is a HUGE blessing for me. I spent so many  years of my life lost, broken and wandering. But Jesus. Oh how those two words cannot even begin to describe what He has done for me. He took me from a mess and is molding me into a message and I pray this precious opportunity gives me more abilities to share Jesus with those around me. It’s been amazing and it may be taking me to Washington D.C. in May. I am pretty amazed to say the least!
  5. My husband re-enlisted!!! In case you haven’t pieced it together just yet, my husband is career military. What was supposed to be just an enlistment or two has become a career and a decision we do not take lightly. We know God is leading us into something amazing with my husband’s career and we know it is going to take us to the places He needs us to go to share His light. God took a pretty bitter wife and opened my eyes to understanding that it wasn’t my husband who had it wrong. It was me. My emotions, my inability to see God’s plans caused me to struggle with these choices but not this time. This time, we forged this motion forward TOGETHER. If you are in a marriage that feels hopeless or you are bitter, my friend, I encourage you to ask Jesus to remove the veil. Because you just might find, that like me, it was not your spouse that needed a heart change. But about spousal heart change….
  6. My husband is all in and wants to be Baptized!!!!!! I can’t even say anything else. I just cry. This speaks volumes in and of itself; especially for those who know our story and our journey the last 9 years. So in the next month (or so depending upon the weather), our sweet friends will gather as one of our closest friends baptizes my amazing and incredible husband in the by right our house. (Okay I have to move on now because I am bawling already!)
  7. Life is great and God is good!!! There is so much going on all around me and some days feel like a whirlwind and I wonder how I will manage anything and I just want more sleep but God is in the middle of every moment saying, “You’ve got this. You’ve got this.” And I do. I have got an amazing and incredible life. I have a Savior who calls me His, even when I stumble, a husband whose love for me I truly cannot comprehend, three beautiful and amazing children, amazing friends all around us and God is moving us into greater places and greater moments. We don’t know what the pages hold the next year as we begin to prepare for another move but this time, we will be moving as a family (no deployments please Jesus!) with our hearts and lives firmly planted in what God is doing through us. These great waters of the unknown will no longer pull us under. We are going to surf ahead of the waves and soar with God into the places He has waiting for us. It’s an exciting reality.

So, in the days, weeks and months to come, I might seem a bit all over the place or maybe even a bit inconsistent but I will be doing exactly what God has for me that day. I am going to be more diligent in what I share; making sure it is valuable, it is on time and it is encouraging. We are in crucial days. Empty words and false gospels or promises have no place in these moments. We need authenticity and we need a genuine encounter with God’s love, truth and grace. I hope this place becomes just that like never before.

More than anything else, I pray you are encouraged. Oh the time. How it passes ever so quickly. Our moments are just that, moments. They come and they go but in the middle of it all, God is waiting for us to give them to him and I pray today, you do just that. Whatever your plans are, give them to God so you know what HIS plans are because they matter most.

If you want a bit of extra encouragement and some scripture in your life, you can also join me over on my Facebook Group, Women in the Word. You can find us by clicking the link below and requesting to be added. I will be verifying who you are, as this group is a sacred and special place for us as women of Christ to come together to share a journey in the Word while also sharing our needs, our hopes and our love with one another. Be blessed today!

Women in the Word

Blessings and love,



Trial Run

I have decided that Semester One of the Delgado Learning Academy was our Trial Run. It was the period in which I would try to do a WHOLE lot of things only to realize that we needed to scale it back a WHOLE lot.

Last semester our schedule consisted of the following:

Bible Lessons

Calendar Time





Science – twice a week

Geography – twice a week

Art – once a week

While, I know my son could do all this and he did, he was not falling in love with learning so I took the mistakes of our Trial Run and have modified this semester of homeschool.

We will of course continue our Pledge of Allegiance and Bible Lessons, though for now, I am going to set aside our Heroes of the Bibles Curriculum. While I love teaching the stories of these characters, the biggest thing I want my son to learn is to store the Word of God in his heart. So we will be doing a short devotional and doing a Memory Verse for the week. He will learn to say it and to write it. I want him to store these treasures in his heart. While I do want Him to come to know these mighty men and women of God, I first and foremost want him to learn to apply these verses to his daily life and his own situations. He loves to learn the verses but tends to get very sidetracked when we are trying to tell the Bible Story Lessons. So we will save those for Family Evenings and start doing those together then with a fun activity.

From there he will move the calendar clip each day, change the weather and fill out his Calendar Worksheet where he fills in the date, etc.

And then each day we will do:





Twice a Week we will do:


Twice a week we will:

Take a trip to the Library

This scales our day back a LOT but the beauty in this? Mister M will be more eager to learn and I will have a lot more time to focus on reading which is one of our biggest goals for this year. There must be a reason our Homeschool Curriculum Kit didn’t include Science and Geography or come with a big set of Bible Curriculum. Maybe that should have been the first clue?

While my intentions are good, I sometimes try to do too  much. I am not too proud to admit that. It’s a flaw I am always working on.

Today was our first day to see how this went and my son was MUCH more motivated, MUCH more attentive, and MUCH more willing to get his work done. He excitedly went from Math to Phonics without asking to “take a  break” and when we were done with all our work for the day, asked if we could do more tomorrow!!!


I am usually pretty hard headed sometimes but I am so thankful I was willing to let our first semester be our trial run. I am glad I overdid it so that I could learn how to scale it back. This past semester taught me a lot about my son and a lot about myself. It has given me some great wisdom and it has been an incredible journey bumps and all.

Something tells me the best is yet to come.

For all of you homeschoolers out there, don’t be afraid to change things. Don’t be afraid to admit if you over do it. Nothing is beyond correction and tomorrow is always a new day with new mercies.

2016 will be a GREAT year for us. I just know it!

Blessings and Love,

Kristy Delgado❤

An Unlikely Response

I have come across so many things the last few days that just tear my heart to pieces. Social Media is a beautiful and wonderful thing that I sometimes love because it allows me to see the life of those I miss unfolding from afar. In the same respect, it allows those that love me and miss our sweet family to see our life as well. But Social Media can also be a very, very dangerous weapon of destruction from the enemy.

Never before were we, as a global spectrum, able to just put out our thoughts and opinions for the the entire universe to see. At first, it seemed like such a positive thing. We were able to read fascinating articles, reach out to long lost friends or relatives, find relatives we never knew existed before and gain a wealth of knowledge that seemed exciting and beneficial. But as quickly as we had those thoughts of grand excitement, social media seemed to almost suddenly become a public platform by which we find ourselves becoming a part of the world rather than set apart from it.

Plastered across our computer screens and smart phone devices 24 hours a day are the negative, hurtful, lustful, sinful natures of this world and sometimes, our own flesh. A news story about a tragedy is posted and if the story alone does not break your heart, the comments below them will. One would expect to find comments of condolences or encouragement for those who must be enduring a load they feel they cannot bear but no. That is not what you all too often see. Instead, they are comments of ridicule, judgement, mockery and cruelty.

Social Media has given us this mentality that just because we have the right to say or do whatever we desire, that makes it okay and so we do it. We post every angry, happy, sad, offending thought that might come to our minds in the  moment and we walk away feeling like that matters. But the truth is…it doesn’t. Those words won’t be remembered 20 seconds later because someone else will come along and snatch our victory.

I have been there myself. I sometimes post things that later, I want to look up to Jesus and say, “Forgive me Lord. I lost control.”

I see you shaking your head but admit it. There is no better feeling than when your comment gets 50 likes and you feel justified in that horrible thing you just posted for the ENTIRE universe to see without any regard for it’s impact on humanity. We have all been there. Even if we don’t want to admit it.

It is hard as Christians to watch these things unfold. We become so weary from all the negativity. We want to DO something about it. However, most of the time, our responses become so defensive that we too, find ourselves speaking and saying things that quite frankly do not encourage, lift up or bring light into darkness. Rather, we too become judgmental and angry and full of self righteousness because we, for a moment, forget that their words are all too often fueled by an enemy they do not even know exist and far too often come from a heart that is broken and lost.

Yes. It is so heartbreaking to watch someone make a mockery of our faith. It is devastating to watch someone attack someone who is already broken inside. It is just plain wearisome to see words used to tear others apart. It hurts. It angers. It frustrates and it flat wears your spirit down.

This is when we must be the most cautious. This is when we must be the most diligent. This is when we must do three things:

  1. Take a moment right then to pray for the one speaking such things or sharing such thoughts or posting things that are contrary to what you know to be truth. They may not see it, admit it or care but these things come as a result of their own brokenness, pain, unforgiveness or fear.
  2. Take a second moment to pray for the ones who will be affected by their words. Pray that God will guard their hearts. Pray that someone will get brave enough to just delete those words altogether and for God to spare the family the heartache of having to see them. Pray they can put their eyes on Jesus and forgive.
  3. Forgive and DO NOT RESPOND AT ALL. It is soooo tempting and hard to just walk away and not say anything at all. We want to correct them, we want to defend the ones they may hurt, we want to show them who is right and who is wrong but those responses are no different than the world. And they only continue the brutal cycle that much longer.

We are called to be SET APART and in order to do so, we must reaact with an unlikely response: prayer and the choice to love.

The truth is, most of the time, these individuals thrive on the quarreling and bickering their words bring. They enjoy the sights on the screen of someone becoming offended by something they said. This is victory to them but what if we took the victory away from the world and gave it back to Christ? What would that look like?

It would look like love.

It would look like joy.

It would look like immovable, unshakable faith.

In a world where we are taught that we can do anything we want, say anything we want, let’s remember these all too important words from 1 Corinthians 10:23:

“‘I have the right to do anything’ -you say- but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’ – but not everything is constructive. ”

Let’s become a body that gives an unlikely response. Let’s become an un-offended people who pray for those who come to hurt and show them love when it would be so  much easier to respond in anger.

If all else fails, as you look at the screen before you and you are tempted to respond and give them satisfaction, ask yourself that timeless phrase we once had plastered all over our communities: “What Would Jesus Do?”


He would choose the unlikely response. He would pray and choose love.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy Delgado❤