Community Helpers Series: Police Officer

This week’s lesson was a TON of fun as we learned all about one of our family’s very favorite police officers from back home! It has been such a joy to get to highlight people I know as I teach these precious ones all about their very special and important jobs!

This week, we created our very own Police Hats, Stop Signs and Badges. We were a small class due to travel and sickness but we still had an incredible day discussing the role of our law enforcement and how important they are to our safety. I think these little guys enjoyed the lesson just as much as me!

Here are some snapshots from our fun:

Edit 2 Edit 1 20150918_091747 20150918_091349 20150918_091342 20150918_090748 IMG_20150918_095452 Edit 3

If you are interested in using my Community Helpers curriculum, you may download it for FREE Below! I want to give a HUGE shoutout to The Old SchoolHouse Magazine for the FREE download of their Wanna Be Series which inspired my curriculum. I took a few of their ideas and inserts to make this curriculum work for our little ones. They have some AMAZING things in their books that were just too advanced for our Kindergarteners. Be sure to stop by their site and check them out!

< Community Helpers Series: Police Officer >

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤


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