“Shoot the Vowel” Game

I am learning that the more creative I can get with our lessons, the better my son retains the information. While he listens as best he can, his very excited and all over the place five year old mind just wanders a bit much when we just sit and do nothing but paperwork. I have to mix it up and change things up each day to survive this crazy, wild, blessed journey.

So, today I came up with a game that ended being a huge hit! (pun intended). I printed off a variety of letters and then I printed off all the vowel letters. I used Ticky Tacky to stick them to our sliding glass doors in the classroom. Then, I handed Mister M his Nerf Bow and Arrow and told him to shoot only the vowels. For each vowel, he got a point!

We weren’t really working to win anything, just seeing how good his aim was and how well he was able to remember the vowels. It was really a GREAT idea because he spent over 20 minutes playing over and over. He was so happy!


In addition, today we did a couple other hands on things such as using our MathLink Cubes to help with our patterns during Math, took some free play time to create things with our attribute blocks and talked about the different kinds of weather using an adorable laminated paper doll set. All of these activities really broke up the monotony of the usual routines and also gave him incentive to finish his written work accurately and quickly so that we could enjoy these other fun things!

Below are a few highlights from our day. Tomorrow I will be doing a special review of an awesome video series we have found for our Phonics. I cannot believe we are already on week 4! Where has the time gone???

20150908_104027 20150908_132807 20150908_131320 20150908_162750 20150908_163131 20150908_191254

As you can see from above, we ended our day with a nice family walk/bike ride. We survived this day of extra work and crazy catch up from the holiday! I pray you had as successful a day!

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤

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