Noah and the Ark Freebie

I wanted to come up with a worksheet that I could create myself to use when we do our Bible Lesson each week. Just something that we can do that will help him to review in his own mind and words what we read about each Bible Character. This one is a test run really. I want to create one for each day but wanted to be sure I am able to utilize these in the most effective way possible. Mister M likes to have things he can do to show he did work each day and this is just another way we can do that. I am also hoping this will help him to store the details of these important events and people into his precious little mind.

The first one I created was for this week’s Bible lesson which will be on Noah and the Ark. It is pretty simple and basic but I think highlights some of the best points about Noah that a four year old can embrace. If you would like to have this sweet image you can download it simply by clicking on the image. I plan to do one each week so stay tuned for more worksheets!


Noah and the Ark Worksheet

Blessings and love,

Kristy Delgado ❤

**Credits for the adorable ark Clipart go to:**


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