Community Helpers Series: “All About a Chef”

This year, I am teaching one of the classes at our COOP; something I never saw myself doing but am so blessed I volunteered to do. While it is our first “real” year to be doing all of this, I was so thankful that the class they needed a teacher for was something so fun and creative and allowed me to be with Max.

Our class is all about “Community Helpers” and I get the awesome privilege of teaching our little ones all about those important jobs in our cities and communities that provide very valuable and much appreciated services.

Today was our very first COOP class of the year and I was SUPER excited and nervous all at the same time. Since it was our very first class, I wanted to do something really cute and sweet for the kiddos to welcome them. I sat off to Pinterest and found this adorable Welcome Bag. I did, however, forget to edit it and change the grade to Kindergarten so our kiddos got welcome cards for these that say third grade. Nobody’s perfect right?


I, of course, with my inner teacher had to make them  name plates. My husband thought this was excessive but the kids really liked it. In hindsight, I should have made these after the first day because one little guy goes by his middle name and another one’s name was misspelled on my roster 😉 So back to printing, writing and laminating I will go this week. (Oh the woes of OCD)

This week’s lesson was all about being a Chef so our little ones go to learn what a Chef is, what kind of environments they work and about 5 specific different kinds of Chefs. We also got to do some fun activities such as drawing our favorite food and what kind of food we might prepare for them and making our very own Chef Hat.

COOP Edit 2 COOP Edit 3

I had a very small, very great group of kiddos and was incredibly blessed by how well they listened, answered questions and participated. I was also very happy that we made the Chef’s Hats work and all the kiddos seemed to like them! Score yet another one for Pinterest folks!

One last Pinterest find I wanted to share was our ADORABLE Class Rules Poster. It uses body parts from a Mr. Potato Head and was so easy to make. The original post I found showed them cut and hot glued to the poster board which I will work on doing next week. Mr. Potato Head to be ordered and was delivered to me just before class so I improvised. Even taped on, looking at it still made me smile. Whoever invented Pinterest…thank you.


It was truly a fantastic day and with this, we have wrapped up Delgado Learning Academy’s first week of school.

Thank you Jesus for patience, new routines, flexibility, creativity and new adventures as a family. It’s going to be a fantastic year. I can feel it!!

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤


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