Easy Does It…

I am loving loving loving my homeschool journey with Mister M. I love that I can plan each day and I can think of the ways we learn and encounter life together. Some days we sit and we go over books or worksheets, other days we do creative play or art and others we do science experiments or simply take an extra free day. Since he is just 4, I can do that. I can actually do it until he is 6. Isn’t that amazing? Not that I will wait that long to get him on a more routine schedule with homeschool but the fact that I can take my time with my child’s education and make it an experience he will remember is something I am learning to not take for granted.

Today was  our regularly free day. It is usually the day I work on laundry and the things in the house I need done before we do our other four days of homeschool but today, we let the laundry sit and the beds go unmade until this afternoon so that we could go have lunch with two of our favorite people and then we came home and decided to take advantage of the nice weather. While it was windy, it was the perfect day for a bike ride and walk for Gracie girl. Aside from the fact that we live in a peaceful and safe neighborhood, our view is seriously to die for. (Though I prefer living…so maybe I should say to live for instead.)

Here are a few shots of our venture. Go ahead…take in that view 🙂

20150216_150401 20150216_151559 20150216_151644

I am really and truly VERY spoiled by our location. I will not know what to do when I am not near the waves on a daily basis so my husband is going to have to make sure we have another house as close to the water as this one is. Poor fella.

While I don’t have a lot so share as far as our lessons and crafts for today, I do want to share that I have been without  my social media for two weeks now. While I do still have Instagram (which I kept at the recommendation of family’s sake and have only posted two maybe twice) and Pinterest (which I use for our homeschool lessons and free printables), I have used them minimally. While two weeks may seem like no big deal to you, I can assure that this is HUGE for me and the best part is that I have not missed it; not even once. The second best part is that even when others say, “You will be back” or “You really need a Facebook to keep in touch with things”, I have come to realize that I don’t need it nor do I want it.

For me, it was a HUGE distraction. One that kept me from so many things. I cannot tell you the amount of time I spent reading notifications, responding to each and every post or message or comment as I felt that was my duty, spending sometimes hours looking at the lives of others and feeling less adequate because their houses were cleaner, their wardrobes were nicer or they took way better vacations than we did. The amount of comparisons that would spring up without me even realizing it is NUTS and I am sorry but those who say they never do this, I really ask you to truly examine that because it happens when we don’t even see it and the negativity…oh how I took in so much that I was never meant to take in all because it’s just out there. In cyber space. Forever. It affects a person. It takes a toll.

On the opposite spectrum it can be good. If we use it for such. The one thing I never realized is the impact I truly had just by choosing to use those forums to share life and hope and love rather than just as a diary or a comedic stage or a writing avenue. I have received many emails and texts from those who took in the verses I shared and the love I spread and who already notice its absence. For that, I am thankful but I hope that maybe they can find those same things in another way. Maybe through an encounter with one of their children, through a co-worker, through a spouse, a friend…someone around them. I hope someone notices they need that encouragement and brings it to them in a sweet way in just the right time.

Life is so beautiful and I am starting to understand why for so long there was this constant struggle over social media. I came up with a million reasons why it was not an issue until I realized it was and being free from all of it is one of the most proud of myself moments I have ever experienced. I realized I do love God more than this world, even if I don’t feel that will ever be adequate.

While I still have brief moments here and in other ways I can share life, I am no longer bound to a cell phone or a computer. Now I CHOOSE when I want to do it, not work my life around it. I don’t plan and wonder what I might see or share next, I just let life happen and share the good things, the ones that matter the most when I CHOOSE. It doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly and I don’t feel the need to do so as I did before.

So to those who have asked, the one thing I would say  that is most amazing about life outside of Facebook and Twitter is that it is SO WORTH LIVING beyond a screen. Every moment. Every second. And even more than that, I’ll never go back and that’s okay.  ❤

Blessings and love until tomorrow,

Kristy Delgado ❤


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