Fishy stuff and God Moments

Today got off to a bit of a rough start as I woke up with a headache that became a migrane before 11am. I ended up having to sleep for a good bit and so we got a bit of a late start on our day but it has ended up being beautiful for so many reasons.

First things first. Here a couple of our Letter of the Week projects that we have done so far. The links to these can be found on my Pinterest Board entitled: Homeschool – Letter Crafts & Printables.

20150223_123125 20150224_210219

I just love getting to do these adorable little lessons each week! This week, I did something a little different. I put a traceable version of the word for each craft for Mister M to practice writing and then did another where he had to fill in the correct letter it starts with. This is great handwriting practice, great sight word practice and also good for us working on the letter sounds as we worked on the words. I will be doing this going forward.

Another thing that I wanted to share with you today was something I came across on a blog I started reading one day. I know I should have written that link down but I have honestly forgotten where it came from 😦 Anyways, the author was discussing one of the things she does each morning with her children to get them going. It was a list of of what she called the Busy Bee’s. These were things they did first thing in the morning so that they were number one, encouraged to start their day off with scripture and prayer and secondly, so that they had things they did to prepare them for their morning so that Mom can breakfast ready and have her own time in prayer. It also teaches accountability and independence. They have to do the list themselves. With no reminders. It was an amazing concept so I took it and made it mine. Below is our Busy Bee list I printed and hung on Maximus’ wall. I got onto google and found a clipart to demonstrate each Busy “B” word to the side of each sentence until Mister M learns to read.


Our list is as follows:

1. Read my Bible.

2. Make my Bed.

3. Brush my hair and teeth.

4. Use the Bathroom.

5. Dress my Body.

I attached a dray erase marker directly to the push pin in the wall so that he can just grab it and mark it off as he does it. We are still working on this and I know it will take a bit for him to get into the routine. For now, he is doing a good job at trying to do each item even if not in order 😉 The most important thing that I would emphasize for you (As I have for myself as well.), is to allow them to do things on their own if at all possible. If they make their bed, don’t remake it. It won’t be perfect but the point will be that they did it themselves and they gave it their best. I am learning that redoing things makes them feel they just can’t do it themselves and without us even realizing it, creates a sense of fear of trying new things or doing things on their own. It’s hard to let go but it’s such a sweet journey when we do just a little. 🙂

Another exciting find I want to share with you tonight are these awesome books on the Solar System and Planets that we have been collecting from Chick-fil-a. They have these awesome red decoders and as they go across each image, there are hidden descriptions that can be seen only with the decoder. They come from the Kennedy Space Center and are really amazing. We have collected four so far. I contacted them tonight to see if I could purchase the entire set so we would have them and they have graciously agreed to gift them to us when their next shipment comes in Thursday. If you are near a Chick-fil-a, these are a GREAT resource for studying the solar system and planets!


While today had it’s rough points, this day has been truly incredible in other ways.

Being in Florida is still sometimes extremely difficult for me. I miss the people and familiarities of home and I miss my precious girls with words that cannot be adequately expressed. Many days I find myself still struggling to understand why God brought us here and feeling lost and displaced. It has not been the easiest of transitions to say the least.

However, even in those broken places of my heart, God has continually grown my heart and passion for him. He has continued to fuel this fire deep within me to breathe life into the world around me and to love God’s people in a very real way. He has grown my gifts in a way that I can’t express and while I still sometimes struggle to use the gifts and talents he gave; to be comfortable in my own skin, God has continually used me in ways that remind me why I am who I am and why He gave me those gifts in the first place.

With that said, it has been a dry season for nearly 8 months. I have struggled to understand SO many things that have been happening to us or around us and I have prayed so many things; stared hope in the face only to find myself on my knees in disappointment and hurt all over again. It has been a brutal cycle but I have clung to the last straw of hope I have with everything in me. Waiting. Each day believing that it all had to mean something. It all had to be worth it. The grief. The loss. The pain. The void. It all had to be leading up to something even if just something small.

This past weekend, I had sat on my couch in tears and called out to God and asked if He was even there. Was He even listening? Did He even care? Or was I wrong? Had I imagined all the miraculous things I had seen and been a part of? Was I maybe just part of some hype and I was just coming down off of it? I hoped not. I prayed that wasn’t the case and there was no answer.

Only silence.

But I have continued to worship from my home. I have continued to hope. To wait. For something. Anything. And nothing all at the same time if that makes any sense. And then today…it came.

A dear friend of mine came across my mind at the table at dinner and I felt the need to text her and check up on her and her family. She responded with news of an incident today in which her daughter had discovered a man waiting in the bathroom at the Daycare she was a teacher’s assistant for. He was of course not just waiting to use the bathroom and the situation would have been VERY bad had she been alone or had any of those little ones been in that bathroom without her assistance. She kept the children safe and ended up being a part of the reason the man was apprehended and arrested. As my dear friend text me, one of the things she said triggered a memory for me and I sat at my desk with tears welling up in my eyes. She made reference to her daughter protecting those children and I suddenly remembered a session I had with her daughter nearly nine months ago.

During that session as I prayed for her precious daughter, I shared with her that God had shown me she would be “an advocate for the children. She would show them great compassion and would be their protector.” While I had forgotten about that over the months, she had not and last night as I was at their home visiting, she asked me if I could remember what God had shown me and would I explain it again. I was instantly reminded of the same images again and so I spoke to her again the very same word. As we often do, she began to ask me if I could tell her exactly how that would happen. She fretted over wondering if it meant she would have this certain job or that one. I smiled and lovingly told her that God doesn’t just tell us our future. That is not how he operates but he does tell us things that we need to know. Maybe it had nothing to do with a job but maybe a situation or just a heart she would have for people. I thought nothing else of it, having no idea how truly God spoken or miraculous that it all was.

And so as I read my sweet friends text, I was totally speechless. The word I had reminded her of just the night before happened the VERY NEXT DAY. She became that advocate the moment she made sure the man who had intended them harm was caught and as she spoke with the investigators with boldness and courage made sure he could never do it again. She was filled with compassion for them as she spoke to them in those moments before and after the terrifying incident and she became their protector the moment she sprang into action without even considering her own life.

How is that I could have known this? How could I have spoken that into her without even knowing that it would come to pass? Only through God. I am not a psychic. I am not some medium. I am not any more special than you are. I am simply a child of the King who saw within me a heart for His people and made me HIS vessel.

God is still in the business of miracles and He uses us. He uses everyday, ordinary people just like me and you to be a part of extraordinary things. I can’t explain to the world why I know things I shouldn’t know, how I can feel the pain of another, or why I can sense the emotions of someone else because I am still in awe of it all myself but what I can tell you is that in the deepest places of our hearts, in the most broken down of situations, God ALWAYS comes and reminds us who we were made to be. He takes those broken pieces and mends them one piece at a time by flowing into us and through us into others not just to change their hearts and lives but to remind us in the loneliest of places that we are not forgotten and He has not left. And no matter how we feel, that does not change the miracles lying in wait within us.

He is there and we are His and we are extraordinary.

So it may hurt. It may not be easy but if we just hold onto those last straws of hope, God WILL show up and He will not leave you in that place alone.

We are who we are for a reason and the single most important thing we must do is never deny ourselves the right to be that person no matter how hard our circumstances may be and no matter where God takes us, we must never lose sight of Him and the purposes He has.

Blessings and love,

Kristy Delgado ❤

Acts 2:17

“And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams…”


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