He Calls Me Redeemed

When I reflect back over the span of my life and I truly remember the small and large details, there is one that stands out above everything else: my passion for writing.

Even as a girl, there were many summers spent writing story after story, thought after thought. It was like an adventure every day. I never knew where it would take me or what within me, it would reveal that I never knew was there just waiting to be seen.

As I went through the many stages of my life’s journey, writing was my constant. It was always there as a vessel by which I could express my deepest pains, work through my most difficult trials and a way that I could allow myself to be heard when I felt pushed down and silenced.

But, my writing has also been the one calling that I resist the most. It has been that one gift that I so often place on a shelf to collect dust. When I write, I pour out every part of my heart and my mind. I become this transparent vessel of thoughts and feelings that so often are not easy to share.

So..why do I share them? (I thought you might ask that.)

The answer is simple. It is what I was created to do.

I share so much of my story because it is a story of God’s grace, of His redemption. It is a story that must be written and told. It should never be hidden on a shelf. It should never collect dust. The miracles that God works within us are meant to be the stories upon which we build the foundations of our life’s legacy. We tell the world everything else, why then wouldn’t we tell them the greatest story of all?


That word sums up my story in one simple, yet profound word.

My life was a mess. It was a chaos. It was brokenness. It was sin. It was shame. It was grief. It was regret. It was painful. But God.

God came in and he handed me a clean, fresh sheet of paper and upon it He wrote: Redeemed.

I know over the years I have poured out and then pulled back. I have been faithful and then inconsistent. I have shared and then began to hide things away again. Such is the way when we are struggling to accept who God TRULY made us to be. Past the words of others who have told us what we are, past the fear of being that person, past the disappointments and the failures, past our own selfishness and insecurities…just past all of that is our true, unchanging purpose. It never leaves us and it is never taken from us. It sits patiently on the shelf until God comes along, hands you another clean, fresh sheet of paper and upon it He writes:

Redemption is forever.

My friends, I know you are probably wondering what all of these thoughts are trying to speak to you. Perhaps you already know. Redemption…mine, yours, everyone’s…it’s the greatest story we will ever share. It’s who we are: Redeemed. Forgiven. Loved. Saved. Accepted. And that redemption must seep into every fiber and being of our lives.

Redemption is messy. Redemption is a journey. Redemption is beautiful. Redemption is a gift. It is a great many things and it is ours. Forever. Nothing can take it from us. Nothing can change it’s power over us. But if we choose to live in fear of our life, once redeemed, we place it on a shelf and we find ourselves in shackles, running around, desperately doing anything and everything except the very thing we were created to do all along.

My life is a great  many things but more than all of them it is redemption and I hope that from this moment forward, I will be brave enough to write and share every piece of it that God calls me to because that is who God designed me to be and what He designed me to do.

If you know nothing else about your life, know that your redemption, whether it has or is still to come…that is your greatest story and from that one page, will come a novel of purpose and destiny you never imagined.

So stop running. Take a deep breath and live redeemed.

You won’t be alone. I’ll live it with you.image

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

Ephesians 1:7, “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.”


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