Just Keep Swimming

After days like yesterday when I feel like I am sinking instead of swimming, it is always helpful to go to sleep reminding myself that:

1. God is bigger than my worst days.

2. It’s a big journey and some days I may start to sink and some days I swim and other days I even get to just flip over on my back and enjoy the waves.

3. No matter how rough it gets, if I start to sink I just need to pray to the Lord and then just keep swimming.

There are a lot of waves in this journey through life and faith and homeschool. Those waves sometimes feel too big and too strong but each day, I am able to rest in my Father’s embrace and wake up the next day reminding myself that I can do all things through Christ and I just need to keep on swimming right through those waves. God’s plans can never fail and he will never let us drown.

So today I got to wake up with a fresh new day, fresh new mercies and fresh waters to swim through and it was a BLESSED day.

Today, I reminded myself to just take homeschool as it comes; to remember that Mister M is just five and to make it FUN! We didn’t stick to my planned timed schedule. We took breaks in between lessons. I added extra hands on games or music for us to do with our lessons and guess what…


And the best part….he stayed on green the whole day!

To make this day even more spectacular, we visited a church again tonight that I have visited a couple times now. Mister D and I began a new Discipleship class tonight on parenting and I could already feel God’s love and favor pouring over us as we left talking about some of the things that the Lord highlighted upon our hearts tonight. It felt good to do that together….those moments are rare for us with his crazy schedule.

Ladies (and gents), I share all of this to show this:

Some days are REALLY rough and we feel like it’s too much and we want to lay down and raise up our white flags but we can’t and must not do that. The troubles of today are just that…troubles of TODAY. We have an enemy who watches us closely and looks for and waits for just the right moments to attack. He knows when we are weary. He knows when we are spent. He knows when we are desperate. Those are the moments he attacks the most. It’s always easier to take out someone who’s already on the ground. When you find yourself in that place, just know that tomorrow is a new day and it comes with new mercies and new joy and new revelation and new blessings from God. He NEVER leaves us in today’s mess…He always CARRIES us into tomorrow’s promises.

Don’t give up. Just keep swimming!

On that note, I will leave you with some highlights from today’s homeschool lessons.

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤


Our Bible lesson this week is about Gideon. We watched a video yesterday telling the story of Gideon so today, we used our Action Bible (review of this coming tomorrow) to tell the story again and we made a stick puppet of Gideon using an adorable printable we found over at DLTK. They have amazing resources to help make your Bible lessons easy and fun! It was a great supplement to use with our curriculum. Once we were done, Mister M even decided to do an impromptu play and reenact the story of Gideon through his eyes and ears. Priceless moments.


One of the things we did today to break up the mundane between our lessons was to take a 15 minute Free Play break. Mister M was given the option to pick from one of our busy bags and he chose this one. He loves doing these puzzles. If found these amazing free printable puzzles over at All Our Days.


Working on that letter “Uu”. He had a little more trouble writing this letter but after a few times, managed to master it pretty good. I have not used our “Handwriting without Tears” Curriculum yet and I am wondering if I might need to start that after realizing that it was a bit tricky for him to get the hang of U. I know many who have used it but I guess I have felt like it is off with our other stuff. I don’t want to be teaching him different things at different times. For example, our phonics lessons are on U but the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum starts elsewhere. If anyone has advice or feedback on this dilemma, please comment and give some suggestions. I’d love them!


And this week’s art project is in the books. I know it probably just looks like a big yellow blob with a face or a sun with a smiley face but this is supposed to be a fork painted puffer fish 🙂 He put some seaweed to the right of it. Does that help?


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