For those of you reading this, I have to say that I am feeling like a huge weight is off of me. I will deeply miss seeing your updates and your photos and your adventures on my various social media sites but if you ever want to share those with us you can always send us a letter or postcard. 😉 We LOVE receiving mail that isn’t asking for money out of our wallets.

Many of you have already messaged me and wanted to know the why. I could go into a big elaborate explanation of why I left social media but honestly the answer is simple.

It was time and It was God.

I have spent so much of my life pouring into the world and not enough into my own precious home. As God has shifted our locations and our paths, He has also greatly little by little been shifting my heart. And it is only just begun. There is so much more God will most likely shift and change and remove before I stand face to face with Him but I am so thankful and relieved that He loves me enough to spend my days showing me how to be the best ME that I can be for myself and my children and my husband who love me so much.

I want to learn to live life for the moments. I don’t want to spend another day worrying about the photos I can capture or the wonderful words I can say to change the lives of those on a newsfeed. Instead, I want to spend my days investing my time in capturing the moments that really mean something for me to hang on a LITERAL wall in my home to cherish and using those wonderful words on the sweet people right within my home.

Moments are but an instant and then they fade. Too many of mine have faded. I sit at my computer and realize while I was so busy trying to take a good photo of my family to “share” with the world and to have for myself, I missed out on what was happening in the photos themselves.

Take time to ENJOY your time with friends and family; to really listen as they share their thoughts with you. I realize that every lunch and dinner date with friends consist of checking our newsfeeds and notifications and text messages and I miss out on the time we have together. (To every person I have made feel less important because of this, I am so very sorry. You do mean more to me than that.)

I look forward to sharing our adventures with those who we are truly sharing life with and keeping it simple. Pray for me as I make this change. I realize it has all become very much an addiction. I think it is that way for so many of us but we have been in denial for so long.

I am sure my husband is taking bets on how long I will survive 😉

Love and miss you all,

Kristy ❤


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