School on the Go and a Sea Turtle Welcome

Today was the first day we left the house all week. That in and of itself should tell you how good our day was.

Since we have been cooped up in the house ALL week so far, I decided that we should take our classroom on the go and utilize our library for our lessons and make up for our missed library fun time on Tuesday. So we packed up and we headed out. It was a GREAT idea and Mister M’s enthusiasm was full force as we set ourselves up at one of the tables.

The best way to keep his attention and keep him from refusing work was to make a deal:

  1. Do one lesson and then we can take a 15 minute break and you can do whatever you like inside the library.
  2. Come back, sit down, do another lesson and REPEAT!!

While I had hoped we would get EVERYTHING caught up, we didn’t. It was just too exciting seeing everything all around us. I compromised and decided to just finish a math lesson and two of our phonics lessons. The rest we can make up tomorrow afternoon and I should be back on track for next week’s lessons.

If you have never used the library as your classroom, I highly recommend it. It just has this atmosphere of “Learning is Fun.” And it gave us a nice change of pace to keep from feeling like it is all so mundane day in and day out. We will be making this mobile classroom a routine. 🙂

Here are just a few snapshots of our afternoon:

20150827_144521 20150827_150141 20150827_153330 IMG_20150827_152338

Once we were all done with our lessons and checking out books at the library, we headed straight to the beach for our hands on Science lesson for the day: A Sea Turtle Nest Excavation.

I have never been to anything like this before so I was just as excited as Mister M was but I had no idea what to expect. For those who do not know, sea turtles come out of the water and onto the shore and dig a nest down into the sand and lay their eggs. Once they have laid the eggs, they cover them completely with sand. Now when I imagine this in my mind, I think of it being just below the surface of the sand but it’s not. They dig pretty far down folks. I say this to give you a reality of how remarkable the life of a baby sea turtle really is. You see, those eggs, buried down under the sand, hatch in that very environment. Once they hatch, the little tiny sea turtles then dig their way to the surface and out of the sand and then slowly (or quickly depending on whose perspective) crawl their way to the water and swim in. From the moment they are laid in that nest, they are on their own. There are amazing volunteers all over the coastlines and world who dedicate their time to finding the nests, marking them, checking them every night and waiting for the anticipated surfacing of the sweet baby turtles. Then 48 hours later, those volunteers return and do an excavation of the nest. This is important because most of the time, such as tonight’s excavation, they discover little stragglers who have been unable to find their way out of the sand and are able to rescue them. It is also important because they dig down to the eggs and measure how deep the nest was, how many eggs are found and they also recover any unhatched eggs or little ones who did not survive the struggle through the sand. The nest that was excavated this evening hatched over 90 baby loggerhead sea turtles, held three little turtles who did not make it, two live turtles who were rescued and 7 unhatched eggs. Any eggs that did not hatch are considered lost as they will not hatch at all. It was so amazing and breathtaking to see. Taking in the reality of what these beautiful and precious little ones go through to make it out is phenomenal and really puts into perspective how intricate and delicate life truly is.

Below are some images of our amazing volunteers digging out the survivors, the hatched eggs and one of the sweet little survivors who we got to welcome into the world this evening. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever gotten to share with my son and this will not be the last excavation we attend.

IMG_20150827_194354 IMG_20150827_195823 IMG_20150827_200558 IMG_20150827_201034

At the end of the day, my heart is just so full of joy. I love this homeschool journey. I love that it allows me to give my son an education that is both mental and spiritual. I am so thankful that it allows me to do hands on, outside the box things to teach my son and grow his desire to learn and discover. Moments like today are a huge reminder of why God called us to this journey and how amazing it is when we just step out and obey. Our homeschool might not look like any one else’s and that’s okay with me. I don’t think they are supposed to look alike. Tonight will be a memory we will cherish for always and that makes this crazy, wild, unpredictable journey all worth it.

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤


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