Dear Mom, I think I have lost my mind…

I am sure when my Mother first saw the image I am about to share below, she thought the very same thing. I have surely lost my mind. A year ago when we got our first furbaby, I was truly excited. However, Cash grew and grew and grew. (He is merely a foot shorter than me when on his hind legs.) He also chewed up my kitchen chairs, destroyed a few beloved items and left more dog hair on my furniture than I can even truly express in words. I found myself sweeping sometimes up to 3 times a day, vacuuming my furniture twice a week and going through multiple vacuum cleaners in the process. There was the hyper activity, the acting like a crazy embarrassing loon when we had visitors and let’s not forget the EPIC potty accident that went around my ENTIRE living room carpet, down the hall and stopping just in front of our bedroom door. (That cost me two hours of cleaning I can never get back!) Most days he drove me insane and I questioned what I was thinking. But always in the quiet of the night, when Mister O was at work, it was just he and I against the dark, lonely nights. Cuddles. Snoring (he that is). Hearts bonding. He became like my other child.

He went from this little furry friend to a melded part of our family dynamic. (It’s not hard to see why.)

Our sweet boy just relaxin while I clean :) #lifewithCash #puppylove #furbaby Our dog is smarter than yours πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›πŸ˜ŽπŸΆπŸ“§πŸ‘πŸŽ“πŸ‘“ #sophisticatedpooch #smartpup #pupbyday #brainiacbynight #Cashmoney This what happens when we make cut out cookies in the Delgado Household. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My husband had made comments from the first moment we had brought Cash into our home that he wanted more puppies. That he wanted a “pack” of dogs to love, to train and to hunt with. I laughed hysterically and told him it would be a cold day in Hades before this wife was allowing that insanity to happen.

It’s been a year later.

I had held firm.

I did not budge. Not once.

And then I woke up two weeks ago and saw the image of a sweet little furbaby needing a new home. She had been through three homes before us. My heart broke.

So I didn’t even question a thing. I showed her to my husband and twenty minutes Β later we were on our way to pick up our first rescue furbaby. I kept seeing her sad little eyes. Her sweet fluffy self and I would glance back at Cash in the back seat. He was so big now it was hard for him to even stay on the seat. He had grown so fast. Handsome. Smart. Amazing. I felt somewhat surprised that I wasn’t even flinching at the thought of another dog.

So we brought home our sweet Gracie girl. (Here are a fewΒ refresher photos.)

20150211_181327 20150211_234119-1 20150216_150401

I was surprised at how easy it was to have her in our home. No anxiety. No fear. She just came in and instantly won us all over including Cash. She brought some spunk and courage into our home, never afraid to put that massive beast of a lab in his place if he tried to get her food or water, wouldn’t leave her alone or simply tried to dominate her.

Mister M began to learn the importance of being sweet with our pets and that not all people or furpeople can handle his rough way of playing and I surprised myself at the love that flowed out so easily. I had become that dog totting woman I used to laugh about because I could not get it. Yet here I was. Walking my furkids. Letting them sleep in my bed. I had fallen head over heels.

We were done.

I was good.


Yes. I said until. (See clearly I HAVE lost my mind.)

My friend Tiffany happened to casually mention to me that she had some precious friends who were trying to find a new home for their sweet and beautiful chocolate Lab, Sam. As those words sunk into my ears, I thought about Gracie; how she had been through home after home because the original owners had given her to someone they thought would be her forever home.

What if that happened to Sam? My heart couldn’t handle it.

Against my own mind’s pleas for sanity, I said, “May we see her?”

That image then led me to ask about her. Her age, her name. All those details one asks.

Mister O took one look at her and said, “if they want to rehome her, we are taking her.”

I didn’t even flinch. I nodded in immediate agreement.

And so, a week later, we opened the door and welcomed in our THIRD furbaby. Seeing how hard it was for her family to say goodbye made me realize how much more we needed to be sure she was loved. Loved enough for us and them.

And while we loved her name, due to family members with the same name, we have given her the name June. (Though I know to her biological parents, so to speak, she will forever be Sam.) She has quickly settled in and I cannot believe we ever survived without three furbabies.

20150222_143719Β 20150222_171731 20150222_164331

I must admit. I felt overwhelmed last night as I tucked myself into bed. Her first night here and Mister O had to work so it was just me, the four year old and THREE dogs. There was a LOT of running through the house. (I got knocked over a couple times.) There was a LOT of excitement. And smiles. Lots and lots of smiles. On faces. In twinkled little eyes. But it was overwhelming. I had just suddenly come to the realization that we now had three furbabies depending on us. Three very vibrant, somewhat large and tiny dogs.

What had I done????

And then this morning, Maximus crawled in next to me and said: “Momma. I love our dogs. All three.”

My heart melted.

Then a few minutes later as we created our Letter of the week craft during our school time, he looked at me and asked an oh so profound question: “Momma. What happens if dogs don’t get a home?”

My heart jumped. Should I dare approach this?

I prayed for the right words and then I tried my best to explain adoption and why it is so important. Important for people and also very important for sweet babies such as Cash, Gracie girl and June. I began to share with him the reality of what happens when people do not have a family to love, a place to sleep, or food to eat.

He listened intently asking only minimal questions before he finally looked at me and said:

“Wow Momma. That’s just like what God does. You said he adopts us. He loves us when no one else does.”

(Speechless moment.)

I don’t know how he always does it but from those tiny lips flow the most profound statements and indeed it is so. Just as God loves us when no one else does, it is a pretty amazing feeling to love others the very same way. So while I may be crazy, maybe even a little out of my mind (or a lot as my Mom is saying to herself now), I know that God is just as happy and beaming with joy as we are.

We may be a big family now but the bigger the better.

And about that pack…well…let’s just just say Hades got a little bit colder πŸ˜‰


I know I am not sharing homeschool stuff tonight but I thought this was a little bit better to share with the world for now. Tomorrow I have much to share with you about the AMAZING, FUN and FREE things I have found online for our homeschool activities this week!!!! πŸ™‚

Blessings and Love,

Kristy Delgado ❀

“Whoever receives one such child in my name, receives me..” Matthew 18:5 (I like to think this includes furchildren.)


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