Love, Love, Love…

Well, the countdown has arrived. We are t-minus 5 days until Valentine’s Day.

That may not be a big deal to anyone else but we LOVE Valentine’s Day in this house. Not because it is some big revenue drawing holiday but because it is focused around one of my favorite verbs: LOVE.

So today, we made sure we were all decorated and ready 🙂

Valentine's Decorations Door of Love

I tried not to get too overboard with decorations. I am telling myself I didn’t but I think Mister O may disagree! (By the way, I still am adding some heart chains we are making this week and some other crafts during our lessons so overboard may be closer to the truth.)

And of course after decorating, it was time to get busy with today’s lessons. Our VERY favorite lesson today was our science lesson. We are spending our science time this week learning about clouds and rain and other types of weather that is connected to clouds 🙂 Originally I had planned on starting by making a cloud but when I got home, I discovered that I did not have a lid for my Mason Jar :/ So we sort of skipped ahead to making a Rain Cloud instead. (We will go back to the cloud on Wednesday!)

WE LOVED THIS EXPERIMENT and it was so easy too!

“How Clouds Make Rain” Science Experiment

Cloud & Rain Experiment 1 Cloud & Rain Experiment 2

We also had a full DAY of learning with Letters & Phonics, Math, and Bible Study. By the way, if you want a Math lesson that kids will LOVE, I highly recommend the Roll the Dice Math lesson we did today. It was FANTASTIC!

20150209_141644Letter D BookWOOF!

“Letter Dd Book” 

20150209_144759 20150209_145209

“D” is for Duck Letter Craft

Roll the Dice Math

“Roll the Dice” Math

20150209_211954  20150209_21433020150209_214625

And we finished up our day with our Bible Study. Our verse this week is from Genesis 1:1 and we are learning all about Creation. (I find this funny because Omar is currently enrolled in a class on Evolution.) I found an amazing Curriculum that you can use all year long from CalvaryCurrriculum.Com. They provide great resources for teaching weekly Bible Lessons that include multiple activities to stretch through the whole week.

Along with the printables they provided, I found an awesome Memory Verse Worksheet that I made five copies of and these allow Maximus to trace the memory verse and learn it all at the same time each day. It is AMAZING!

Our final project was our Valentine’s Day Craft for today. This week, all of our fun crafts are centered around what Valentine’s Day is supposed to represent. Not the candy or the flowers or the fancy reservations but the verb in action of Love. We talked about how much God must have loved us to create and how much he loves us even now. Today’s craft was this adorable easy to assemble paper envelope with Scripture hearts all about love. It was a perfect way to teach little man some of the verses on love for this holiday. You can find this craft here.

We fit in a LOT today and I was so proud. Well right up until I realized that I did not get my bed made today and I did not fold a single piece of the laundry on the couch but, we had an amazing day and the laundry will always be there tomorrow.

I do think though, that hands down the best part of today was the fact that we got to go to dinner with two of our favorite loves from Arkansas. It was absolutely a breath of fresh air to hug their necks and spend the evening with those we love and sharing with them our new lives here. We are excited to spend more time with them soon!

I am going to leave you tonight with one of the prettiest views from one of our favorite Japanese steakhouses. I pray your day was as amazing as ours.

If you have any questions about my lessons today, feel free to comment or send me an email.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤


(Someday I am going to have something like this in my home. Love it.)


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