Time Flies (and Seems to Drag…is that possible?)

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month (tomorrow) since I have last been able to sit down and share with you all the fun and creative things we have been able to do with during our homeschool journey. Time goes so quickly and yet so slowly all at the same time.

October was a rather intensive month as I was very sick and preparing for surgery which took place two weeks ago now. My recovery has been slower than I would have liked but I am getting a little better, a littler stronger and a little more normal each day. I am praying that I will be fully recovered in just a few more weeks and will soon begin to feel as if I never had surgery at all! (Is that too lofty a prayer?)

While October brought some big obstacles, it also brought some really amazing field trips and fellowship, parties and crafts. We got to visit a really fun Science Museum, and plan for our COOP Classes Fall party and our Halloween Party with our friends here at home. Then of course, there was all the fun decorations we got to make and all that CANDY. (That I hope somehow mysteriously disappears suddenly!) Here are a few snapshots of the fun:


Our Class Fall Party was a Lego Day. Complete with these easy Lego Masks, an Episode of Lego City, a Lego Stick Puppet and a Lego Mini Figure we surprised each of them with. A sheriff since we studied about law enforcement as one of our community helpers this semester.


After COOP, we had to go home and prepare our yummy snacks for our “Halloween Class Party” which we shared with our lovelies Miss I and “Sweet Girl” . I  made Mummy Dogs, grabbed some cupcakes from Walmart (which by the way tasted of nothing but food coloring much to my disappointment) and made some yummy Candy Corn inspired fruit cups which I saw on Pinterest. It was all yummy!!! (minus the cupcakes that is)


Mister M helped me make this adorable ghost garland that we found as a FREE Printable. I had every intention of linking this to this site for the awesome creator but somehow it got deleted off my computer and I can not find it now 😦


And of course, there was a photo booth opp. The photographer in me can never miss a chance for an adorable photo!


And there were crafts!!!!


Look how adorable they are!!!


We were the BatFamily this year. Our first stop on Halloween was our Public Library because we love them and they give out FREE books!!!! YAY!


Gracie girl was complete with Halloween Bows ❤


And we we were ready for the trick or treaters. In this house, our furpups dress up too! (They love it. I promise!)

It was really a wonderful, memory filled month even with the bumps along the way. Reflecting back on it all makes me feel incredibly blessed!

Our COOP Classes for this semester have come to an end. Our final Community Helper lesson was on Missionaries and it was by far my favorite helper we studied this year. (Can you imagine why?) I hope the little ones took it in as much as I did and that it has helped spark a desire in them to be a part of Missions whether it is through prayer, someday serving in that field or just collecting their spare change to donate to help those who have already been called. Missions are dear to our families heart and we believe that if you start teaching children about the importance of supporting missions early on…it will change the world in a major way.

For this lesson we did a couple fun crafts:

  1. Missionary Money Bank. I wanted to create a way for our little ones to help support missions here in the U.S. or globally by simply having a way to save up their spare change and donating when their can is full. I used a little play on words with my little nugget of wisdom: A little “change” can save a lot of lives. (Someday they will get that. I hope!)


2. Bookmarks. I am big on reminders to love as Christ did and I thought this might be a great way to remind them. They may not remember this but they may find it someday and it might be in just the perfect moment. Plus it’s a bookmark. What better way to encourage reading 😉


In other news, I came across a new Homeschool Resource today. An entire website dedicated to helping us Homeschooling Mammas (and Papas) to finding and selling good, used Curriculum. It is a very EASY site which I LOVE and will be so wonderful when we start looking for next  year’s curriculums. I love finding amazing resources like this. If you would like to check it out, you can do so by visiting Homeschool Tree. The membership is completely FREE. (I love it even more!)

Until next time!

Blessings and Love,

Kristy ❤


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