Read Me Stories: Learn to Read

This weekend, I stumbled upon a new educational app that I decided to download for Mister M. As reading is one of our big goals for this year, I have been seeking out any additional fun and creative ways that I can help him learn to read. Seeing as he is like most children and loves any moments he can have time using technology, I decided to take everything off his tablet and start over. I began the process and after a couple hours came across this amazing app:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.16.17 PM

At first, I downloaded it without really fully understanding all that this app had to offer our family. I discovered the next morning when I went and checked my email just how truly amazing this little app is.

Each day, a new story is added to your child’s library. Each time they do this, they also send you a Parent Activity Booklet that goes with each book via email. These activities help your child to not only be read the book, but learn to read it for themselves! In addition, the activities are printable and give you things to do with your child that allow them to review what they learned from the book.

They read each story 3 times. Once, it is read to them by the app. The second time, they attempt to read it themselves with the help of a parent and the third time, they read it again themselves, each time touching a word which gives them the phonic sounds of the word and what the word is in case they are wrong.

After they do the entire set of reading, then they are directed to do the activities printed out by you the parents.

When I realized this, I was blown away because this app was FREE. Now, I am not sure if at some point you have to purchase additional books but it says in the emails that each day a new book is added to the child’s collection when they finish them. So I am hoping that we don’t have to start buying books. If that is the case, I apologize in advance but either way, this might be worth the small amounts it might cost.

So yesterday, we fully used the app as it was intended and it was A HUGE SUCCESS! Mister M was able to read the entire first book by himself when we were done and we spent time reviewing each word to be sure he knows them and isn’t just guessing.

If you are looking for a supplement to your reading curriculums, I would strongly recommend Read Me Stories. It has been a tremendous blessing for us!


This is what our first printout packet looked like. There is a parent instruction section, then a part that gives you step by step activities to do and then the last sheet is the activity sheet Mister M and I completed together.


As you are working on the booklet, the app also walks you through each activity step by step on your screen.


The first thing they do each time is have them write their name in the spaces they provide. This one was inside the balloon. This helps to promote proper handwriting practice. (LOVE this!)


The next thing we were to do was have Mister M draw his face, hair and clothing onto the image of the boy next to our character Zip the Frog.


The main two words that they were teaching from this book were “I am”. I wrote them on the board, as well as, every word that made the sentences he was reading so we could practice them and review them together. This was very helpful and Mister M did so good I almost cried. (No, literally.)


The next activity they had us do was to review what Zip had been doing and why those things might have made him so happy. After we reviewed that, they had us draw in the clouds, the things that made Mister M happy. And to finish, he was to color the rest of the sheet. They recommend placing these all in a binder or scrapbook for them to review and look back on later.


Once you go through all the steps on the app, they then reward your child with a special video link which takes you to their YouTube channel and begins to play a video for them to enjoy. This one was called, “Five Fabulous Frogs.”

We hope you enjoy this app as much as we have and that it propels your child into a love of reading!!!!


Kristy ❤

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