Learning to Breathe

We have been in a season. (Then again, who hasn’t been lately right?)

It’s been so tiring and at times I have found myself questioning so many things about our homeschool journey, about all the changes we have been experiencing, and well, just  about LIFE.

To say I am tired is an incredible understatement and yet through all that exhaustion and strain, I feel so incredibly blessed.

The last few months with Mister M have been such a very difficult navigation in regards to our homeschool. Between Mister O leaving for 30 days in February and then him coming home just as we are preparing our house to move and then us actually making that big move to a whole new state, city and life, our son has had a tremendously difficult time adjusting.

I should have anticipated it. I should have prepared myself for it. I should have been interceding in advance for it but I didn’t. I was consumed. I was overwhelmingly consumed with packing and planning and traveling and moving and adjusting all on my own. I was struggling physically, emotionally; I forgot all about the littlest member of my family and all that he was going to have to leave behind this time during a season of his life that he could actually understand and would remember. The impacts of that were profound. For the first time, he had developed real friendships. He had real communities of involvement. All of his known memories were from the place we had to leave behind and his heart was struggling and this Type A Mamma, in the midst of all she had to do and take care of, missed it.

So from February until the beginning of this month, we were barely able to get ANY school work done. We had to adjust our school calendar and add days. I know. I know. Most of you are saying, “You don’t have to do that. Just give him a break.” And the truth is, we did have a break. Almost two months of break. I couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do it. We were in burnout mode without either of us really understanding that was what it was. As we came into May, I was determined for us to be back on routine. I was determined for us to prevail and go back to life and all that we do. I was naive enough to think it was that simple.

So I dove head first; back to the grind and to all the worksheets, the projects, the reading. All of our rigid routines. I forced him into that classroom and I said, “We ARE doing this. No more excuses. Huge and pregnant and out of breath or not, we are FINISHING all of our school work and we will do it with determination.”

I am sure at this point, inside my sweet 7 year old’s mind, he was thinking, “Ughhhhh. Mommy, I need you. Can’t you see I need you to see that I literally cannot do this? I literally cannot handle one more thing? Don’t you see that I am hurting Mommy? You aren’t the only one who misses friends and feels lost and displaced. I miss my whole world. Why can’t you see that Mommy?”

But he didn’t speak those words out loud so I naively thought he was fine. After all, they say kids are resilient right?


They can be. They sometimes are but life affects them just as much as they do us and yes they are resilient over time but sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they also hurt and feel and grieve just as we do. Sometimes they experience the same types of struggles and frustrations that we do so how is it we so easily forget and overlook that and just expect them to adapt and adjust without question or struggle?

So, with my determination we dove in and it was ROUGH. Every day was an exhausting struggle. We were schooling ALL day long because I, in my stubborn ways, refused to let him not complete EVERYTHING that was outlined for him to do. Some days I cried. Some days he probably cried too. It was bad. I mean REALLY bad.

And then it happened. He woke up one Friday morning that first week of May and everything came flowing from out of his mind, through his mouth and into my shocked world.

My precious little man woke up with tears and began to tell me how much he had been hurting. He missed his best friend. He missed our old house. He missed our old Co-op. He missed our life. Why did we have to move here? Why couldn’t we just have stayed and why, WHY, WHY, WHY did we have to have another baby and why did I have to have a GIRL!!!!!!!

And then it hit me like a tidal wave.

I had failed to see the single most important detail of them all. In the  midst of already overwhelming situations and transitions, we were adding an entirely more intense change: we were bringing a little sister into this family.

Until this point, Mister M has been the baby and with his sisters staying in Arkansas, he has been an only child from age 3 to now. All of his memories are mostly compiled of him being the entire center of the universe. Every activity, every thing we do has been centered around his little world. How on earth had I not paused to think that while he said he was excited for a baby that he might also be so terrified of a baby coming?

I felt like such a failure in that moment. I was stunned and unsure of how to speak so instead, I sat down on the bed, I pulled him close and I let him cry for a moment. I let him get out all his thoughts which included asking me, “Will you still love me the same? Will you still have time for me? Do you still want me to be a part of the family?”

My heart was crushing a little more with each question and I lovingly and calmly shed some of my own tears as we talked about what bringing Little Miss M into the family would be like. We talked about fears. We talked about changes. We talked about what might happen and what to expect. We also talked about how hard it might be but how good it would be. And then I did something I never do. I did what I honestly never thought I would be able to do given my issue with needing routines and plans and schedules.

I looked at my little guy and said, “How about we set aside school today and we just spend some time doing whatever it is YOU want to do today.”

His look of total shock said it all. “Really?? But what about  my worksheets? What about my reading? Won’t Daddy get mad at me?” To which I shockingly (to both myself and him) responded, “It all can wait. Today, we just need to enjoy being together.”

So, that’s exactly what we did. I put aside my routine and our schedule and we spent the day curled up under blankets watching movies and reading together and playing Uno. We laughed and we talked about lots of things and we got through the meltdown and by the end of the day, I had a different little guy.

The next week, we went back to homeschool but I approached it all with a different mindset. I approached it from the  mindset of what does my SON need to take from today and how does he need to take it in his current season. I tweaked how we are doing our schedule and began to incorporate breaks where we pause and play games or watch an educational show. I began to evaluate all his busy work because honestly, my son was doing SO much written work and worksheets that he made public school homework and classwork look like nothing. I asked myself what is most important? I shifted my focus and BAM.

It happened.

We overcame and we began to flow into our beautiful routine again. Don’t get me wrong, he still has a workload because that’s just how we work things, what his curriculum requires and he does so well with it. But we changed HOW we are doing the work and HOW we approach it and it has been so freeing. Some days we do his writing worksheets while other days I have him write letters to a friend or family member or write a story of his choosing in his writing journal. We did away with our Arithmetic Speed Drill worksheets and started doing flashcards together instead. Trust me when I tell you this made a big difference. He does two sheets of Math a day for his lessons and then when you add a 60 second timed Speed Drill worksheet on top of it, you find yourself with a kid who isn’t so much loving Math that day. We started doing reading first thing in the mornings because he loves to read and I changed the order of what we do when and it has been so refreshing.

While I know deep down, this won’t mean that he isn’t feeling the sting of his homesickness still, I know that he sees that I can recognize when he needs a time out. He knows I see that he isn’t just some robot that can handle and do whatever we say without any emotion or feeling. I know he knows how much I care because I cared enough to finally say, “Okay. Maybe I need to change things. Maybe you need a MOM right now, more than a teacher.” And suddenly, he is back to loving his learning experiences and being determined to keep his “straight A” status.

We have to school until almost July this year and then will take our “Summer break” until the beginning of September and that’s okay. We will finish our work. We will learn and laugh and we will do it all together. Taking those months off during all those changes wasn’t something I planned, it wasn’t something I wanted but I believe with all my heart and soul it was exactly what God had planned because He knew what was coming and how it was going to affect our little guy.

Life is hard. Sometimes, we miss things but it teaches us that sometimes, we have to stop long enough to see that something isn’t quite working and we need to readjust our focus. Homeschool is a beautiful journey for so many reasons but one of the very most important ones that I can think of is that it gives us the ability to see when our children are hurting, to allow ourselves grace to say that we need a break and to take it. Right then and there. We aren’t having to pace it just like everyone else. We can and if it works we do but sometimes, life happens and we need to let ourselves deal with it.

I am so thankful for a God who always reveals in the perfect time what is needed and helps us to realign our priorities and our life. I love that He gives us teachable moments when we least expect them even if they aren’t always easy or fun but most of all,  I love that I get to have this journey. I love that I get to love my children all day every day, that I get to be both their Mom and their educator and that I get to do it in a way that impacts them in every way possible.

This journey is beautiful and it is a blessing but sometimes I just have to take a deep breath, pause and remember that I am first a Mom and second a teacher.

We all are.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤


New Year, New Beginnings

Once again, I find myself coming to you after months of being silent. I apologize for not being here more often. Life just seems to slip through my fingers and while I love and cherish my writing moments and sharing my passions and thoughts here with you all, I have come to learn this past year that living life is most important. So, if I have to choose between moments of living in the moment with my family or writing about those moments instead, I choose my family every time.

What a beautiful thing that is indeed.

This past year brought many answered prayers, many changes, some brokenness and some big news. As I have shared of course, some of the big changes were when Miss M came to live with us full time last Spring after school had ended. What a rejoicing it was for this mother’s heart. But as we have so often learned, seasons change and with that rejoicing, we quickly, just seven short months later, found ourselves grieving as we had to say goodbye to Miss M once again after her making the choice to move back to our hometown. A decision that was so hard for us to hear but one that we knew she had fully reflected before making. It was a moment that taught me much about my ability to once again trust in God’s perfect plan and not my own designs.

And in the  midst of our grief, the Lord brought us miracles and more answered prayers. As we looked to Him and wondered what His plan was, He chose to reveal another small glimpse: the blessing of a child. Just before we went home to visit family for Thanksgiving and say our goodbyes, we found out we were expecting our fourth child. I would say our final child but we are keeping our futures open to adoption down the road if that is a part of God’s plan also. It was such a bittersweet and beautiful time indeed.

In December, it was revealed that our little one would be a beautiful baby girl. A girl. Another precious daughter. A chance for redemption and restoration of the things in my life that the enemy has tried so long to take from me.  There are not enough words to describe my feelings of gratitude and sincere awe at God’s goodness, faithfulness and perfection.

So, in June of this year, we will welcome our littlest Miss M and we could not be more full of joy. With all of the changes, I have learned to draw closer back to my Savior. I have learned that I do have breaking points. That I cannot always be the strong one. Sometimes, I am the weak one. Sometimes, I can’t be there for the world because I need someone to be there for me. I learned that I make mistakes, that sometimes I let people down, even when I don’t mean to; that I doubt, that I often question but that God never makes mistakes and every detail of our lives that He knits together serves a much greater purpose than we see. While it was hard to have to have goodbyes and journeys end so soon, God used the times I had before them to bring healing, to bring restoration and to work wonders within our family and my own heart and mind.

Miss M is flourishing back  at home. Public school is definitely where she needed to be and with all of our moving coming up and the changes, she just really needed to back with her familiar routines and her learning styles outside of how we operate. Not to mention, she was incredibly homesick and that was hard to watch her journey through. She is full speed into her junior year and while I know she misses us and our moments here, she is happy to be back home with her Dad and step mom, her siblings and all of our families. Her time here brought them all closer together as well and she is making decisions that make us all so proud.

As for us, we are flourishing too. The Lord once again moved us to a new place of worship and His timing, though odd, was perfect. After working through many things these last three years, I found myself returning to a spirit filled church. A place where the miracles and love of God abound and there is much freedom and yet at the same time, a reverence to God’s freedom and not our own. It has been such a joy for us and Mister M has fallen in love with church all over again. Something he has not cared for much since leaving our home church three years ago.

We are flourishing with our faith, with our studies and as a family. God has brought a wholeness and a determination to our hearts that brings me to tears when I reflect upon it. I finally have a balance I have worked to find since coming to my Father 7 years ago and I have begun to discover things about myself that I never could grasp until this place. This wilderness experience.

And as with all wilderness experiences, God is moving us out and into a land of Promise. Our next big change is coming in March as we prepare to move to a new state with the Navy once again. A new land of hope and promise that God has designed for us. A new land that will hold many more lessons and faith building moments I am certain and a land that will bring further fulfillment of the many promises God has made over the years since we found Him and surrendered our lives to Him.

I have learned so many things in 2016 but the  most important of them all is that 2017 is our greatest year yet. It is our year of fulfillment and it is a year of HOPE. It is a year of new birth and new faith. It is going to be a year that we will remember for a lifetime. I am more certain of that than anything else.

I pray your year came to a beautiful close and that your new year has brought a beautiful new beginning. A fresh start and a fresh fire for your Father and His kingdom. We have so much to be thankful for and much to anticipate. I look forward to sharing it all with you in the months to come.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

To Climb a Mountain….


This past week, I was incredibly blessed to get to take a Mother-Daughter getaway alongside my best friend and her daughter to Atlanta, GA for the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain. I have been counting down to this trip for months as it was my first time to take a trip alone in years and I knew it would be an incredible experience for me and Miss M to have together. I look at her and realize how very quickly she is growing and how very quickly she will be off to college and making her own decisions. I feel like my time to create memories she can look back on is so minimal so I want to take advantage of every moment I can to make as many as possible.

The weekend was filled with vendor booths, amazing food, laughter and amazing views. The entire fair is inside Stone Mountain Park at the foot of the mountain. There are trees everywhere, beautiful landscapes and the weather was so amazing. It was my first fall in almost three years and I loved every moment under the color changing trees with the winds blowing over me.

On our first day, we decided to hike all the way to the top of Stone Mountain. 1,700 feet. To be honest, I was not really sure I could handle it. I am not a physically active individual and I struggle these days with attempting any form of exercise. As we stood at the foot of the mountain and I looked up at this huge beast of beauty in front me, I felt so small and incapable. I was already dreading the racing heart that I knew would soon encompass my chest and I was picturing me defeatedly turning around because honestly, when it comes to physical endurance, I have never had enough and my past history with quitting my physical fitness endeavors is…well, embarrassing to say the least.

And just as I imagined, very quickly into our hike, I was falling drastically behind. My pace was slower than a tortoise. I watched as my friends and daughter zoomed ahead of me while I struggled to breath and slowly make my way over each new rock and slope. Poor Miss M finally got so worried she just stopped and came back for me, certain I was probably not making it.

Each step was more painful and tiring than the last. My chest felt like it might explode from my heart beating so fast and I just wanted to quit. I really did. I wanted to just say, well, I went for a hike. That’s better than nothing. But I kept looking up at that beautiful mountain and wondered what it would be like at the top. What beauty would I miss out on if I didn’t finish the climb?

So I kept going. I had to make a couple brief stops to catch my breath but I pushed and I pushed until, over an hour or so later, I made it to the top. And oh…the beauty that I would have missed if I had given up. I have never seen something so beautiful. I could see for what felt an eternity all around me. The skylines in the distance, the clouds and the way the sun felt as if it was right there with me. Seeing all that beauty made every single bit of the struggle to get there worth it.

Climbing that mountain reminded me a lot of the trials we face in our walk with God. Far too often, it is easy to give up on the things God is calling us to do because the journey to get to the place He is calling us to is far too hard on us. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, it’s exhausting. So we give up. We just settle for half the journey and turn back when it gets too hard. But imagine the blessings and the beauty that God has waiting for us at the top of that mountain. What if we didn’t turn around and go back? What might we encounter? What might we experience that might make all of that struggle worth it?

As you journey up your mountain of faith, remember that it’s okay to take a break; to catch your breath, to ask God for strength but don’t just give up and turn back around. KEEP CLIMBING. The beauty and blessing that awaits you at the top of that mountain with God will far surpass anything you have laid eyes on at the bottom and I promise you will be so glad that you didn’t give up.

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong…” 1 Corinthians 6:13

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

Oh the time!

I think it has been well over a week since I have written but oh how crazy busy we have been over here in Paradise! I feel like the weeks are just flying by and I am almost in shock that we are now in October! How did that even happen??

We have been working hard to balance our crazy life here at Casa De Delgado. Most days I feel like I “school” 24/7. There is Mister M’s school work and lesson plans, then there is Miss M’s school work and lesson plans and finding time to help her study, schedule tutoring times and then there is MY college work. And then on top of all of that there is the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking and the volunteer work. Most days, I go to bed and don’t want to think about a single subject, assignment, or to do item again.

Then I wake up, roll out of bed and realize it is another day of education and life and off we go. Do I get tired of it? Some days yes; but who wouldn’t get tired of school when that is what you do seven days a week. My poor brain hurts. Is it worth it? Absolutely, without a single moments hesitation it is worth every long hour and day.

Yesterday, I had two  major projects to complete and turn in for my Psych classes. I was so tired, as is the case when you have the “Mondays”. I had to start Mister M’s school a little bit later than usual so that I could really dig into my research paper and finish it so that I could just type it up while he was working on his assignments. So while Mister M ate his breakfast and watched some videos on Kids YouTube on Natural Disasters and Freak Weather, I slaved away at researching the correlation of stress with mental illness. I almost laughed out loud thinking to myself, “Well, I am pretty sure this week I am a prime example of this one.” My kids think I am mental with the moodiness I have shown the last couple weeks trying to be supermom. YET AGAIN. When will I ever learn? Oh God’s grace….

Once I got situated, I started directing Mister M to his lessons. He was as unhappy about school as I felt secretly inside. I just wanted a day to do nothing. Or do something. Anything other than school. I know. It’s a terrible thing. I am his teacher. If I don’t get excited about it, how on earth can he? If I don’t encourage the learning process who will? I would have cried a bit if I even had the energy for that but who has that these days? I need my tears to balance out the dehydration from talking and teaching, reading, grading, planning, studying, home working…all day long. Every day of the week.

Mister M was being very resistant and I couldn’t help but feel like it was my fault. Maybe he sensed how stressed out I was? How worn I was feeling? Maybe I was doing a bad job at all the things that mattered? (That ole’ slytherin…he is ALWAYS coming and trying to make me feel horrible when I already feel bad!) As I sat at my computer, staring at my screen and thinking at how much I was failing at wifing, mothering, teaching, being the student…I felt just near going to bed when I heard that still small voice say, “You are enough.”

“You are enough. In the middle of this mess when you feel like giving up but you won’t because you are determined to not quit this time, in the middle of the tears that just won’t fall, in the  middle of feeling like you can’t give another ounce. You are enough. You are more than enough because I made you and I know you are stronger than you know.”

“I can do all things” suddenly just kept ringing in my ears. I thought of all that God has done for me. For my family. I thought of the sacrifices and realized that if I feel this tired in only this, how tired must he have felt? How much more must he have wondered in those moments on the cross if he was enough? The Bible says he asked, “My God, My God,  why have you forsaken me?” So he must have felt abandoned for a moment, he must have had a moment of feeling not enough perhaps. I will never know the answer on this earth but what I do know is that He did not give up. Even in that place, He put his faith and trust in God and He fulfilled His purpose and what a glorious purpose it was. So much love.

As a woman with many hats, I often find myself feeling like I just give and give and give but I have given nothing in comparison to Christ. I give minuscule things compared to His sacrifice. If he can hang on a Cross for me and give me a life eternal through His sacrifice and suffering, if He did all that for wretched me…then I can give my time, my energy and my love willingly to those I love with a joyful heart. I can do these assignments, teach t these lessons, cook those meals, run those errands, give my time with joy and not complain and I can keep pushing closer to the Father seeking His wisdoms and truths to help me balance my life.

There will always be moments when I feel worn, that we will all feel worn but if we can keep our minds focused on Christ and what He has done for us, those weary moments will slowly begin to fade and we will be reminded of how precious and special we are. How special are we? Oh my sisters and brothers, special enough for someone extraordinary to give their life in exchange for ours.

Blessings and Love,

Kristy ❤

Oh my heart…

I know I am not alone today as I share with you all how broken my heart is over the tragic events that have unfolded in the last two weeks. There have been school shootings, looting and rioting and there have been catastrophic hurricanes ripping through our world both globally and nationally. The devastation has been incredibly gut wrenching.

Like most everyone across the nation right now, I find myself constantly thinking about the ever rising death tolls in Haiti and the destruction that will take an unknown amount of time to repair. I think about all of those in Cuba and the Bahamas and other areas not even mentioned who are picking up the pieces of their lives amongst rubble and chaos, with heavy and broken hearts. I find myself feeling anxious for those I know in Florida who have made the decisions to stay in their homes and brave the storm as it makes its way through and moves onto landfall. These moments and thoughts almost seem to take your breath away. It makes it nearly impossible for a split second to maintain peace.

But God. In the  midst of all the devastation and the chaos there has been these overwhelming moments of light and love shone that can only come from Christ.

A community wrapped it’s arms around a little boy who was taken from this world far too soon by violent means that we cannot on any day wrap our minds around. An entire community of “Super heroes” turned up to show his family that they cared…that his death did not go unnoticed and that his life, though short, made a big impact on a nation of people.

A world of people began to pray and lift up those all around the globe who would be impacted by Hurricane Matthew. People held prayer meetings and met on Facebook to pray for our world and our nation. They turned to the only one who could give us the peace we so desperately longed to have in the craziness of all that is our world. Those prayers became something even more: they became hope and they became determination to not just settle for what has happened without a fight.

I have watched as people offered up their homes, supplies and encouraging words to those who were afraid or who didn’t have anywhere to go. Moments where it was as if Jesus himself were extending his hands and feet and heart. Beautiful. Encouraging moments.

As the day and the night continues, rescue workers will continue to sort through the rubble of devastation around the globe, families will wonder if their loved ones are okay and many will feel the sting of grief at the news of a loved one lost. It will be a long night for many and it will seem daunting but God is still among us. He is moving and He has not left us. These are the moments when we begin to see humanity rise up and display Christ’s presence like never before.

So let us not give up hope and let us not surrender our peace. While our hearts grieve for those who are going through chaos we cannot fathom, we can still remember that it is God who holds us in His hands. We are not alone and He will help us find a way to rise above, to walk in peace, and to love through every chaotic and broken moment.

Where there is grief, where there is pain, where there is struggle, peace is not far off. It is in our  midst and we have only to cry out to Him, our God, and He will come. He will wrap His arms around us and He will give us the hope of a new tomorrow.

I pray for you as I pray for us all. May God be with you. May God save you. May God give you peace and strengthen you.

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7

“The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.” – Psalm 29:11

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you.” – Isaiah 54:10

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤


So It Begins…

Well, I have begun my journey into the world of bullet journaling. Some things I have discovered within just a few days:

  1. Creativity has been screaming to get out of the corners of my mind.
  2. Bullet journaling does take time but not nearly as much as I imagined.
  3. I love that I can make everything different each time.
  4. I am in love with all things bullet journaling.
  5. This could quickly become an addiction. A healthy one but definitely still an addiction.

Since I am not sure yet how long this excitement might last or if it will really be beneficial time wise, I decided to start my journey by making use of a journal that I have written in only briefly. My goal: to make it through the end of the year as a committed bullet journalist. I have a nasty habit of seeing the next amazing, do-it-yourself thing and taking it on only to discover that I don’t have the time each week to dedicate to it what it needs to be successful for me. I don’t want that to happen again. This is a trial phase and I have two months to see how it goes.

I decided to start by creating my October Monthly Calendar. As you can see, I did this on a page that was already partially written on with sermon notes. I figured this couldn’t hurt because I am making use of that space and not wasting paper, which I think is a growing issue in our world. Maybe I saved a few branches of a tree right? Here is Monthly Calendar:

img_0129It is very basic and not nearly as cute and creative as I wanted it to be but since I put this on a page that was already used partially, it did not leave me a lot of room to add any cute doodles or designs and I had very small spaces to use for each day of the month. It might not be what I will make it in the future but it is effective and is getting the job done!

After I made my Monthly calendar, I took some time to decide which layout I wanted to try first: a weekly or a daily. Because I am still learning and growing with this and testing it all out, I w ill try different layouts over the next two months. I decided to start with a weekly layout. The number one thing that I immediately loved as I began this was that this is MY journal so I can make it my own. I can be as creative or standard as I want. I can use the same layout each week or change them as I go along to accommodate the changes and needs of our family and my life. This is one of the NUMBER ONE reasons that I cannot handle most planners. They are too basic, they don’t have all the things I need and  my needs change over time due to a busy life and family that is ever growing and changing from day to day. With that said, here was my first weekly layout for this week:


I definitely LOVE this layout. I love that I can have so many sections added into my week that allow me plenty of space to write down what needs to be known for the week. As you can see, I added a quote and some cute doodles to add some personality. I wish I could take full credit for these doodles but I can’t. While I did draw them with my own hands and add the color and flare, the original design itself was drawn by someone else and I discovered them on Pinterest. (I would normally give a shout out to creators but I honestly have pinned so many and I cannot remember who originally created what. I am so sorry!!) I have  a serious addiction to doodles and handwriting font styles. But I digress. This layout served me so well this week that I decided to go ahead and make next week’s layout in the same fashion. We will get to that in a moment. I am not using  my “homeschool” sections to write my full lesson plans in, these are just to notate any quizzes, tests, special projects or field trips. With my daughter, she has MANY quizzes and tests in a week and it is so helpful to see and know what is coming for the week in full view all at once. This was perfect for that! Another hugely important factor for me with this layout was that I got to include a weekly scripture memory for myself. My children learn Bible verses and take Verse quizzes for their homeschool curriculum but I too wanted to learn more scriptures and begin to store them in my memory so I thought this would be a great addition to my weekly layout. It also provides some immense peace to my stressful week and helps me to stay in God’s Word no matter how busy or chaotic my day gets.

Once my weekly layout is done, I created an entire section to be used on Sunday of each week: “Sunday Morning Sermon Notes”. Here was my first week’s: img_0128

In all honestly, this was a spontaneous decision that I made as I sat down for our Sunday morning service last week. At first I struggled with waiting so that each week’s sermon notes would be available for that week’s Sunday morning sermon. This would mean that this section stayed blank the whole week until we went to church that Sunday. However, I realized that by having this in there from the PREVIOUS Sunday, I could reflect on those notes and use them to help me stay focused on working on those areas in my own life throughout the whole week. You could make this one page if you chose to attempt something like this but I tend to take a lot of  notes so I knew I needed at LEAST two pages. I will be lucky if I don’t need more in the future . (I seriously take a lot of notes.)

Notice, the “Highlights” section and the Bubble Cloud. These, of course, are both thoughts my Pastor shared that I loved and wanted to remember so I used these methods to make them stand out to me, plus I wanted the page to have some color and appeal as well. At the top, I used parts of our worship lyrics and parts of my pastor’s sermon to also highlight some things that struck a cord with me. These would stand out and that was important for me. And, of course, I had to add at least one cute doodle….

Once I got home, I began to think about other areas of my life that I want to focus on and grow in. I took some time to reflect on areas I want to make changes in or things that are important for me to help me redirect my heart back to God so with those things I mind I created this next layout for each week. (You will see when I share next week’s layouts that I changed it up a bit and will probably continue to tweak this section or have it vary from week to week depending on what is happening in my life as I go forward with this project.)


My goals with this section are pretty self explanatory:

  1. I want to spend more time diligently and specifically praying to the Lord and making note of when God answers in that particular area. I want to leave a legacy of prayer and devotion to God for my children to look back on and honestly, I need moments of remembering all that God has done in my life when things get hard. (I don’t think I am the only one that needs this! Am I right?)
  2. I wanted to make note of areas I am struggling with while at the same time remembering those struggles in light of WHO GOD IS. Sometimes we are facing battles we don’t recognize because we don’t pay attention to what we are struggling with. I don’t want to be that way. I want to know my struggles, recognize who God is in spite of them and surrender my weaknesses to Him. I tweaked this a bit the next week because I want to rotate between different areas of my spiritual journey each week.
  3. Meal planning for my week has become so very important because we get SO busy. Our family was spending too much time eating terribly because I would be struggling to juggle all things on my plate and would often choose grabbing something for dinner so I didn’t have to try to worry about cooking that day. This has led to a significant weight gain on my part and a very unhealthy lifestyle so I started working hard the last month to plan my meals and cook in the home as much as humanly possible. This not only saves money but helps us to eat much healthier.
  4. Finally, I want to become more consistent with exercise. This is a HUGE struggle for me. I loathe all things physical activity. I know. I know. That’s awful but it’s the truth of who I am. The thought of gyms  make me cringe and the thought of exercise makes me want a double order of chili cheese fries. Stat. However, I so desperately want to work on this area of my life. I am approaching my 40’s much faster than I would like to be and I want to take back my health now before it’s too late. I want to begin to work on making sure I am here for my family for many, many, many more years. With that in mind, I thought I would track how long I work out each day. I will be honest. I did ZERO exercise yesterday. There was no time. (Story of my life as ole One Direction would sing if they were here.) I had an 8-page research paper due and the kids schooling also. Maybe this will motivate me to do something so that my days aren’t blank. I am not sure but we will see.

And that is what I have so far. My plan, for now, is to use these types of layout each week for the next month. I created next week’s also so that I would be ahead of the planning and designing. Here are next week’s layouts and any changes I made:


As you can see, the weekly layout stayed the same aside from the cute images I used and the handwriting styles. I have not yet picked my Scripture for next week but will do that before the week begins. img_0143

My last section had a few changes. I changed my “Struggles vs. Gratitude” section to “Gratitude & Truths.” This will help me highlight things I am thankful for and allow me to reflect on a Truth of God’s Word each day. In addition to this, I changed the layout style of the Exercise Tracker just a bit. I think I want to work on this section a bit more but am not sure yet how I want to approach that.

I did not capture an image of my “Sunday Morning Sermon Notes” section because it is exactly the same and it looks pretty bland without anything written or drawn on it yet.

I am really very excited to see where this journey takes me and I am already loving how personalized, creative and organized it all is. But more than anything, I love that this method allows me to work on myself. It allows me to find areas that need growth, how I can implement them changes to help me while watching the journey of growth unfold. What a precious memory these weeks will become. I am very excited to press forward and will keep you all updated on my progress.

If you are a bullet journalist, as I like to call us, I would love to see some of your pages too! Until next time!!!!

Happy Journaling in Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

“Mommy, Is this the last thing?”

Some days, this feels like the ONLY sentence I hear the entire day. Homeschool is a lot of things for me but for my son, some days, it is filled with nothing but “horrible, awful, lots of boring stuff”. (Said in the most dramatic voice anyone has ever heard…)

It makes me feel bad some days because I want him to LOVE school. My dream day is for him to walk in and say, “What do I get to learn today Mommy?” This never happens of course but the learning continues anyway.

It is tempting some days to just sat school aside and play all day. I read all of these articles and the homeschool experts tell me that he is just in first grade, after all, and that is best. They tell me that at this age, they don’t need all that “busy work”. Learning should be fun. It should be something they enjoy doing; something they want to do. But I struggle with this because that is not at all how life works or how I was taught about the importance of learning. I didn’t just love it immediately. It took time. It took work.

I didn’t want to go to school each day. I didn’t want to do the work. Yet, I got up each morning and I climbed into that big yellow bus and I got there. I did the work and I discovered a little more every day that I actually LOVED to learn. Some days I hated the work because I would rather play with my friends. We were taught that once our work was done then the reward of friendship was to follow. Life was not all about what we wanted or having nonstop fun. How true that is to our life. Even as an adult I find myself feeling that very same way about my laundry or dishes in the sink. I don’t like housework. I don’t want to do housework but I get it done. I get it done because life isn’t always about Netflix or taking it easy. Doing my housework is necessary for my family and oh how I love the feel of a nicely made bed or the smell of a fresh shirt out of the dryer. From a very young age I was taught that there are just some things in life that are necessary. You may start out doing them for just that reason but you usually find that as you do them, you begin to value them and feel glad that you did them. Some things in life are vital for our existence and education is one of them.

I look at my son now and see my former, tiny, self whining that I don’t want to do this or I don’t want to do that and I smile when I respond back under my breath, “There are lots of things in life I didn’t want to do but I did them because they had to be done.” I suddenly remember my Mom and I can’t help but feel like these are precious memories in the making. Some day my son will look at his own children and teach them the same principles. Learning takes time to fall in love with. My Mom taught me that. That is contrary to what we are told but it’s the truth. True learning is when we evolve past only doing what we want and learning to do so much more than we thought we would ever want to do or are capable of doing.

That’s what I feel like I am teaching my son. So, every day we may brave the “Mommy, is this the last thing?” moment. That’s okay. It won’t be the last thing but each day He will take longer to ask that and each day the things He thought were so boring and mundane become easier and more interesting. That’s the beauty in learning: it stretches us and our abilities.

Don’t be discouraged if your children don’t seem to just LOVE to learn. Don’t be disappointed if they aren’t coming in wide eyed and ready. Instead, remember that this is a journey not a race and they will grow to love learning a little more each day. Each task will bring more endurance and more knowledge and they will soon find that they are getting the necessary done because once it’s complete, it’s a great reward.

Onward hoe we go my Brave Mommas! For though the journey be long, at the end will come great rewards. If we want to see those rewards unfold, perhaps we should pursue our homeschool the very same way that we are instructed to pursue our faith:

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

We will not homeschool alike. Some will you will through play and some of you, just like me, will learn through “busy work” but if we are teaching our children that their love for learning is a gradual journey, they will begin to appreciate the steps it takes to get there more every day. In the end, we will all meet at the same finish line and share the victory.


In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

Bullet Journaling: Have you tried it?

So, in my constant search for the perfect planner and the perfect organization for my life I feel that I can never find something that fits all of my needs (errr…wants) in one neat package. The calendars never seem to allow me enough detail and the daily sheets are never detailed enough for all that I need to put in. So, I did what any woman these days does who has a desire for something more: I went to Pinterest. (And I survived!)

In my search for DIY planners, I came across something called bullet journaling. At first glance, I was pulled in. The picture displayed this adorable, personally created planner page. It had doodles, it had quotes and it had all of these different elements. All of them created by hand by the individual using the journal.

I had to know more.

Suffice to say, that was days ago and now my “Bullet Journaling” Pinterest board is filling up and I can’t put that darn application away. After hours and days spent reading and searching and viewing, I have made the decision to give this whole idea a go. I am going to test it out for one month to see if I like the method and if it will work for me. I am a terrible perfectionist at times so I am somewhat worried about typos in my handwriting or design and then having to constantly start over. I also love to be creative and artsy but have to have clear direction and visual appeal. If my doodles end up looking like a two year old drew them with a poorly inked pen, I will cry. I feel that oh so certainly within my being but I am still so hungry for more creativity in my life that I am willing to put all those risks aside and see where this will lead me.

My goal: To plan my life, my homeschool, my college career, my hobbies and my crazy thoughts all in one beautiful, inspiring place. A place that I can call my own. Truly my own. Not like the bathroom where I say it’s my own place and then children and dogs interrupt my hot bath. Not like my prayer closet where I am invaded by hyper six year olds with post it notes and rather large spiders that keep invading my favorite scriptures as I read them and not like my bedroom where I have to share it with a man who loathes the very notion of anything “DIY”, He loves me. I love him. But oh how I need a place. A place where I can breathe and laugh, even if only in silent doodle.

If anyone out there on this side of the “cybersphere” is reading this and has attempted this beautiful concept, I would love to hear your story. I would love to see your pages and hear how you got started. I plan to share my journey with bullet journaling here and document how it goes. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you and maybe you too will find your only special place. Goodness knows, we all need a place to call our own.

Wish me luck!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

The here and now…

Most days I find myself constantly thinking ahead. What do I need to do for lunch? What errands do I need to run today? What are our plans for this weekend? What do I want to get done next month? We are moving in a few months, what do I need to do to prepare? Do I have enough lessons planned for homeschool? What activities should we do for Christmas?

I get so busy looking at the next moment that I sometimes forget to notice the moment I am already in. I forget to fully take in the way my son laughs or the way that  my daughter’s eyes light up when she reads something funny. I don’t sometimes notice when they are struggling because I am so busy struggling through my own anxieties of my to do list and my extremely high self expectations. I honestly forget to love the moments some days because I am constantly trying to be more perfect for the next moment; an expectation I won’t likely meet until I stand before my Savior someday.

This morning as I began to get ready, I noticed my son looked taller than yesterday. As I hurriedly picked up the house before starting sweet Mister M’s homeschool lessons, I noticed my daughter looked more beautiful and grown up than yesterday and my heart immediately broke just a bit.

My life, for the first half, was a series of one chaotic moment after the next. Not until I found my life in Christ, did I begin to slow down, fit my pieces together and overcome the things I struggled with for what seemed a lifetime. All of those moments caused me to overlook many, many years with my family and friends. These were moments I had no control over before, but now, they have become moments I create in a need to be something I cannot be in this lifetime: perfect.

My goal for today is to realize that the expectations I sometimes set are unrealistic and truly unimportant next to the realities of ever growing children and moments with my husband. The only one true expectation I should have for each day is to love God  more than the day before, to love my family more than the day before and to just let each moment unfold in their own, beautiful way and be willing to pay attention and be a part of each and every one of them.

What are your expectations? Are they unrealistic? Are you trying to be the perfect everything while your perfectly beautiful life slips by moment by moment? If so, take a deep breath with me today and let’s remember that we are made perfect in Christ. The only place we can achieve peace or satisfaction in who we are and what we do is when we lay it all at His feet and just allow ourselves to live out our journey minute by minute.

Let’s work harder to set aside our to do lists and to not worry about tomorrow or next month or even what we will be doing two minutes from now. Let’s give all we have to live in each moment one by one. That’s where true joy is found and that is where we find ourselves surrounded by the people and things we love the most. We may think we make our own plans but God has already planned in advance what we are to experience each moment and He already knows that we are enough to experience them all. The question is, can we accept that and just let ourselves experience the beauty of them all?

I hope so and I hope we get better at doing that every day.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9

In Christ’s love,

Kristy ❤

Homeschool in the Raw…

Some days, I imagine that my homeschool must seem so blissful from the outside glancing in. All the cute images of our assignments and successful moments; posted for our family and friends to see and sometimes, here in this place, for the world to view.

It is probably unfair really because I don’t paint a fully accurate image of what homeschool is like for us. However,  I never want to do that. Rather, I want to have open and honest conversations with other homeschooling Moms doing life and homeschool and every thing in between all over the world. That’s my hope; that this little place of “sanity” and “bless” for me will become a place where women from all around the world come together to have real, open, and honest conversations about life and homeschool. No longer just glancing at each other’s highlighted moments and wishing ours looked similar.

For The Delgado Clan, homeschool is serious business. Sometimes too serious. I understand this. At times, I do very much treat our little “classroom” much like a public school classroom. There is rigorous work involved, in-depth expectations and rules and procedures that are to be strictly adhered to. This works for us. It doesn’t for everyone and we understand that but for us, it is something we do within our family because we want our children to be able to handle rules without breaking them, deadlines without missing them, and tests without panic. But there are also moments of laughter, creative learning done on our couch, or even television allowed on in the background during seat work assignments (this is a HUGELY special treat.)

It is also flexibility. It is the understanding that while I have a whole of expectations and goals in mind, some of them may turn out to be quite unrealistic or not what is best for our children or family. I have to constantly check what I am doing and ask, “Lord is this the best way?” “Father, show me how I can shape this differently. Show me what to do with this Lord.” There are many, many, many, MANY moments in which I am sitting at my desk, hands over my face, tears streaming down my cheeks, uttering the only prayer I can manage, “Lord, help me. I am overwhelmed.” Just those few words release the stress and burdens I sometimes carry as wife, mother, nurse, cook, chauffeur, cook, maid, seamstress, Child of a King, college student and so much more. I have a lot of hats. I wear them almost daily all at once and it is sometimes messy and chaotic, while other times, it is beautiful and orderly. And the truth is, I love it all regardless of which category it falls under that day.

Homeschool is serious business yes but it is also a growing experience. It is a constant learning curve in which I have to reevaluate all that I think and know about learning and teaching as a parent. It is not always pretty but most of the time it is exquisite and extraordinary. Much of the world watches those of us who homeschool and try to place us into these neat little boxes of stereotypes but bless our souls, our homeschool does not fit those stereotypes. Not even a little. And that is probably what I love most about “The Delgado Learning Academy.”

There is learning. There is love. There is faith. There is discipline. There is grace. There are tests and deadlines, work that brings out: “But I don’t LIKE school.” and there are assignments that bring perfect scores. There are moments where it seems too easy and moments when I feel I am about to pull out my hair from repeating the EXACT SAME SENTENCE 25 times in less than 10 seconds. There are lessons that go perfectly and right on schedule and lessons that drag until 2:00 in the afternoon. There is morning school and then sometimes there is afternoon school and every once in a blue moon, there is night school. (I just cringed a bit even as I typed those last two words.)

For the most part, we are extremely routine but sometimes life does not care about my routine or schedule. It throws sickness, stress, emergencies and much more at me 24-7 and yet, homeschool must go on. It is kind of similar to marriage: “In sickness and in health.” because nobody likes those treacherous makeup days. Yes. We make up days. We have sick days and vacation days and holidays but we still want to get in our correct amount of days and we want our children, just because it is our type of homeschool, to still be able to go into the world and feel like they received the same level of education as their public schooled peers.

And the truth is, they will. They will because I am giving them 100% of everything I have just like all the educators I know do. They are getting hours of planned lessons and constant care and love in the process and it’s a beautiful thing. Homeschool in the raw for us means days like today when my son just did not want to do his Writing Test. It wasn’t difficult. It wasn’t even requiring that He have to write something creative, it was a simple matter of sitting at his desk and carefully write three of each of the five vowels. Simple right? Not today. Today, my son “did not even like to write” and he “did not even think school was necessary.” and today, “school is ridiculously hard”. (Palm to forehead. Someone may have gotten their dramatic side from someone I may or may not know.)

So, being completely raw and real with you right now, I gave my son a C. Yep. A 70%. (I secretly wanted to give him a BIG HUGE “F” after all that mess but chose to extend some grace because he did do the work.) Sure, I could have given him an A for effort or a B for at least getting it done but I didn’t. I gave him a C because, well, they weren’t absolutely horrible but He did not give his best effort. He did not even ATTEMPT to try to do them with his best effort. I know he is six and I know that his handwriting is going to be all over the place at this age but I just cannot settle for that lack of effort and let my son think that is okay. It’s not. Not when I KNOW he can at least try to do better.

So today looked a lot like a teacher, calling the parent for a conference when my husband came home. (Yep. We do those too. Every Progress report gets a “parent teacher conference”. I am a little over the top. I know this.) It looked a lot like a sick Momma trying to get  a small boy that has more energy than an entire planet to sit still and take one silly little writing test. It looked a lot like me repeating the same thing over and over during lesson instruction and me refusing to end the day without every single assignment complete. Finally, it looked a whole lot like me taking one huge deep breath of relief when we were done for the day.

Homeschool is a lot of things and it is raw. Every day. It’s not some picturesque scene every moment of the day but those picturesque moments are documented for nothing other than a reminder to myself that for every horrible moment of the homeschool day, there are about 5-10 beautiful moments too. If I focus on that rather than the horrible stuff, I can get up much easier and repeat it all five days a week for 185 school days a year ( at least).

I know I say this a lot but homeschool is different for everyone. Maybe you are like me or maybe you are running away from the type of homeschool I conduct cringing  with every stride. That’s okay. This is real life. This is OUR life. This is homeschool and it doesn’t look exactly the same as anything else; not even my idea of the “perfect classroom”. Most importantly it’s my homeschool and that’s my favorite part.

So today, I am popping in my thousandth cherry cough drop of the day, putting on  my pj’s at 5:00pm and putting the “C” test score away. My son so desperately wants me to let him redo it, to have another chance, and the Momma in me wants to give that to him but the teacher in me remembers that this is a life lesson. The Delgado Clan doesn’t accept half effort. We give our very best at all things just as God commands us and if we don’t, then we get the grade we earned. And as I take that in, I finally get the beauty in education and life. They interweave, one with another. Every moment is education and today was a big day of learning for me. The best part of al: I think I passed.

And you are passing too. Just take a moment to really let yourself see that. Don’t give up. Don’t cut yourself short and don’t cut corners. Stand true to your standards and your values and when it’s harder than hard, just leave the rest to God. If  you do those things every day, homeschool will never be anything but a raving success regardless of grades or work done. It will be a success because you gave it all you had and didn’t give up on your yourself or your family.

So, I will end this day with a very raw image of our homeschool today and an encouraging reminder that it won’t always be like this.


Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” -Colossians 3:23-24

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy Delgado