Community Helpers Series: Firefighters

A week ago, we did our Community Helpers lesson all about Firefighters. I have been wanting to post about it and share with you the curriculum I use but the last couple of weeks, I have been battling allergies and headaches on and off and that Friday, I had to actually leave COOP early due to a migraine onset. It was miserable BUT we still had a WONDERFUL time at COOP learning all about some of our favorite community helpers.

I was so honored to have one of my friends and former classmates from my hometown share about his career as a Firefighter. It really made the lesson more personal and special for me and my class. It is one thing to study about these jobs, but it something entirely different when someone you know dedicates their life to it.

Here is a peek inside some of our fun:

Edit 1 Edit 2 20150911_093635 20150911_093639 20150911_093819

First we colored, cut out and assembled our very own Firefighter Paper Dolls complete with boy and girl dolls so that our sweet L was not left out. She was very excited when she saw her paper doll was a girl. (It’s the little things!)

Next we did an adorable Firetruck Craft. I probably should have had this already cut out for them to just color and glue to assemble since there were quite a few pieces but it turned out so great nonetheless and we had some happy kiddos.

For homework this week, each of the children were given an Emergency Contacts List to create with their families so they are prepared should they ever need to call on the help of our firefighting heroes.

In addition to our Firefighter fun this week, it was also Crazy Hair Day at COOP and we had a couple cuties with some seriously CRAZY hair:

IMG_20150911_082907 IMG_20150911_083205

All in all, in spite of my horrible migraine coming on, this was a FUN and AMAZING day at COOP!

If you are interested in using my Community Helpers curriculum, you may download it for FREE Below! I want to give a HUGE shoutout to The Old SchoolHouse Magazine for the FREE download of their Wanna Be Series which inspired my curriculum. I took a few of their ideas to make this curriculum work for our little ones. They have some AMAZING things in their books that were just too advanced for our Kindergarteners. Be sure to stop by their site and check them out!

< Community Helpers Series: Firefighters >

Blessings and Love,

Kristy ❤


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