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I apologize for my lack of homeschooling posts the last two weeks. We have had busy, unconventional things occur the last two weeks so our homeschool was very sporadic and at different times of the day. I also have had to do a little less creative entailed items this week so that I could get everything done. The good news is that I get to hang my other hats back up for a bit and get back to my uber creative teaching techniques which I LOVE.

I do have a couple websites I want to share with you today because they have SO many free printables! (Who doesn’t love free?)

The first one is a personal fave because in addition to the amazing library of free printables and items you can find for your homeschool needs, there are also items you can purchase for download. All of them are from teachers all over the U.S. who have compiled and created the items. I love that because while we homeschool, I still believe it is so important to pour into the public schools and one of the best ways to do that is through this site by paying other teachers for their resources. This would allow them extra money they can pour into their own classrooms. I don’t know if you know any teachers but I have them in my family and on my friends list and they spend so much out of pocket money to provide quality materials for their students and it is a true blessing to them when they have extra money to pour into their classrooms and students. You can check it out here.

Another favorite website I use for printables is a site called Education.com. They also have items you can purchase for your child such as school supplies, games, etc. If you subscribe to their daily emails they usually send freebies in almost every email which I LOVE!

Some other great sites I use are first and foremost Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account, I strongly encourage you to do so. There is a VAST supply of recommendations and free printables and lessons from all over. Since we have not yet decided on our Kinder curriculum, Pinterest has been my go to source for my lessons each week. From Busy Bags, to worksheets and science experiments, it has been incredibly helpful for us. It’s simple and wonderful. I also use Scholastic, ABCMouse, and PBS Kids. There are truly so many wonderful resources out there that cost you nothing. The more we share, the more we help those around us!

This week we have been learning about the letter E and focusing on our letter tracing. We found this adorable Letter E Craft that I just have to share because it makes me smile 🙂


Okay so there is one last topic I feel the need to discuss today. As you all know, I deleted my Facebook over two weeks ago. I have shared several times how free it has felt and it truly has been amazing but I am back on Facebook 😦

Yes, I know.

I have become that person.

The one who deletes her Facebook very publicly and then suddenly reappears a few weeks sometimes days later.

Trust me my friends. It was not my plan.

It seems, however, that the grips of Facebook goes much deeper into our lives than I realized. There are actual jobs and positions that require access to social media in order to publish information and resources and that is where I have found myself this week.

After my important meeting/luncheon on Tuesday I quickly realized in order to have the page needed for my position, I would have to also have a personal Facebook page as you can no longer create any other kind of page without a personal one to admin it from. I came home and I fought with myself because I was happy without it, I didn’t want to look over the top dramatic (let’s face it…that is how it appears to the world) and I just simply didn’t want to conform to it all but at the end of the day, it is a valuable resource to the public (so it seems) that allows companies and people to be informed and to get the information they need. So…

I created an entirely new Facebook page.

I had this idea that I would create it and keep it secret. That lasted overnight and by morning, I had already been found by several people. The tug at the heart began and I thought, okay…maybe I should allow my family and my very close friends, those whom I actually share life with, in and just start over.

So I did. I added my Mom (who was very distraught when I deleted my page by the way. Who would have ever thought that possible.),  my family members, those I love the most and a few people I am close to in professional settings as well and close friends. I refused to add the application back onto my phone and thought, this will be fine. I only have a few people.

And then it began.

The requests. Dozens. Then more. Then more.

Each time, I would think to myself, is this okay God? You told me to do away with social media and I did it. I didn’t just do it, I survived it; quickly adapted to it but now, here it is. Knocking at my door; demanding I let it back in. Is that okay Lord?

The truth is, I do love being able to connect with people but not at the cost of losing connections with the people actually sitting right in front of me. I had become a drone. Programmed to check my Facebook over and over and over…consumed with the lives of everyone else and the world’s viewpoints on EVERY single subject in life. The videos, the statuses, the blogs, the pictures. All of it was sometimes lovely to see but it was also very much something that sort of sucked me in and took me away from life outside the screen. A lot of it even made me feel insignificant or sad or even angry. There was some good but there was a whole lot of bad too.

So I stared at the screen in front of me. Paced back and forth between the desk and the kitchen (I eat when I am nervous or trying to work through something.) Finally, I just turned on the worship music and I let it all go and that was when it came to me.

I turned away from the social media for three weeks. Completely.

I chose my family over Facebook.

I chose God over Facebook.

I chose worship over scrolling through a newsfeed.

I had finally come to a place where it was no longer about being controlled by it, addicted to it or needing it. I had finally come to the place of realizing that Facebook was a resource. A tool much like the ones we use at a job or like what I use with my homeschool activities.

That realization almost made me cry. I had been ADDICTED to it and that’s a hard reality. It had been a HUGE part of my daily life and here I was almost disgusted at the thought of having to have it once again. That was HUGE for me. That was progress and that was…


So I listened when He released me to do what needed to be done for my position. Releasing myself to be the best I can be for others around me and making it clear that I had overcome something I didn’t even fully realize needed overcoming three weeks ago.

I know in my heart, I am not alone in the social media battle. I am not the first to realize it was a problem and I won’t be the last but I am now one of the many who can say I have it on MY terms. Nothing owns me. I am free and I am whole.

So while I may be back. I am different. This experience will be different and what bound me to a lot of negativity and insecurity and a need to measure up is now bound to MY rules and my security and strength in Christ. It won’t be a way of life but a resource I will utilize only when necessary.

What an amazing God we serve.

If you are struggling with this same battle, take heart because you are much bigger and stronger than you see. Trust God with your social media. He will keep you in check and He will help you overcome just as He did me.

It is a resource. It is not life. I think that is important to remember too.

I am excited for a new day tomorrow and new ideas to pass along to others just like me. I am thankful I can come to this place and share my heart and my battles. The battles are always worth it when we come out with a way to help someone else. That is, after all, why we are here.

Be blessed,

Kristy ❤


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