Changes…they are a coming

It has been since January since I last updated. Man. I am definitely not winning any blogger of the year awards at my slow pace of updating these days am I? Well, it’s a good thing I wasn’t hoping to win any then!

Much has happened since January and I apologize that I have not been diligent to keep you all updated but life has been a whirlwind of craziness since the new year began and I find myself just taking in those moments and remembering less and less about writing it all down. That can be a good thing and a sad thing. Some things I want to remember and writing them down this way may be one way we have to remember them someday. Perhaps, in the months to come, I will get better at this blogging habit.

As I shared in my last update, we are expecting blessing number four in June. A little girl that we shall call Little “M”. We couldn’t be more excited or blessed! In February, my dear friends threw me a baby shower and I was incredibly overwhelmed at the amount of people that came and showered us with love and blessings. We also had friends and family from all over send cards, gifts and love who could not attend our special day but so wanted to be a part of it all. What a beautiful thing it is to be in a room filled with people you adore who feel the same way about you! It was truly a blessed day!

Also in February, Mister O had to leave us for an entire month to attend a training school in Texas before we made our big PCS move. It was a LONG month without his humor and sometimes, irritating ways, but we managed to get through it unscathed and with determination. Oh how we miss that man while he is gone. Life is definitely significantly less interesting without him around. But maybe don’t mention I said that. We don’t want him getting a big head or anything!

He arrived home JUST in time to help us  pack up what we were moving ourselves and help oversee the packers, movers and cleaning of our home for final inspection. On March 30, we hit the road and made our three day journey to our new home.  We arrived on Saturday and picked up the keys to our new home yesterday. A home we love already. Our new city is SO huge and it is a bit overwhelming but is also full of so many opportunities both for us as a family and as homeschoolers so we are very excited to get back to our routine next week and pick up where we left off!

Little M is growing nicely and so far all is going well. The only snag we have hit in this pregnancy is me. I have gallstones 😦 It is HORRIBLE ya’ll. I mean REALLY horrible. But I am surviving and am just counting down the days until we finally get to meet our sweet little princess and I can get this gallbladder issue fixed! Take it from me, stay away from the fatty foods. It’s is NOT worth it!

Well, I guess that is all for now. I am sure in the days, weeks and months ahead, we will have some fun and interesting adventures and stories to share with you all. I am adding a few photos at the bottom of the baby shower and the outside of our new home for you to see. I pray this update finds you doing well and blessed! You are prayed for and loved!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤



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