I CAN do this

A profoundly beautiful event occurred today.

My son read two ENTIRE sentences.

(I understand you may be pausing at your computer thinking, “That’s it? That’s considered an event?)

Yes, my friends. Yes it is. It is a HUGE event for this Momma who has fretted and prayed and questioned God over and over again. “Are you sure I heard you right?” “Are you sure Homeschool is the right path Lord?” I have spent more time questioning than I have praying about it quite frankly. I mean, let’s just get real for a moment. I think many of us do that unfortunately.

Yet, isn’t it just like God to smile down at us, shake his head at our constant doubting and then just come right down and show us beyond all doubt that YES…He is sure. He is very sure. That is precisely what He did today.

It came unexpectedly. We read one of the new books we ordered from Usborne yesterday. We have never looked at them before. I guess I wanted them fresh and pristine for the new school year. Today, I went on to the second book but within minutes I began to see that my son already knew some of the words from yesterday and then when I got to the end of the book and we began to do some of the fun exercises at the back, he began to read two entire sentences.

ALL by himself.

Ya’ll, I almost fell outta my little chair and yelled for Omar to come straight into the room and video. Of course then he mixed up two of the words because they sounded similar I guess but he still read the entire two sentences and I have never felt more sure or proud of anything in my life.

I CAN teach my son. I CAN do what God called me to do. This IS the best and most perfect plan for our family.

From there, it was all beautiful laughter and awesomeness as he wrote some nearly perfect Capital I’s and little i’s on his chalkboard, remembered our letter sound and was even able to correctly pick out the things that made the i sound from our white board.

20150818_105434 20150818_105552 20150818_115320

Finally, we ended the day today with our Art lesson. We do Art once a week and I love these moments. I found this really neat idea to create a dandelion by painting with a fork on Pinterest. So I took it and made it mine. I showed Mister M how to do the grass below by doing a couple strands and then he did the rest himself. I told him to make a straight stick for the stem and then showed him how the fork painting would work and he took off; even adding some clouds. He’s quite the lover of all things art. (He gets that from me!)

20150818_112422 20150818_112604 20150818_112700 20150818_113141

I feel so incredibly blessed today as I sit back and reflect on the power of seeing God’s plans and promises come to life in my world. I am daily reminded that I do nothing alone or in my own strength and most importantly, that if He calls us He WILL equip us and His promises WILL be fulfilled.

God hears you my friend. He hears every question and every need. And His answer is, “Yes. I am already on it. I’ve got this.” So take a deep breath today, give yourself a pat on the back and put those worries at Jesus feet. You’ve got this. Whatever it may be, you CAN do it.

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤


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