Much adieu about…a new furbaby

We woke up this morning with every intention of getting more done than yesterday. Honestly.

However, we got none of it done. Not a single lesson. Not a single plan.

I did manage to get dinner in the cockpot before noon and then we rushed out the door to pick up our new furbaby ♡

Gracie girl took up the rest of our day as we made the hour drive to pick her up and drive back, stop at the Pet Store for her collar and tag and leash and all the other sweet necessities.

Once home, we got her bathed and brushed and now we are all cozy in our bed. Together. Just me, a 4 year old, a little shih tzu, and a big ole’ lab.

Today we were supposed to learn about Dinosaurs and make a rain umbrella and do some fun math sheets. Intead, we got to give a home to a fur kid in need. Showing Mister M the importance of every animal and every human having a forever family of their own.

I’d say we accomplished exactly what God had planned for today and we are doing alright ♡





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