A whole lot of BUSY

As I have often mentioned here, I am so blessed with the fact that Homeschooling allows us to learn as we want, when we want and in the ways we find best. It eliminates this huge weight of wondering if we are meeting the expectations of those around us and puts our focus on GOD’S expectations.

What a HUGE relief.

With that said. We have scaled things back this week. We have not done much in the way of homeschool “work” as we had MUCH to get done with our home this week and we had a BIG and precious celebration we hosted at our home on Monday. After all the planning and all that fun, we were flat WORE out 🙂

Here are few tidbits of our “Suessical Celebration”

20150302_101821 20150228_220413 20150302_065550 20150302_065557 20150302_115634 20150302_113940 20150302_065607 20150302_131426 20150302_135802 20150302_135851

As you can see in that last photo, much fun was had and he was wore flat out! (This, of course, means the event was a HUGE success!) We met so many amazing people from our new Homeschool COOP we recently became members of and I was tremendously blessed by the entire day.

Also this week, Mister M and I set out to find him a new Bible. Now that we are going to be learning to read and really doing Bible Lessons at home, I wanted him to have more than just his little toddler picture Bible so we got him a hardcover Adventure Bible which he is SO excited about but we also came across a Bible I had never seen before and we ended up getting it because it was on sale for $13. It is called the Action Bible and the entire thing is a like a Comic Book!!!! Yes. A comic book! How can you not just love that? They took the entire Bible and made it into something that children can just fall in love with. It is a way to reach those kids who don’t like to read “books” but sure do love a good comic book. Genius!

Mister M is using this for his Busy B’s in the morning because it is fully illustrated so although he can’t yet read on his own, he is able to see what is happening and is so enthralled. If you haven’t seen this you  just have to check it out!


We are very excited for a weekend of birthday parties and hopefully rest. It seems like the busy weeks just FLY by and in a blink you are facing Saturday. WOW!

We pray your week was as wonderful as ours and that you are blessed beyond imagination. I want to leave you with one of my Bible Journaling Images from one of my favorite scriptures this week. I pray it speaks peace and rest to you!


Blessings and Love,

Kristy Delgado ❤


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