The Action Bible

Yesterday, I mentioned an amazing Bible we found recently that has greatly changed our Bible Lessons and devotional time with our son. This past Spring, I came across a Bible on the clearance table at Family Christian. The front cover of it caught my eye quite suddenly because the images were so amazing and reminded me of the comic book style images I saw as a child. They were vibrant and seemed to display so much action without even moving or speaking a word. Naturally, my curiosity was peaked, so I flipped it open and began to dive into this incredible Bible.

The entire book is written in a comic book style telling the stories of the Old and New Testament in a very easy way for children to understand. It brings out the action and the drama of each and every story. In awe of it and the fact it was on sale for less than $12 as a Hardcover Bible, I decided to purchase it and see how well it might reach out to Mister M.

I can tell you with complete and sincere honesty that it has TRANSFORMED my son’s interest in the Bible. Being only 5 years old, pictures are important to him because he is just learning to read. Having a bible that is entirely in picture and text form seemed to draw him into the stories in a way that just reading his Adventure Bible was unable to do as he could not understand any of the words on the pages yet.

We now have a little man who looks forward to seeing what we will read in his Bible next and likes to even spend time in this Bible just simply taking in all the images and trying to piece together what might be happening on his own. We do still utilize the Adventure Bible as well because I want to be sure that as he gets older, he is getting the full experience but I have a feeling that for many years, the Action Bible will hold a very dear place in his heart and will be passed down for many generations.

If you are looking for a beautiful, truth filled alternative to just your typical Bible, then I would highly recommend The Action Bible. You can find it at your local Family Christian or by purchasing it through It is currently on sale for just $14.99 through Christian Book Distributors.

Be sure to take a look at the images below and go check this amazing Bible out for yourself!

Blessings and Love,

Kristy ❤



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