Ready, Set, Goal!

As I prepare to go into a new year, I have a lot of things on my mind. This time of year I always find that I have a need to really evaluate myself and see if there are any areas I really want to work on or grow in. I can tell you, there are always plenty of those!

So this year I sat down a few days earlier than usual and really took time to reflect for several days before compiling my list of the Top Ten Goals I want to work to achieve in 2018:

  1. Get Healthy: Finding healthier recipes, not eating out and looking into a YMCA membership for exercise regularly.
  2. Play More – Worry Less: I want to focus on things that will allow me to ENJOY my life and children and help me also focus more on myself because I don’t do that nearly enough. Some of my personal “play” goals include learning to crochet, reading daily for myself and increasing my book completion each month, and picking up cross stitching again.
  3. Spend more time in prayer and Bible Study time: I really want to increase my time with the Lord, my time in intercession for others, and work on putting God first every day. One of my goals to have a prayer journal this year that I write in daily and really focus on being intentional in how I pray for myself and others.
  4. Grow my blog: I really want to be more intentional with my writing and to be consistent in writing daily. I want to be intentional with the content and the things I share and I want to work on trying to grow my community of followers and offer not just life stories but also faith builders and valuable resources and reviews that will help grow them, their families and their homeschools as I grow along with them.
  5. Grow my homeschool group: I want to work on creating weekly live video schedules, monthly giveaways, hosting live guest speaker events and one of my biggest goals is to research how to host a podcast. I would love to have a weekly broadcast but I want to really research this and pray about it to be sure that I do it well.
  6. Fun-Schooling/Have fun with learning: This year I want to be more INTENTIONAL with the BEST ways for MY children to learn. With that in mind, Fun-Schooling will our main focus for homeschool going into this year. I plan to purchase more Fun-Schooling journals and books that will help my son learn independently through reading and put together Fun-Schooling baskets for us both. I wan to focus on more read alouds this year ad having more free reading time so that my son can read and explore and have adventures through literature every day. I also want to work on creating a weekly field trip schedule but above all, I want to BREATHE daily and just TRUST GOD.
  7. Work on my personal writing: In 2012 I wrote a Women’s Devotional and was blessed to have a publishing company interested in publishing it. I got to the editing stages and hit a personal storm in my life that just caused me to shut down and pull my devotional from them. It was sort of a grown up temper tantrum with God. This year, I want to really work to make the editing changes and look into self printing options so that I can be obedient to the call to offer this devotional to the world in God’s perfect timing.
  8. Spend more quality time with my husband: Our daily routines are often chaotic and my husband works long hours while I am left to m own craziness of children, homeschooling and housekeeping. I love it all but I often get so consumed with all I am doing that my poor husband doesn’t get a lot of my time and attention. So I want to be more intentional to find time each month to spend alone with just him and I want to work hard at making sure these times are device free. This seems to be a distraction for us all.
  9. Deployment Readiness/Deployment Survival: This next year we will be facing a lengthy deployment. I want to be ready and prepared for when he leaves us. I want to work on putting together a Deployment Wall and a monthly care package schedule that will help me to have special themes, lists of items I want to send, cards and letters and plenty of photographs all listed out to make it easier putting together and sending on time for holidays or special occasions or just so my husband knows how much he is loved and missed. I also want to plan special deployment activities with my kids to help them learn about where their Dad is and what he is doing while he is gone. In addition to this, I want to keep a Deployment Journal this time where I can write down all the things I want to remember to share with my husband while he is away so that I have a place to record my struggles or joys without bombarding him while he is away when he is able to call or email. I want him to have something he can read and catch up on when he is home and adjusted to being back with us.
  10. STAY POSITIVE & BE JOYFUL: I have really struggled this last year with negativity. It has become a terrible mindset that I really want to focus on breaking. I want to be able to counter every negative situation and thought with God’s truth and to find joy and positivity in EVERY single moment, no matter the situation.

Goals are so important and if you do not usually sit and think about the goals for your new year, I highly encourage you to consider taking time to do just that. Having goals, written down where I can see them, help me to look at my year and focus on what matters most; they encourage me to work to be the best version of myself and to keep myself moving forward even when I am tempted to lie down and give up. They serve as a means of hope when I realize that little by little, my goals are met and they remind me that I am capable of so much more than I often give myself credit for.

So what are YOUR goals this year? What are some things that you really want to see change in your life? Write them down. Place them where you can see them and be sure to keep track of the moments when you achieve your goals.

No goal is too big or too small and anything can be achieved if you just work a little each day and never give up.

I would love to hear some of your goals for the year so feel free to comment below! In the meantime, good luck with your goal setting and onward hoe to another year!

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤

My Written Goals for 2018 and some of the books I plan to start off my January with. I am so EXCITED to reread the entire “A Wrinkle in Time” Series and some new books I have been wanting to read for some time.



New Year, New Beginnings

Once again, I find myself coming to you after months of being silent. I apologize for not being here more often. Life just seems to slip through my fingers and while I love and cherish my writing moments and sharing my passions and thoughts here with you all, I have come to learn this past year that living life is most important. So, if I have to choose between moments of living in the moment with my family or writing about those moments instead, I choose my family every time.

What a beautiful thing that is indeed.

This past year brought many answered prayers, many changes, some brokenness and some big news. As I have shared of course, some of the big changes were when Miss M came to live with us full time last Spring after school had ended. What a rejoicing it was for this mother’s heart. But as we have so often learned, seasons change and with that rejoicing, we quickly, just seven short months later, found ourselves grieving as we had to say goodbye to Miss M once again after her making the choice to move back to our hometown. A decision that was so hard for us to hear but one that we knew she had fully reflected before making. It was a moment that taught me much about my ability to once again trust in God’s perfect plan and not my own designs.

And in the  midst of our grief, the Lord brought us miracles and more answered prayers. As we looked to Him and wondered what His plan was, He chose to reveal another small glimpse: the blessing of a child. Just before we went home to visit family for Thanksgiving and say our goodbyes, we found out we were expecting our fourth child. I would say our final child but we are keeping our futures open to adoption down the road if that is a part of God’s plan also. It was such a bittersweet and beautiful time indeed.

In December, it was revealed that our little one would be a beautiful baby girl. A girl. Another precious daughter. A chance for redemption and restoration of the things in my life that the enemy has tried so long to take from me.  There are not enough words to describe my feelings of gratitude and sincere awe at God’s goodness, faithfulness and perfection.

So, in June of this year, we will welcome our littlest Miss M and we could not be more full of joy. With all of the changes, I have learned to draw closer back to my Savior. I have learned that I do have breaking points. That I cannot always be the strong one. Sometimes, I am the weak one. Sometimes, I can’t be there for the world because I need someone to be there for me. I learned that I make mistakes, that sometimes I let people down, even when I don’t mean to; that I doubt, that I often question but that God never makes mistakes and every detail of our lives that He knits together serves a much greater purpose than we see. While it was hard to have to have goodbyes and journeys end so soon, God used the times I had before them to bring healing, to bring restoration and to work wonders within our family and my own heart and mind.

Miss M is flourishing back  at home. Public school is definitely where she needed to be and with all of our moving coming up and the changes, she just really needed to back with her familiar routines and her learning styles outside of how we operate. Not to mention, she was incredibly homesick and that was hard to watch her journey through. She is full speed into her junior year and while I know she misses us and our moments here, she is happy to be back home with her Dad and step mom, her siblings and all of our families. Her time here brought them all closer together as well and she is making decisions that make us all so proud.

As for us, we are flourishing too. The Lord once again moved us to a new place of worship and His timing, though odd, was perfect. After working through many things these last three years, I found myself returning to a spirit filled church. A place where the miracles and love of God abound and there is much freedom and yet at the same time, a reverence to God’s freedom and not our own. It has been such a joy for us and Mister M has fallen in love with church all over again. Something he has not cared for much since leaving our home church three years ago.

We are flourishing with our faith, with our studies and as a family. God has brought a wholeness and a determination to our hearts that brings me to tears when I reflect upon it. I finally have a balance I have worked to find since coming to my Father 7 years ago and I have begun to discover things about myself that I never could grasp until this place. This wilderness experience.

And as with all wilderness experiences, God is moving us out and into a land of Promise. Our next big change is coming in March as we prepare to move to a new state with the Navy once again. A new land of hope and promise that God has designed for us. A new land that will hold many more lessons and faith building moments I am certain and a land that will bring further fulfillment of the many promises God has made over the years since we found Him and surrendered our lives to Him.

I have learned so many things in 2016 but the  most important of them all is that 2017 is our greatest year yet. It is our year of fulfillment and it is a year of HOPE. It is a year of new birth and new faith. It is going to be a year that we will remember for a lifetime. I am more certain of that than anything else.

I pray your year came to a beautiful close and that your new year has brought a beautiful new beginning. A fresh start and a fresh fire for your Father and His kingdom. We have so much to be thankful for and much to anticipate. I look forward to sharing it all with you in the months to come.

In Christ’s Love,

Kristy ❤