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Today was one of those days.

There are not a lot of them that demand I take on roles other than Mommy or wife but today, I had to put on one of my other “hats” and spend an entire day getting some important things taken care of. While one part of me cherishes these moments as they make me feel like I get to impact others OUTSIDE my home, there is always this inner struggle as this also means that the daily routines and schedules we have are temporarily put on hold.

The old Kristy would have PANICKED over this. Not being able to do exactly what I wrote on my list that day would have caused me to have a near panic attack or to just totally shut down and not even be able to concentrate long enough to get any of the other important things done at all.

Thankfully I serve a God who takes away the old and makes ALL THINGS NEW.

There was that brief moment where the guilt set in. After all, I am a homeschool Mom now. The days of my days being about whatever activities I WANTED to be able to involve myself in and have a day of no rules or set plans have had to come to a close (for the most part). I went into this journey determined to not only be the best mother I can but also the best teacher my child will ever encounter. (Not that I put ANY pressure on myself right?)

So as I was busy having lunch with some very important people and we talked about preparations for a very important event next week, I found myself remembering in detail all the lessons I had planned for today. I found myself fretting silently over letting my son down as I should be there teaching him. After all, that’s my new role. A most important one at that.

And then, from out of nowhere, as He often does, God used one word that came from the lips of one of my lunch companions to quickly snap me back into reality: flexibility.

Right there in my booth, I was flooded with the images of so many blogs and articles I read from experts to newcomers to homeschooling pros who all said the very same things: “Learn to be flexible and not put so much pressure on yourself to make homeschool like a classroom but rather make homeschool where learning and life blend together to make one incredible and remarkable journey. Your children won’t remember the schedules or the designs but they will remember the moments you let learning take over and just had fun with it yourself.”

*Deep breath* What a relief.

I needed that reminder today.

So I dove in. I took in every second of those conversations and I found laughter and joy and purpose in the middle of those lies from the enemy that I wasn’t getting it right.

After all was said and done and I finally made my way home after lunches and planning and assembly meetings, I got to come  home and eat with my sweet family and STILL find the time to fit in at least one important lesson for today: our Bible Lesson. Omar joined us as we talked about the first day’s creation and assembled an ADORABLE St. Valentine’s Scripture Wreath that I have simply fallen in love with. I am going to make sure this is stored safely so we can reuse year after year. Each year remembering the first year of Homeschool together ❤

Our Valentine's Wreath 20150210_224518

At the end of this day, I realized two valuable things. We didn’t live out this day according to a single schedule and that was exactly as God planned it. I got to fulfill my other much needed roles while my son got quality time with his Dad. How could life be any more precious than that and what lessons could be any more valuable?

So take a deep breath. The schedules won’t always be what’s most important and those experts and newcomers and homeschool pros are so right. Education is most valued when life becomes part of the learning. It is the best way to fall in love with both at the same time.

Blessings and Love,

Kristy Delgado ❤


2 thoughts on “Life & Learning

  1. hey doll, i just wanted to tell you that this is the first time i read your blog, this new way, and thank God i did! today i got two of my tests back (and i know this might not be the same thing, but i think being flexible with my self applies somehow) and i didn’t get the scores i was hoping for! this made me upset and frustrated and i feel like it kinda ruin my day for a while. i wasn’t able to concentrate in class anymore just thinking how big of a disappointment i was… so when i read your blog it helped me realized that sometimes it’s okay to be flexible with ourselves specially. anyways; thanks for sharing your story! i love you and can’t wait to reed more of your adventures! =)


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