A New School Year, A New Start

It appears that again I have taken some time to post an update. Such is how it goes when you are trying to live life and embrace every moment. There was a time in my life where not being able to be more “consistent” with my blogging made me feel like I was no good at it; that I shouldn’t be doing it at all if I couldn’t do it daily but thankfully, I serve a God who reminds me of where my successes and worth truly lie.

With that said, I find it a great joy in the moments when I AM able to blog and pay less attention to the moments when I am not. (What a beautiful thing it is when we extend grace to ourselves especially in matters that honestly do not even really need for us to extend ourselves grace!)

But I am getting off track so let me get back to where I would like to begin…

Life here in Florida has been beautiful. It has been challenging. It has been hard. It has been wonderful. It has been so full of changes and transitions the last 8 months. Where we thought we would go, we found ourselves going in the opposite direction. What we thought we would be experiencing was not even close to what we stood in the middle of.

It has been a summer and a season of CHANGE. Beautiful, amazing, God appointed changes. And it started with a phone call in May that led to one of my amazing, beautiful and talented daughters coming to live with us. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHANGE INDEED!!!!

Sweet Miss M has been with us now since May and it has been an incredible journey of the fulfillment of another of God’s promises over our lives. Coming to Florida has been such a beautiful experience as I have watched God, one moment after the next, fulfill each and every word He spoke over me as I prepared to move three years ago. Each day, I now look at Miss M’s beautiful face and I  hear the Father say, “The restoration has only just begun.” I cling to that promise just as I have every other one He has given me and I know it too will be fulfilled.

There are not enough words to fill this page or my heart!!!

While we have been rejoicing, it has also brought a lot of change and transition that has been hard. While we are celebrating, we know she has other family back home who miss and love her just as we did while we were apart and for that we grieve. We pray for it to become easier for them day by day and that God’s faithfulness is seen around them every day just as it has been for us over these last few years.

With us now adding a TEENAGER to our home, our dynamics have shifted and we are finding ourselves being called to many new starts. Miss M has always been in a public school environment but we made the decision to homeschool her as well so that she is not moving multiple times her junior and senior year due to our transitions with the military.

With that said, our VERY first day of homeschool was yesterday and just like that, we have a 1st Grader AND a Junior in High School. How did that happen?!?!?!?! There are no words!

Our first and second days of school were both challenging and successful and I am loving all the precious moments we are building as a family. Mister M is using the entire ABeka curriculum again this year and so far we are loving it and the things it is going to teach him this year. Coming alongside her brother, Miss M is using the ABeka Academy curriculum. It looks so phenomenal but it is a LOT of work and we have been so proud of how hard she is working and how well she is able to keep up with it all. It is a HUGE change for her and she is seriously ROCKING it. We love this because they monitor her credits and grades and help us to be sure she gets everything she needs to get that high school diploma next year and to be on track for college! (What a huge relief as I had to instantly go from navigating elementary school grades to HIGH SCHOOL. Ya’ll I had some  moments where I cried in panic! Thank you for ABeka dear Lord.)

So now, I find my days filled with early mornings, breakfast rituals, two homeschool routines all while I find ways to get the house done, manage to do my own school work and find time to Grade Miss M’s school work.

As for my college pursuit, I will be starting my Fall Semester in just another week and am winding down the last of my summer term. With all of the changes and adjustments, it has been challenging to keep up but God’s grace has been so sufficient and He has continued to give me hope in the hard moments.

I am hoping I can better spend time here with those who join me in this little corner of my world. I will do my best to post updates and share sweet and fun moments with my precious family as often as I can this school year.

To all those who are still waiting on a promise to be fulfilled: Hold on. Don’t give up. He WILL fulfill it. There is not a promise  made by our Father that is not fulfilled. Your tears, your laughter, your sorrows, your joy…they all matter to the Father. He is moving behind the scenes. In His perfect timing. In His perfect way. He will come on the scene and MOVE mountains for you.

Hold on.

Until tomorrow,

Kristy ❤