Flexibility: The Key to Homeschool Survival

It’s only been three days in and I already had a valuable lesson in being flexible.

It’s good to have a schedule and a plan and lessons but the number one thing I am learning every day with homeschool is that you must be flexible. Teaching your child requires the ability to recognize their needs.

So when Mister M woke up this morning and our day was off track from the beginning, I knew that all my schedule planning and lessons might have to be changed up a bit.

I shortened our Bible lesson to just the devotion and then Mister M and I got some comfy blankets and pillow and watched an animated Bible story.

I shortened my hands on activities for our math and phonics lessons and went straight to being sure he understood the concepts and got straight to our workbooks.

After that I allowed him to take a break from 12:00pm until 4:45pm. At that time, I had him do his handwriting assignment while he watched a favorite kids channel on YouTube. He did an ENTIRE page of letter writing with ZERO complaints.

Ten minutes ago, we popped our homemade chicken pot pie into the oven and he is preparing to do his Science Activity.

We had some bumps, we had some shifts but at the end of the day, we accomplished ALL we needed to without the stress of a child crying because he was too tired and lacking the focus to do all those other activities.

Allowing myself to be flexible and trust God with our day today saved my sanity and as my friend Emily says, “You just have to learn to roll with it.”

So don’t fret so much about trying to follow that schedule line by line and don’t be afraid to change up the way you are doing your lessons at the last minute because it just might save your entire day.

I hope you enjoy today’s snapshots and that maybe they can be a reminder that it’s okay to sometimes veer off the path. God is in that place too. I promise.

20150817_122533 20150819_121827 20150819_124127 20150819_135544

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤

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