Calendar Notebooks

I have put a lot of thought into utilizing notebooks as a way to help not only teach Mister M and allow him to do hands on things without my total assistance but also a means to actually have documentation of our work as we complete it to make our Evaluations and homeschool record keeping so much easier.

I wanted to start by creating a Calendar Notebook. Each day, we start our school days off by reviewing our calendar chart on the wall. We go over the month, the day, the year and we look at weather and seasons. He loves it but I have felt it was just not enough to help him really absorb everything. With that in mind, I set off to scour the web and see what ideas I could find that others had for these type of notebooks. I found a lot of different approaches. Some I just loved but ultimately they were all still a little more entailed than what Mister M could do right now. So, I decided to take one that I loved as an example and then from scratch, using my KeyNote program, create my very own Calendar Notebook system that we can change out each month.

I am so excited because this is my VERY first attempt to do anything for Mister M’s lessons myself. I have simply been printing and using what I have found. Taking the time to insert each border, clipart and text box gave me a huge sense of pride. Now before I dive right into this amazing notebook, I want to be sure I give some huge credit to a few people:

First and foremost, Miss Kindergarten for her awesome Interactive Calendar Notebook that I used as an example and visionary for my own. You can see her version at the link below. Her blog is really amazing and I love her creativity. This page will also allow you to download the Traceable Calendar I added to Mister M’s notebook. She has one for each month and also blank templates as well for creating your own! She ROCKS!

Miss Kindergarten

in addition to that, I also was able to use some adorable FREE borders thanks to Mrs. Mally B’s found over on Teachers Pay Teachers! It is a Freebie and it is awesome sauce!

And finally, I was able to use some seriously adorable space clipart thanks to Winchester Lamborne. These little pieces of art sure make my little man smile so I am in forever gratitude!

Now without further adieu, here is our Calendar Notebook ❤

I started with his outside cover and we are beginning with March since this month is almost over.


(Don’t you just love seeing them write their own names?)

The first page in our binder is one of the awesome Traceable Calendar templates I got from Miss Kindergarten (link mentioned above). Did I mention it was FREE? Even better.


The remainder of the pages are the ones I made myself. From scratch. (Sorry. I have to mention it again because it’s my first from scratch HomeSchool Printable!! AAHHH! The excitement!)


There are 21 of these pages. One for every Monday through Friday for the entire month of March. As you can see, mine is very simliar to the one found over at Miss Kindergarten’s site but I made the focus more on The days of the week and writing the date and days, as well as, our weather. We have been tracking our weather on a Graph I found via google that hangs on our wall but I wanted to actually make it simpler by putting it in the notebook so I added a place on each day’s page where he can color the weather for that day 🙂 We have been graphing the weather for the entire month so we add up the number of days for each type of weather and record it for the entire year so I created that page to go in the back sleeve of the notebook shown below. It is printed on grey cardstock so it will last.


The front sleeve has a page that shows the days of the week and the months of the year. This will help Mister M learn to recognize the sight words for each of them and also the order they go in. I printed this on orange cardstock also hoping we can make it last the entire year. This was another idea that I took from Miss Kindergarten’s notebook but changed it and made it my own. 🙂

Her Notebook has a LOT of other amazing pages and graphs you can use such as tracking birthdays for your class (or children if you homeschool mulitples), tracking lost teeth and so much more. You can actually purchase her entire Interactive Calendar Notebook on her site. It’s really cute ya’ll and worth the money. (I would have gotten it myself had it been tailored a bit more for our needs here!)


in addition to the calendar notebook that she had, Miss Kindergarten also had some amazing freebies listed and I loved them because they were songs about the weather. Perfect for our Circle/Calendar/Storytime. I laminated them so we can reuse them over and over.

Click on the image to print yours!


Finally, while I know there are AMAZING resources out there and many of them are definitely worth the money, I also know that many of us are on budgets. We track everything and try not to spend money on things outside of what we budget for. With that in the mind, I also became very excited that I could offer our notebook to you as a FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!!

Don’t you just love when you can bless others?

If you would like to get your very own copy of our Calendar Notebook, you can snag it here! I have never done this before so hopefully it is set up without any trouble. But if you should have any issues, you can contact me and I will email you a copy! I will be updating them each month so you can collect all of them if you like! Please remember these are for personal use ONLY. They can not be duplicated and sold.

Click here, to download <<March Calendar Notebook>>

I hope this is the first of many resources I can create and offer for other homeschool Moms just like me or even teachers on a budget! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Kristy Delgado ❤


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