TGIF…Thank Goodness It’s Fun

Some days I just find it so much harder to get moving than others. As a matter of fact, some days I truly contemplate laying in bed all day in my pajamas and refusing to do a single thing. It always sounds good in theory but those dishes that pile up and the laundry that takes over the floors and the water that somehow ends up from the bathroom to the living room during that time in bed is a quick reminder that life must continuously move. Every day.

So thank goodness it’s fun.

Today we took half the day off to let Mister M rest as he had a somewhat restless night and a hard time getting to sleep but when he woke up there was much excitement to be had because we finally remembered to get some Washable Paints while we were at WalMart last night 🙂 Oh how we love paint.

So today, we quickly did our “busy” work by making sure Mister M worked on writing his letter Cc and the number 3 and practicing his name. I love that as soon as he is done, we wipe the sheets off, put them up and they are ready for the next day. It’s that easy.

We were also equally excited about our Letter craft for today: C is for Cookies. (But I mean, it’s a craft. About cookies. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?)


I found this awesomeness on Pinterest (of course) and I can’t really say where it came from because I just glanced at the photo I pinned but to whomever created this, we adore you 😉

After we finished this sweetness, we completed Miss M and Miss P’s Valentine’s Care Package by letting Mister M paint them some custom V-Day Cards and I of course had to add some last minutes touches. We are so excited to get this in the mail! I will share some of that awesomeness that I created later. I want them to be able to get it first 🙂 ( I didn’t even use the ones I found on Pinterest. I just totally let my creative side flow.)

And then we painted. And painted. And painted. We pretty much painted for HOURS. Which was both fun and therapeutic. I found a really amazing project I want to do for the Grandparents but need to purchase some blank square canvases tomorrow. So there will be more on that shortly 🙂

What I love most about painting is how much Mister M loves it. He gets lost in it. Just creating this or that and he is OBSESSED with Rainbows so after he was done playing he wanted me to draw one with a pencil so he could paint it. He added a sun and some clouds and produced quite a sweet keepsake. ❤ His very first (of many I am sure) original paintings. *sigh* How did we get to this place? It’s he was a teeny baby, I blinked and BAM…almost 5 year old painting away. It’s insane really.

20150206_154419        20150206_194957

So my dears, if you are having one of those days; if you find it is hard to motivate…shake things up. Get creative. Make learning FUN. Make life FUN and remember that tomorrow is always a new day to do it all again. That’s the most marvelous blessing about our time here on earth.

We can create a magical  moment and then wake up and do the same thing the very next day our entire existence on this earth. Why not make it fun? Why not paint for hours?

We only get these moments for one lifetime. Then it’s gone.

I am sorry I did not get to upload my detailed images of the “Busy Bags”. I was knee deep in paint and dinner and laundry. It was amazing. But tomorrow is a new day so maybe I will get to do it then!

Have a blessed and wonderful night!

With love,

Kristy ❤

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