An “Egg-celent” Day

Today was probably one of the better Fridays we have had in a while. I got to start my day with my dear friend Catherine and a friend she has visiting from New York. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I desperately needed some time for me. With friends. It was a God-send.

When Catherine showed up this morning, I was doubly excited because she came bearing a very special gift for Mister M: a new desk that her husband Bill crafted himself.


We are still in awe of it tonight as we cleaned up our classroom for the day. I am so blessed by their hearts and the fact that they wanted to provide such a precious and much needed gift for Maximus. I also have to add that Bill is one very talented fella 🙂

In addition to all of the fun of friends and new desks, we had a busy filled day today with lessons. Our letter E craft of the day was to decorating an egg. Mister M LOVES paint so we decided to let him paint his egg.


In case you are wondering why this egg seems so familiar…that is probably because it most likely is familiar. He purposely painted his egg to look like the Yoshi Egg from the Super Mario Brothers video games. (He is a man after my heart. What can I say?) The free, printable template for this perfect egg can be found here.

We also had plenty of busy work today with the amazing worksheets and activities I found on a new favorite website. This site offers free printable Letter Packet series. They are AMAZING! Here are a few of the ones that we used today:


Thank you so much to Cassie over at for these amazing packets. They are truly phenomenal and offer so many fun and creative ways to teach your child the letter of the week. The letter E packet included writing practice sheets, mazes, find the letter, letter booklets, lacing sheets, dot the letter projects and that is not even half of it. There were 6 packets all together for our letter this week and each one was incredible and all FREE!

In addition to all of our academic lessons, a huge focus I have started with Mister M is life skills. While it is sometimes scary, tedious and even frustrating trying to release the grips we have on our small ones, I am learning each day the importance of giving my son a little more independence. I have begun to let him do so many things around the house and am working on a steady chore list for the Fall, taking the time to learn what he can and cannot handle on his own. This has been a stretch for me as my OCD often times is just at the surface screaming, “He’s going to make a mess of the things you JUST cleaned!” Then I take a deep breath and remind myself that I can just have him clean up his own mess. It is also hard because I am having to teach myself that it is okay if it is not done perfectly; that I need to stop trying to refold those clothes or remake his bed or remop the floors. It is a definite struggle mentally but I am learning to just let it go and give him that freedom and that independence.

It is not just good for him but for me too as I suddenly am able to let go of the need to get it all done myself. It is so nice to have a helper, especially one as willing as my sweet little man.

Today, he helped me clean the kitchen and he made his own lunch (with my supervision of course). Thankfully, he kept it simple and just wanted some “quick chili” and crackers. He only spilled a tiny bit and seeing the pride he had in himself was a blessing in itself.


While today is Friday, I am still trying to keep in mind that we have lessons tomorrow to try to make up for some of the time we missed this week due to all my other activities I had to get done. Just one more day and then rest. I can feel it now.

I pray your day was as blessed and “egg-celent” as ours was! Be sure to check out some of the awesome sites and freebies from today’s post!

Blessings and Love,

Kristy Delgado ❤

2 thoughts on “An “Egg-celent” Day

  1. I love reading about yours and Max’s homeschool journey! It’s so awesome, and I love seeing all the cool ideas you’re coming up with! You can see Max’s excitement about learning in all the pictures you post.


    • Thank you so much Stephanie! We sure do miss you guys! I just had to readd facebook so I will send you a friend request so you can better see when I update! Love and miss you terribly! Btw…HOMESCHOOL rocks!!!!


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