Something white and something sweet…

Today, I had one of those moments where I felt so proud of our little man. To be honest, I have them daily but today’s moment was extra special.

You see, we took Mister M to be evaluated for Taekwondo.

I must admit that I was not sure how he would do. After all, he is still a month away from turning the big 5 and he isn’t exactly known for his ability to always stay focused 🙂

We arrived a little early and his excitement was building as he saw all those little people dressed in white practicing high kicks and doing drills.

There was this sparkle in his eyes and a joy flowing straight of him that did my heart good.

I was also nervous about how he would respond to his instructors and how they would respond to him. God immediately revealed that this was a false fear.

The Master was incredible with him. He began to immediately work on his attention and ability to listen and show respect. The best part…Mister M didn’t even realize it.

He soared through his testing and did so amazing, I was speechless, surprised and beaming with pride and joy.

He is now officially enrolled and will begin his first class Tuesday night. He was sooo excited to receive his uniform and get started.


At the end of the day, the sweetness only continued as Mister O went to tuck Mister M into his bed and from the room I hear the sound of his voice, reading to our little man. Best. Sound. Ever.

Tonight we are all going to bed full of excitement and ready to get some sound rest so that we can get busy on the full day of crafting and friends we have ahead of us tomorrow.

There is a Suessical Celebration coming Monday afternoon and there is much to do!

Blessings and love,
Kristy ❤


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