The Letter C and a Lot of Rain

I wish someone had warned me that Florida’s winter usually consists of a LOT of rain. It is seriously a hinderance to being able to enjoy the beaches that so desperately call to me every day. *sigh* However, I suppose it is a good thing. Something should probably keep me in check with actually doing homeschool in our home 😉

Our day started off very early with a trip to my neurologist for a follow-up. I had sure been hoping that I would get my driving privileges back. (For those who are unaware, they “believe” I may be having seizures again though I am truly unconvinced. How severe pain in my back and numbness and tingling links to that I am still trying to sort out but we’ll let them attempt at a diagnosis. I think these tests will back me up!) Sadly, in spite of the fact that my EEG came back normal, because of my Epilepsy diagnosis and history, she has not given me my driving back AND is doing another EEG. This one will be three days long, meaning I get to look like something straight out of Star Trek and will be hiding out in our humble abode until that crazy thing is removed. I am hoping that if this too comes back normal, they will dismiss this entire notion and move onto finding out what is REALLY going on.

After that exciting and disappointing morning it was back home for school.

The last couple days we took “free days” from homeschool. Mondays are always our designated “Free day” but since we were celebrating a birthday yesterday we figured it would only be right to celebrate with one more “Free day”. Today , however, it was back to our lessons.

As we do every day, we started off by going over our calendar and weather. We had to change over to February, of course and discuss the fact that this month is short in comparison to others and we got to talk about fun events such as Valentine’s Day, which is only a week away. (Hope all you love birds out there are ready. We sure are getting excited!!)

Once Calendar and weather was squared away, we jumped right into our Letter of the Week which is “C” and made this adorable little dude:


I seriously cannot get enough of these adorable little Letter of the Week ideas. I wish I could take credit for the genius of this but I found it on Pinterest. Speaking of, if you are looking for some fun and creative Homeschool ideas, Pinterest is a GREAT resource. They have so many amazing hands on ideas, free printables, organization tips and so much more. Thanks to Totally Tots for this awesome idea!

Another fun thing we did today that I LOVE were some Tangram Puzzles. This is just one of the many “Busy Bags” I assembled for Mister M to use in our daily routine. They are both educational and fun. I found this set of Tangram Puzzles at the Dollar Tree for just $1! (I loooove me some bargains!) The set comes with several sheets of images showing you how to assemble your tangram shapes to make something awesome. Mister M is really into doing hands on activities like this and it is so great for his cognitive thinking skills, as well as math and problem solving. We spend time doing the designs suggested but I also like to encourage him to make his own designs and creatively use this activity his own way.

Here are a few things we made today:

20150204_160229       20150204_160903-1

When I went into this journey with Mister M I had a lot of ideas and plans but very quickly realized that one of the beauties of Homeschool is that you can do things at a pace that works for everyone and in a way that encourages your child to fall in love with learning. I realized that preschool didn’t have to be about curriculums and busy work all the time but rather fun, hands on ways to help him learn his alphabet, his numbers and prepare him for Kindergarten. I think that one of the sweetest things God has spoken into me the last couple weeks was to take a deep breath and just give it my best. All the worrying in the world is not going to help my son value education and learning. It might actually push him away from it so now we just dive in. I make it a point to help recognize letters, at least attempt to write them and then I turn it quickly into fun projects like seen above. It has been an awesome experience. ❤

Tomorrow I will be sharing my stash of the awesome “Busy Bags” I created to help enforce some math, phonics and critical thinking skills! The one above is one of my favorites but I have a Square Storage Bin full that I adore. They are good not just for homeschool but also road trips, meetings at church, or just when Mom’s need some “quiet time” to get things done!

Hope your day was dryer than ours and just as blessed!!!!


Kristy ❤


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