Be Brave

I am finding that as more time passes in my journey, God reveals more and more to me about who I am, what I am created for, and why I am the way that I am.

I also discover more flaws, more fears, and more reasons why I probably shouldn’t be where I am but ever thankful that God has delivered me and brought me to new heights and depths.

This journey has seasons; moments that feel like an eternity. Some of them are beautiful and breathtaking while others are exhausting and terrifying. As is such, it can become very easy to find ourselves riding through our journey as if we are strapped to a roller coaster that we can’t get off of.

First we go up. Slowly. Anticipating what comes once we reach the top and then suddenly we are there and WHOOOSH!!! Before you know it, life has released the lever and our coaster is soaring downhill at a rapid speed and we feel panic setting in. “Wait! Wait!!!!!! This is not what I agreed to. This is not what I thought it would be!!! STOP THE RIDE!!!!!!!!”

Life doesn’t operate like that. We can’t just stop in mid-journey. Life keeps coming and pushing us and it can be enough sometimes to make you feel weary and afraid to move. It can paralyze you.

I know those feelings all too well my brothers and sisters. All too well.

This year, the words God has given me over and over are “Be Brave.” When life gets hard, “Be Brave” and let God fight my battles. When my prayers are not answered, “Be Brave” and accept what God is doing. When my heart is broken and I want an answer, “Be Brave” and trust in God even when he doesn’t. When someone wrongs me and I want so desperately to see justice, “Be Brave” and forgive.

I spent most of my life always anticipating the top of the coaster and then living in sheer terror once it took me speeding down the tracks. When it was hard, I just walked away. When life was unfair, I just sulked in my own negativity. When the world said I was worthless, I just believed those lies and let them tear me apart from the inside out. But what might have come if I had been Brave enough to say, I choose Christ? I choose forgiveness. I choose courage. I choose right.

Being brave is less about being willing to swim with sharks and more about choosing to walk out every situation in your life with God at the fore front. It is less about surviving in the wild and more about learning to survive the battlefield of your own mind by the truth of God’s Word alone. Being brave is about trusting God when He answers and when He doesn’t.

No matter what comes in the days and weeks and years that lie ahead, my hope is that I can “Be Brave” in all things for Christ. My hope is that I will finish my race of life, my coaster of a journey, unafraid; bravely surrendering it all to Christ every day.

Above all that, my hope is that being brave will become a part of your journey too.

Blessings and love,

Kristy ❤️