All About Nature Saturday

So on Saturday, we got to spend a lot of time outdoors because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was a really nice day. With temperatures in the upper 60’s, we had to take advantage of being outside before the weather decided to turn cold again.

I started my day by getting to go meet up with some of the amazing Moms I am blessed to call friends here. Each of these ladies are a part of our homeschool Book Club and they share an avid love of all things books and reading just like me. It’s so nice to have book loving friends.

Just recently, our Book Club hostess, Shanda, came up with the idea for us to do a “Book in a Box” club for Moms. Every 3 months, we meet and we bring with us a book to gift to another lady that we have read along five gifts that are each wrapped and have a page number written on them. This page number is where the next reader of the book will find the gifts mentioned in the book and as they read and come to one of the marked pages, they can then open the corresponding gift. It was a genius idea and I LOVE it. Yesterday was our first meeting and I had the most wonderful time sharing some food, laughter and great books with some really lovely ladies. I was gifted my very FIRST Danielle Steele novel, The Ghost. My mother was a HUGE Danielle Steele fan when I was growing up so she will probably be really pleased to see the book I was gifted. I am not sure how I never read them before now but perhaps I will love her books as much as my mother did. I am very excited to begin reading my book!


Here we are after we had just finished a “Left, Right” game and received our “new” books and gifts.

After I had a wonderful girls lunch, I headed straight home so Mister M and I could check our bird feeders to see how our experiment is coming along. So far, it looks like our simple, homemade bird feeder is definitely the well liked feed and feeder. As you can see below, it is starting to really dwindle down fast on the feed while the suet feed seems to have been barely eaten at all.

That homemade feeder’s feed is going FAST! I think Mister M’s hypothesis may not be correct with this one but we still have time to see. He guessed that the suet feed would be the favorite. 

Also, I forgot to share our Science Study from last weekend so I will share that here quickly for you. Our last Saturday lesson was a lesson on feathers. We learned a LOT as you can see from our white board below and I got to put my artistic talents to good use.

We learned about the specific parts of a feather and about the five basic types of feathers. It was really interesting getting to learn about the importance of each one and how they each serve a specific purpose in helping the bird to fly, to stay warm, or to be able to swim without sinking. Mister M, aka Potter, took some amazing notes in his Jr. Notebooking Journal.

After we reviewed our lesson and learned about each of the feathers and about preening, which is how a bird cleans and straightens its feathers, we got to do a really fun experiment which showed the importance of the preen glands. These preen glands are actually a sac of oil at the base of the tail feathers which help coat the feathers so they can be waterproofed. These are very important to birds such as ducks or geese. Without this oil, they would not be able to swim or float on the water, they would sink from the weight of the water being absorbed into all those feathers.

The experiment consisted of us using a cup of water and a cup of oil. We dipped one feather in the water and it soaked it up instantly making it really heavy. We used our finger to dip in the oil and coat the other feather lightly. Once that was done, we then put the feather down into the cup of water as well. But as you can see in the photos below, instead of the feather absorbing the water, the oil and water do mix which causes the water to instead bead up on the feather so that it is not absorbed.

If you look closely, you can see the water beads on the oil coated feather. So neat!

We really had a lot of fun with that lesson and are still excited to explore and learn more about birds and other flying creatures!

Our last venture yesterday was a trip to the botanical gardens for a nature walk. It was a bit windier than we had anticipated but it was still a perfect day to get out and explore and take in some fresh air. The walk was so lovely and we got to see some really beautiful creatures and views. Mister M had so much fun exploring and playing while Little Miss M took a nice nap in her stroller. Oh the life.

Here are some views and moments from our walk.

It is really hard to take in how big Mister M looks here. He is growing oh so fast.

We had a wonderful day and were definitely good and tired by the time we got home yesterday evening. That walk and all the wonderful fun we had made for one sleepy family.

I hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend. Until next time!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤


Learning to Breathe

We have been in a season. (Then again, who hasn’t been lately right?)

It’s been so tiring and at times I have found myself questioning so many things about our homeschool journey, about all the changes we have been experiencing, and well, just  about LIFE.

To say I am tired is an incredible understatement and yet through all that exhaustion and strain, I feel so incredibly blessed.

The last few months with Mister M have been such a very difficult navigation in regards to our homeschool. Between Mister O leaving for 30 days in February and then him coming home just as we are preparing our house to move and then us actually making that big move to a whole new state, city and life, our son has had a tremendously difficult time adjusting.

I should have anticipated it. I should have prepared myself for it. I should have been interceding in advance for it but I didn’t. I was consumed. I was overwhelmingly consumed with packing and planning and traveling and moving and adjusting all on my own. I was struggling physically, emotionally; I forgot all about the littlest member of my family and all that he was going to have to leave behind this time during a season of his life that he could actually understand and would remember. The impacts of that were profound. For the first time, he had developed real friendships. He had real communities of involvement. All of his known memories were from the place we had to leave behind and his heart was struggling and this Type A Mamma, in the midst of all she had to do and take care of, missed it.

So from February until the beginning of this month, we were barely able to get ANY school work done. We had to adjust our school calendar and add days. I know. I know. Most of you are saying, “You don’t have to do that. Just give him a break.” And the truth is, we did have a break. Almost two months of break. I couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do it. We were in burnout mode without either of us really understanding that was what it was. As we came into May, I was determined for us to be back on routine. I was determined for us to prevail and go back to life and all that we do. I was naive enough to think it was that simple.

So I dove head first; back to the grind and to all the worksheets, the projects, the reading. All of our rigid routines. I forced him into that classroom and I said, “We ARE doing this. No more excuses. Huge and pregnant and out of breath or not, we are FINISHING all of our school work and we will do it with determination.”

I am sure at this point, inside my sweet 7 year old’s mind, he was thinking, “Ughhhhh. Mommy, I need you. Can’t you see I need you to see that I literally cannot do this? I literally cannot handle one more thing? Don’t you see that I am hurting Mommy? You aren’t the only one who misses friends and feels lost and displaced. I miss my whole world. Why can’t you see that Mommy?”

But he didn’t speak those words out loud so I naively thought he was fine. After all, they say kids are resilient right?


They can be. They sometimes are but life affects them just as much as they do us and yes they are resilient over time but sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they also hurt and feel and grieve just as we do. Sometimes they experience the same types of struggles and frustrations that we do so how is it we so easily forget and overlook that and just expect them to adapt and adjust without question or struggle?

So, with my determination we dove in and it was ROUGH. Every day was an exhausting struggle. We were schooling ALL day long because I, in my stubborn ways, refused to let him not complete EVERYTHING that was outlined for him to do. Some days I cried. Some days he probably cried too. It was bad. I mean REALLY bad.

And then it happened. He woke up one Friday morning that first week of May and everything came flowing from out of his mind, through his mouth and into my shocked world.

My precious little man woke up with tears and began to tell me how much he had been hurting. He missed his best friend. He missed our old house. He missed our old Co-op. He missed our life. Why did we have to move here? Why couldn’t we just have stayed and why, WHY, WHY, WHY did we have to have another baby and why did I have to have a GIRL!!!!!!!

And then it hit me like a tidal wave.

I had failed to see the single most important detail of them all. In the  midst of already overwhelming situations and transitions, we were adding an entirely more intense change: we were bringing a little sister into this family.

Until this point, Mister M has been the baby and with his sisters staying in Arkansas, he has been an only child from age 3 to now. All of his memories are mostly compiled of him being the entire center of the universe. Every activity, every thing we do has been centered around his little world. How on earth had I not paused to think that while he said he was excited for a baby that he might also be so terrified of a baby coming?

I felt like such a failure in that moment. I was stunned and unsure of how to speak so instead, I sat down on the bed, I pulled him close and I let him cry for a moment. I let him get out all his thoughts which included asking me, “Will you still love me the same? Will you still have time for me? Do you still want me to be a part of the family?”

My heart was crushing a little more with each question and I lovingly and calmly shed some of my own tears as we talked about what bringing Little Miss M into the family would be like. We talked about fears. We talked about changes. We talked about what might happen and what to expect. We also talked about how hard it might be but how good it would be. And then I did something I never do. I did what I honestly never thought I would be able to do given my issue with needing routines and plans and schedules.

I looked at my little guy and said, “How about we set aside school today and we just spend some time doing whatever it is YOU want to do today.”

His look of total shock said it all. “Really?? But what about  my worksheets? What about my reading? Won’t Daddy get mad at me?” To which I shockingly (to both myself and him) responded, “It all can wait. Today, we just need to enjoy being together.”

So, that’s exactly what we did. I put aside my routine and our schedule and we spent the day curled up under blankets watching movies and reading together and playing Uno. We laughed and we talked about lots of things and we got through the meltdown and by the end of the day, I had a different little guy.

The next week, we went back to homeschool but I approached it all with a different mindset. I approached it from the  mindset of what does my SON need to take from today and how does he need to take it in his current season. I tweaked how we are doing our schedule and began to incorporate breaks where we pause and play games or watch an educational show. I began to evaluate all his busy work because honestly, my son was doing SO much written work and worksheets that he made public school homework and classwork look like nothing. I asked myself what is most important? I shifted my focus and BAM.

It happened.

We overcame and we began to flow into our beautiful routine again. Don’t get me wrong, he still has a workload because that’s just how we work things, what his curriculum requires and he does so well with it. But we changed HOW we are doing the work and HOW we approach it and it has been so freeing. Some days we do his writing worksheets while other days I have him write letters to a friend or family member or write a story of his choosing in his writing journal. We did away with our Arithmetic Speed Drill worksheets and started doing flashcards together instead. Trust me when I tell you this made a big difference. He does two sheets of Math a day for his lessons and then when you add a 60 second timed Speed Drill worksheet on top of it, you find yourself with a kid who isn’t so much loving Math that day. We started doing reading first thing in the mornings because he loves to read and I changed the order of what we do when and it has been so refreshing.

While I know deep down, this won’t mean that he isn’t feeling the sting of his homesickness still, I know that he sees that I can recognize when he needs a time out. He knows I see that he isn’t just some robot that can handle and do whatever we say without any emotion or feeling. I know he knows how much I care because I cared enough to finally say, “Okay. Maybe I need to change things. Maybe you need a MOM right now, more than a teacher.” And suddenly, he is back to loving his learning experiences and being determined to keep his “straight A” status.

We have to school until almost July this year and then will take our “Summer break” until the beginning of September and that’s okay. We will finish our work. We will learn and laugh and we will do it all together. Taking those months off during all those changes wasn’t something I planned, it wasn’t something I wanted but I believe with all my heart and soul it was exactly what God had planned because He knew what was coming and how it was going to affect our little guy.

Life is hard. Sometimes, we miss things but it teaches us that sometimes, we have to stop long enough to see that something isn’t quite working and we need to readjust our focus. Homeschool is a beautiful journey for so many reasons but one of the very most important ones that I can think of is that it gives us the ability to see when our children are hurting, to allow ourselves grace to say that we need a break and to take it. Right then and there. We aren’t having to pace it just like everyone else. We can and if it works we do but sometimes, life happens and we need to let ourselves deal with it.

I am so thankful for a God who always reveals in the perfect time what is needed and helps us to realign our priorities and our life. I love that He gives us teachable moments when we least expect them even if they aren’t always easy or fun but most of all,  I love that I get to have this journey. I love that I get to love my children all day every day, that I get to be both their Mom and their educator and that I get to do it in a way that impacts them in every way possible.

This journey is beautiful and it is a blessing but sometimes I just have to take a deep breath, pause and remember that I am first a Mom and second a teacher.

We all are.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

Sick, Sick, and more SICK!

It has been a week since I last was able to write and what a week it has been! The moment my parents arrived, I started struggling with what I assumed was allergies. You know the drill: runny nose, cough, headache just over the eyes. I was miserable but I wanted to put on my best game face and have a wonderful week with my parents. And we did have an oh wonderful week.

However, as the week progressed, so did my symptoms. By this past weekend, I felt like I was dying. I didn’t want to move because movement made me ache. My head was so full of sinus pressure, I didn’t even want to open my eyes. I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep but even sleep was too difficult with the horrid cough that had now invaded my body.

Yesterday, Maximus had back to back appointments. I wanted to cry when I woke up yesterday but Momma’s ain’t got time for all that so I had to wipe my face down and manage to get my son to his dental appointment. Only to have to come home with no dental work done as my poor little guy was absolutely terrified and they decided that it would be best to refer him to a dentist in town who can sedate him if necessary to do his first filling. The first and hopefully the last. He does such a great job with brushing now but flossing those very back teeth is so incredibly hard. *sigh*

Today, I am up. I shouldn’t be. I know this BUT I AM UP. And I am knocking out one task after the other and that makes me feel better even if only mentally. Parenthood, marriage, homeschool, life…they stop for nothing and that’s a beautiful thing because they keep propelling us forward.

And even in moments where sickness makes you feel horrid, it brings moments like your husband sweetly saying, “Man..the whole house is feeling the effects of your sickness. I definitely couldn’t do life without all you do.” (How many extra points does one’s spouse get for something like this? I can’t even fathom.)

The best thing is…I feel the same exact way about him and my children. They are my reason for never giving up and for being the best me that I can be. They remind me of Christ’s love and redemption every day.

I am finding that life, even when hard and trying, is so beautiful if we slow down long enough to take it in. If we listen, if we see, if we just be…our lives have so much beauty that even sickness can’t take away.

I pray you are all blessed and we will meet again soon. Hopefully with me feeling much better!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤