An Unlikely Response

I have come across so many things the last few days that just tear my heart to pieces. Social Media is a beautiful and wonderful thing that I sometimes love because it allows me to see the life of those I miss unfolding from afar. In the same respect, it allows those that love me and miss our sweet family to see our life as well. But Social Media can also be a very, very dangerous weapon of destruction from the enemy.

Never before were we, as a global spectrum, able to just put out our thoughts and opinions for the the entire universe to see. At first, it seemed like such a positive thing. We were able to read fascinating articles, reach out to long lost friends or relatives, find relatives we never knew existed before and gain a wealth of knowledge that seemed exciting and beneficial. But as quickly as we had those thoughts of grand excitement, social media seemed to almost suddenly become a public platform by which we find ourselves becoming a part of the world rather than set apart from it.

Plastered across our computer screens and smart phone devices 24 hours a day are the negative, hurtful, lustful, sinful natures of this world and sometimes, our own flesh. A news story about a tragedy is posted and if the story alone does not break your heart, the comments below them will. One would expect to find comments of condolences or encouragement for those who must be enduring a load they feel they cannot bear but no. That is not what you all too often see. Instead, they are comments of ridicule, judgement, mockery and cruelty.

Social Media has given us this mentality that just because we have the right to say or do whatever we desire, that makes it okay and so we do it. We post every angry, happy, sad, offending thought that might come to our minds in the  moment and we walk away feeling like that matters. But the truth is…it doesn’t. Those words won’t be remembered 20 seconds later because someone else will come along and snatch our victory.

I have been there myself. I sometimes post things that later, I want to look up to Jesus and say, “Forgive me Lord. I lost control.”

I see you shaking your head but admit it. There is no better feeling than when your comment gets 50 likes and you feel justified in that horrible thing you just posted for the ENTIRE universe to see without any regard for it’s impact on humanity. We have all been there. Even if we don’t want to admit it.

It is hard as Christians to watch these things unfold. We become so weary from all the negativity. We want to DO something about it. However, most of the time, our responses become so defensive that we too, find ourselves speaking and saying things that quite frankly do not encourage, lift up or bring light into darkness. Rather, we too become judgmental and angry and full of self righteousness because we, for a moment, forget that their words are all too often fueled by an enemy they do not even know exist and far too often come from a heart that is broken and lost.

Yes. It is so heartbreaking to watch someone make a mockery of our faith. It is devastating to watch someone attack someone who is already broken inside. It is just plain wearisome to see words used to tear others apart. It hurts. It angers. It frustrates and it flat wears your spirit down.

This is when we must be the most cautious. This is when we must be the most diligent. This is when we must do three things:

  1. Take a moment right then to pray for the one speaking such things or sharing such thoughts or posting things that are contrary to what you know to be truth. They may not see it, admit it or care but these things come as a result of their own brokenness, pain, unforgiveness or fear.
  2. Take a second moment to pray for the ones who will be affected by their words. Pray that God will guard their hearts. Pray that someone will get brave enough to just delete those words altogether and for God to spare the family the heartache of having to see them. Pray they can put their eyes on Jesus and forgive.
  3. Forgive and DO NOT RESPOND AT ALL. It is soooo tempting and hard to just walk away and not say anything at all. We want to correct them, we want to defend the ones they may hurt, we want to show them who is right and who is wrong but those responses are no different than the world. And they only continue the brutal cycle that much longer.

We are called to be SET APART and in order to do so, we must reaact with an unlikely response: prayer and the choice to love.

The truth is, most of the time, these individuals thrive on the quarreling and bickering their words bring. They enjoy the sights on the screen of someone becoming offended by something they said. This is victory to them but what if we took the victory away from the world and gave it back to Christ? What would that look like?

It would look like love.

It would look like joy.

It would look like immovable, unshakable faith.

In a world where we are taught that we can do anything we want, say anything we want, let’s remember these all too important words from 1 Corinthians 10:23:

“‘I have the right to do anything’ -you say- but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’ – but not everything is constructive. ”

Let’s become a body that gives an unlikely response. Let’s become an un-offended people who pray for those who come to hurt and show them love when it would be so  much easier to respond in anger.

If all else fails, as you look at the screen before you and you are tempted to respond and give them satisfaction, ask yourself that timeless phrase we once had plastered all over our communities: “What Would Jesus Do?”


He would choose the unlikely response. He would pray and choose love.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy Delgado ❤


We Know the Pledge Wednesday!!!

Before I begin showing you some of the fun and creative things we did today for homeschool, I just have to take a moment to say that I am so very proud and happy for my son as today he was able to say the ENTIRE Pledge of Allegiance all by himself INCLUDING the word indivisible!!!

I know. I know.

It’s probably NOT that big of a deal to you but it was huge deal to us and we were so excited to video it and post on Facebook for Nana and Grandma to see.

Once we got over our excitement of that little part of our day, we moved onto our Bible Lesson. This week we are learning about Saul becoming King. I usually break my lessons down to spread over the entire week, doing a different activity each day while reviewing the story over and over so that Mister M really learns and takes in each Hero of the Bible and what made them so significant and special. So on Monday, we did the lesson and then a coloring sheet to go with it. Yesterday we reviewed the lesson again and played a review game giving him points for each question he was able to answer correctly and today we made a crown just like Saul was given when He became King, only we made sure to let the whole world know who deserves to be King! 🙂 I found the pattern for this crown over at Ministry-to-Children.

Max in his crown

You will have to excuse his poor red and swollen little self. He went duck hunting location scouting with his Dad and in spite of best prevention efforts made, he was eaten alive all over his poor face 😦 He is still smiling and quite the trooper!

Today’s Math lesson was all about Graphing. So we did some fun examples on the board using some items from Max’s table and worked on the board first:

Graphing for Math

Once we were done with practice, Max started on his assignments and ROCKED them! I was so proud of his diligence and excitement!

Max graphing

From there we took a 10 minute break and then to just change up our routines, we dove into our art project for today. Since it is December and the holidays, we will be doing a craft or art project every day this month. I love crafts so this is always just as exciting for me as it is for Mister M! I found these awesome paper strip Christmas Tree Art projects on Pinterest and dove in to make them ours. We used some cotton balls at the end to add some “snow”. I think he did excellent!!

This was a great way to break up the monotony of going from one core subject to the next. After this we took another break to have lunch and give MisterM some free time. I have learned that trying to just sit and do it all at once can be very tedious even if we are doing fun hands on things. His mind needs a break and he needs time to just be five. Taking these extra breaks the last few weeks was wonderful. It mostly started because I just needed extra time from surgery recovery but it quickly become a new routine for us.

After lunch, we dove into our phonics, reading and writing! To start off our phonics lesson, I wanted to really take time to focus on working on reviewing the letters and sounds we have learned all the way up to date. I notice Mister M struggles hearing the letter sounds if they aren’t at the beginning of the words so this past weekend, I took to Pinterest in search of a fun and creative tool we could use to practice this and I came across the cutest and most awesome Phonics Game EVER!

This adorable ice cream themed pack comes with your vowels, consonants, the Capital and lowercase letters and additional scoops of ice cream with images to help your child hear the letter sounds for each letter. These are intended to be for the letter sound they start with but I actually went through and used them to identify letter sounds in the entire word. For example Apple is of course for A because we hear that sound but Mix could be for both the M or the I because it has the I sound in it as well! We worked to review our vowels today and tomorrow we will be working on our consonant sounds we have learned so far 🙂

I got this via one of my subscription emails from Free Home School Deals. I get some of the most amazing FREE printable worksheets and activities from them.

Our handwriting sheet came from some adorable Christmas Tracing Pages I found over at TotSchooling. There were 7 different sheets in the set. I like it because it gives Max just enough work to practice his handwriting but also gives him something cute to do along with it so it is not just the same old handwriting work.

Christmas Tracing Sheets

and finally our reading assignment came from Heidi Songs. It is an adorable easy emergent reader, “Pete’s Christmas”. With it there were also some other downloadable activities that I thought Mister M would like so I snagged them too. I use printable emergent readers because they tend to be easier for him at this stage and are both creative and the perfect levels for Mister M.  We do the same one all week long then move to a new one. This allows him to not only practice his phonics but to also learn word recognition. Plus he loves that he can color them! 😉

Pete's Christmas

This is just the first page of the book’s printable sheets but I thought it would give  you an idea.

We ended our day attempting to do our Geography lesson but Mister M was too excited about our guests for the day so we worked on just going over the documents for Connecticut and then we will finish the booklet tomorrow.

It was a busy and fun day and I am all set for tomorrow! I hope your homeschool day was just as successful!!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy Delgado