Little regrets lead to big problems…



Definition: “to feel sad or sorry about something you did or did not do.”

Have you ever heard the saying that a life of regrets is a life unlived? Maybe? Maybe not?

I remember hearing that as a child and never understanding it. Even as an adult I didn’t understand how that was even possible. Regret seemed to be a normal part of anyone’s routine. Mothers regret missed moments with their children. Wives regret what they said to their husband in a moment of anger. People regret choices they made in their life.

No one pays attention to the regrets. They just tell everyone that regret is normal. It’s no big deal. We all have them.

We all have them.

Does that sentence bother anyone else as much as it does me?

When does God ever say in His Word that we should add regret to the daily list of things we feel in our lives? I can’t find a single scripture that says it’s okay to feel regret or to have regret.

Not one.

I have really begun to really reflect upon regret and that single phrase I had heard as a child and then, it hit me.

“A life of regrets is a life unlived…”

Regret is the act of SADNESS or SORROW or GUILT for not having done or having done a particular thing.

Sadness, sorrow and guilt produce symptoms of depression, complacency, unforgiveness of self or others, and the list could go on and on and on. These things keep us in a prison cell to our own selfishness and keeps us imprisoned to the brokenness God has come to destroy. EVERY single one of these “symptoms” were abolished the MOMENT Christ became man, carried the weight of our sins, DIED on a cross and rose again to save us.

As followers of Christ, we should never become content with living in regret or allowing regret to reside in our thoughts or our hearts. We should instead strive to find perfect peace and joy in knowing that with God there are NO regrets. There are no missed anythings because in due time, God always makes right the paths of those who love him.

That’s scriptural. Don’t believe me? No problem…just check out Romans 8:28. 🙂

But the even bigger revelation is that while I could find ZERO scriptures to support this theory that it is okay to feel or have regrets, I was able to find a VAST amount of scriptures that support the TRUTH that regret has NO place in our hearts, our minds or our lives.

2 Corinthians 7:10

“For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to SALVATION WITHOUT REGRET, whereas worldly grief produces death.”

There will be moments in our lives that we  miss the mark. We might say something we wish we hadn’t. We might not do something we know we were supposed to do but there is always GRACE; always FORGIVENESS. We don’t need to waste moments sitting in “Regret Row” when we serve a God who can always give us moments to try again.

We weren’t created to spend our lives always looking back wanting to fix what happened yesterday. We were created to focus on this moment right here. To take it in. To be aware of what we can do in it and to have great joy in the fact that we have the opportunity to do it at all.

There is SO much ahead of us.

Today, I am learning to truly live regret free. Sure. I have missed the mark on a LOT of things but I am here. I have this moment. I get to do it different this time and I get to help be a part of making sure others don’t miss their mark. I am okay with who I used to be because I know who I am now is unstoppable. Who I am now is worthy.

God doesn’t regret how I got here and neither will I.

God loves me.

God loves you.

There are no REGRETS. Only lies from an enemy who wants to rob you of your joy and your true identity. So tell him to shut it and start listening to the God of truth and live in the freedom Christ gave you today and every day!


Blessings and love,

Kristy Delgado

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