Mother Son Date Knight

Last night my son and I had the rare opportunity to do something really special together. We are together all the time and we spend a LOT of time together. We homeschool together, we play games together, we read books together, we cook together. To be honest, a lot of nights we even share a bed together (if by share you mean me hanging onto the edge of the bed for dear life as I sleep).

Rarely, do I ever get all dolled up, wear something fancy and take my son for a Mommy Son Date night. As a matter of fact, we have NEVER done that.

Chick-fil-a is a love in our family for many reasons. They have amazing waffle fries and let’s not even get started on that sauce. Oh. My. Goodness. Aside from that though, we love Chick-fil-a because it is a wholesome family environment. We can eat our food, Mister M can play with other kids and we can just enjoy our time. We also love Chick-fil-a because they value family. If you have never paid attention before, perhaps you should start watching Chick-fil-a a little more closely. If you do, you will discover that many locations (if not all) do family nights at least once a week. These nights offer kids meals for free, special activities and games the children can do and of course, that blessed play area that allows your children to wear themselves down for bedtime. (Can I get a witness???) But even more than all of that, Chick-fil-a does Daddy Daughter Princess themed date nights and now a Mother Son Date Knight. These events are semi-formal to formal. They allow a parent to get all dressed up and take their little one out for a night that is all about them.

Think about something with me for just a moment. We get all dressed up to go out with our spouses. We get all dressed up to go out with our friends. We get all dressed up to go to church or to someone’s wedding but when we do get all dressed up just to spend a few hours with one of our most precious blessings? If you are a lot like me, the answer is probably, not very often or not at all.

You see, even from an early age, we teach our children what is special to us without even realizing it. Our children began to realize that moments when we take the time to wear a nice evening gown or a fancy dress are because it is a special moment and we will be doing something special with someone special. They begin to equate our eagerness to put on that makeup and pick out our favorite heels (or flats) with something special because in reality, it IS special to us.

They begin to see how special and important every one is to us and I think in that same way, our children should have a few nights reserved that make them feel that special too; moments and hours when we begin to pour into them their worth and their importance to our lives as well.

I am not saying our children do not know they are special to us unless we put on a fancy dress or suit but what I am saying is that I realized that my son already knows how special his father is to me, he already knows how much I value the Lord and he certainly knows his Momma cherishes weddings and that is wonderful because hopefully someday he will grow up to be a man who cherishes those same things in his own life. But even more than that, I want my son to know that I also value him and that my love for him is just as big and just as special so that hopefully someday he can do the very same thing for his daughter or help his wife do the same for their son.

My little man is growing up and before he loses that wonder of me and before I become the last person he wants to cuddle, I want him to know that he was one of my first loves; that he held the keys to my heart and that he mattered more to me than all the weddings in the world. I want him to know that he is worth spending two hours trying to do a 2-minute YouTube Easy UpDo to my hair, putting on a fancy evening dress and wearing some pretty uncomfortable shoes for. I want my son to know that he is worth it all.

We have our children for but moments compared to the span of their lives and as Mommas we can get so tired and so used the same old routine and same old pair of jeans and sweat pants that we begin to lose ourselves and our ability to remember that our children are mini versions of us some day. We sometimes forget they need to know they are worth that effort and maybe, honestly, we need to remember that we are too. It just might change our relationships, our homes and our children’s lives.

I once heard a quote that said, “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but rather the moments that take our breath away.”

I pray you have moments to spend with your sons and daughters and that they are as memorable and special to you as ours has been to us.

Here’s to a lifetime of Mother Son Date nights (or so I hope)!

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤

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