Time Out

I pray that I have been doing a fantastic job of writing as much as I can and sharing our amazing daily adventures with all of you while hopefully providing some much needed inspiration and resources all at the same time. After all, this is a journey where we need one another. Some days we are standing on the mountains screaming, “We did it!!!!” While others days, we are in the valley, crawling through the mud with tears in our eyes contemplating raising that oh so white flag.

I am thankful we tend to only “contemplate” that one. I pray we NEVER actually raise it.

Our family has been going through an incredible shifting the last few weeks which has been why my posts have been so few. We have been experiencing a lot of struggles and trials but it has grown us in ways I have been praying for for years so I am extremely thankful for them. One of those has been in my area of parenting. I wanted to learn to be more consistent with my discipline; to stop being the “Always Warning Mommy” to “Let’s Take Care of Business Momma”.

There are three core things we want our family to uphold:

  1. Obedience
  2. Respect
  3. Honesty

We want to make sure that when those three core things are broken, our son realizes there is an irreversible consequence. We want him to understand that we don’t just obey or respect God and our parents because we want to earn something but rather because Jesus sat the VERY example of obedience when He obeyed our Heavenly Father even unto death on a cross. We want  him to learn to obey because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO and because it IS LOVING and because God sacrificed all for us.

So we began to make some major shifts. We sat down and created a new system. We put new rules into place and I began to learn to discipline immediately and stop just issuing empty warnings.

The result: We went from a homeschool and often days filled with chaos, fit throwing, back talking and eye rolling to a very well behaved, work completing, asking forgiveness, doing as instructed little man. And you know what else? He is HAPPIER and so are we.

Yes I said HAPPIER.

I know the world teaches a different viewpoint. They make us feel that if we “lay down the hammer” on our children we are stunting their independence, that we are being “too harsh” on them, that we are forcing something on them they should be able to decide for themselves but the truth is, children CRAVE discipline. They crave boundaries. They CRAVE to know a love like our God. I have always known this but the compassionate, nurturing side of me clouded my ability for years to see that if I want my child to love and respect God, which in turn helps them to love and respect me, I have to be consistent and intentional in  my discipline as well as my love.

The last few weeks, I had been silent because I needed a time out to assess the way we were homeschooling; to assess our values, our beliefs in regards to discipline and obedience. We discovered that what we wanted our son to know at the end of every day was pretty simple:

  1. That he was loved.
  2. That he was chosen.
  3. That he was created for a purpose.
  4. That in order to know that purpose, he has to understand the importance in loving, respecting and obey God.

After all, our children are on loan to us. What we show them, what we model for them, it will be the most crucial first lessons they will ever learn. Our time with them is valuable. It’s not about what can we buy them or give to them now; it’s what can we say and show to them next. What core things do we want them to know before they leave our nest?

For us, it is the simplicity that comes in knowing God is first; not because we are robots programmed to live as such but because we were so loved that God gave his ONLY son for OUR LIVES. It is essential to understand consequences so they can realize what an amazing gift the cross truly is; for a child to value and understand forgiveness, they have to understand what comes with judging our disobedience. Discipline is about so much more than just proving we are in authority…it is a valuable life lesson. One that not only teaches them obedience and respect but shows them how loving our God really is because someday there will be NO more consequences. Someday we can be fully free from our mistakes.

That’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

We allowed God to come in and change our hearts and our minds regarding homeschool, family life, priorities and even our faith and it has changed us in amazing and beautiful ways. It’s funny…I think we needed Homeschool for a lot more than just some math and phonics lessons. We  needed the time it provides for us to really see our son, to really understand how he learns and processes and thinks so that we can always be pointing him vertically right back to God.

I pray our experience and what I am sharing this evening encourages the others out there who are just not sure if you are getting right, who feel tired and weary; who aren’t sure they can handle one more time out or one more nose to the wall. Hang in there. These moments matter. They are making a HUGE difference in your child and someday they will have a greater love for God because of your diligence and they will thank you.

Good job Momma and Daddy. You are brave.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy Delgado ❤

A few things we’ve done this week:


We have been learning about Snowy Weather so he got to draw an image of what life would like “If I lived in a snowglobe.”

He had to use glitter of course.


And then he TOTALLY blew me away when I asked him to get me the vacuum and he not only got it but plugged it in and starting cleaning up the glitter chaos without me even asking! *Proud Mommy Moment right here!*


Also this week, we made our own snow using baking soda, conditioner and glitter!

It was a LOT of fun but our snow was a bit like dough 😉 Either way, it was a blast!


And you can’t study about snow and not make a snowflake! That would just be wrong so:


He made this beauty 🙂


Finally, it’s fall and every year he carve pumpkins! Last year I carved Jesus into our pumpkin (no really I did and with ZERO pattern lol! It was long and tiring so we opted for something easier for now!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.16.24 PM

See…I was telling the truth 😉 (This will always be my favorite!)


This one is not yet finished but will be Spiderman Themed. We are big on heroes!!!!